How to grip a sinker pitch

Home Articles Sinker Pitch & Grips Learn about my workout programs for pitchers Build functional strength the right way. Explore my pitching workouts and throwing programs for players who work hard and don’t make excuses. Learn more Do you know how to throw a sinker? In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know

How to fish a small creek

How Much Should You Tip A Fishing Guide? 24. Get Creative With Your Casting When you are walking up the bank — or the middle — of a small stream, and you see some bubbles floating through a riffle, or foaming behind a boulder, throw a couple casts in there. May they lead you to

How to catch perch

There’s no better time than right now to catch your biggest ever perch! Unlike many species, perch begin to spawn in the next few weeks and because of this, they are hungry, looking to pack on weight before they begin to breed. So whatever the weather is doing, they’ll be feeding at some point during

How to play pc games on android

Bored with the endless ads, bonus videos, and in-app purchases when gaming on Android? Would you prefer to play PC games on your Android instead? You can, thanks to Parsec. Whether you own an Android phone or tablet it’s now possible to stream games with low latency from your PC or laptop to your Android