How to use footnotes in microsoft word

Whether you use Microsoft Word for personal or professional writing, sometimes you may want to add supplemental notes to sections of your work. Maybe you want to make a side comment on one of your arguments, or you need to cite another author’s work without distracting from the main text. Luckily, Word has useful tools

How to copy and paste on iphone

Move text around or save it for later Updated on December 25, 2020 What to Know To copy text: Tap and hold until the first word is highlighted. Drag until you’ve highlighted all the text you want to copy, then tap Copy. To copy a link: Tap and hold the link, then tap Copy from

How to write a rap punchline

In this article, I’ll be teaching you guys what a rap punchline is, if you’re just starting out, how to write rap punchlines, and how to execute it well. To put it simply, a rap punchline is a witty one line that can be comprised of a bold statement,a timeless law, or just a really

How to develop a character for a story

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support! Strong character development is one of the most important aspects of writing a fiction novel. With strong character development, your characters will be more memorable, and most importantly, your readers will be able to relate well to them, just as if

How to make a comic book online

Create comic strip designs with Adobe Express. Introducing Adobe Express, the latest and greatest way to design and publish your comic strips. Adobe Express helps you create stunning graphics that you can build from scratch or with stunning template designs to get you started. Easily resize your creation to share on any social platforms or

How to prepare a short preparation debate

Debating is an extremely useful skill to have. Being a good debater can bring many benefits such as job success, leadership opportunities, as well as good grades in school. If you’re wondering how to debate successfully, we’ve got all the tips you need. Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash What is Debating A debate is

How to write a presidential speech

We Can Handle Any Type of Speech Writing for You How to Write a Manuscript Speech: Peculiarities of the Outline How to Write a Speech for an Election: Basic Tips Our School President Speech Ideas That You Will Love The Examples of Great Public Speeches Students who have a dream to become part of the

How to take notes on ipad

You’d think that as a total tech nerd with at least 3 keyboards within reach at any given time and a typing speed of about 120 words per minute, I’d type all my notes. Mmm no. The thing I love second to digital planning in Notability on my iPad: Handwritten notes in Notability! In this