How to write a customer appreciation letter

Customer appreciation emails — are they a necessity? Considering the fierce competition in today’s marketplace and the fact that as much as 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from 20% of their existing customers – according to the Gartner Group – building long-term relationships with customers and nurturing customer loyalty has never been

How to write a bibliography

Home / Blog / How to Write a Bibliography: Referencing Styles Explained If you aren’t familiar with writing bibliographies as part of your assignments, it can feel pretty confusing. Often, bibliographies are an afterthought or something left to the last minute. However, if you collect the information as you study, bibliographies can be a hassle-free

How to write convincing sibling characters

Unless otherwise stated, copyright © 2022 The Open University, all rights reserved. Printable page generated Saturday, 5 Nov 2022, 10:53 Introduction Download this video clip.Video player: ou_futurelearn_fiction_vid_1020.mp4 Show transcript|Hide transcript Transcript DEREK NEALE Welcome to week 5 and congratulations, you’re now more than half way through Start Writing Fiction. You’ve already done some work on

How to cook ostrich steak

Rosana serves her ostrich steak recipe with a rich red wine and mushroom sauce, perfect for a special night in. Low in fat and very high in protein, ostrich meat is one to try for adventurous foodies seeking something a bit different. First published in 2017 4 ostrich steaks, each weighing 150-200g 1 tbsp ofbutter

How to turn off autocorrect for android

Although autocorrect was envisioned as a useful feature, many people would say it’s quite the opposite. Almost everyone has a funny (or not so funny) autocorrect story where the option made a conversation much more complicated or awkward. No matter how advanced, no algorithm can predict what you’re thinking at a given moment. For this

How to make a homemade book

I love developing a wide variety of creative DIY projects—everything from fashion to beauty to crafts! DIY handmade book. DIY Craft: How to Make a Book I have to admit this: Doing this craft was a bit difficult. I started with little idea of how to start because the information I found online was too

How to write with a feather quill

There are many reasons to be interested in writing with a quill. Whether you admire the aesthetic or want to experience a historical practice, it can be a daunting writing style to approach. How does a beginner start writing with a quill? To write with a quill you must hold it at a certain angle,

How to remove a macro in excel

Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac Excel 2021 for Mac Excel 2019 for Mac Excel 2016 for Mac More…Less To automate a repetitive task so that you can do the task again with a single click, you can use the Developer tab in Excel for Mac to record and run a macro. You can also

How to oppose a motion to dismiss

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