How to perform basketball tricks

Many players believe they need complex basketball moves to be a great ball-handler. Instead of sticking to the basics, they want to learn the «advanced moves». For example, the «double-crossover-spin-hesi-jumper” or the “triple-spin-back-cross-pullup”. (yes, I made these up) But the truth is… By perfecting 6 fundamental basketball moves, you’ll have everything you need to explode

How to make a video game with cmd

Introduction: Making a Game in Notepad and Much Much More This is my first instructable. So if you have any suggestions please comment. Lets get started! When we all hear the word notepad we think of some boring useless applications to note down stuff.Well notepad is much more than that.We can control our pc,do some

How to watch football (soccer)

Premier League»> Premier League See the best teams in English soccer battle it out every week. Watch games live on NBCSN. UEFA Champions League»> UEFA Champions League Europe’s top clubs are on the hunt for the coveted title. Watch games live on TNT. Major League Soccer»> Major League Soccer Catch your local team and the

How to use ps4 second screen

Smartphones make many things more accessible and convenient, from communication to entertainment. Newer models also have powerful systems that allow you to access programs that you would normally be able to do so using a computer. As a video game player, you can now use your smartphone to help you play games on the go.

How to plan a volleyball tournament

Whether it’s for a charity fundraiser, a competitive recreational league, or a club league, hosting a volleyball tournament is a great way to get in a full day of volleyball. It’s fun for the players, coaches, and spectators. And, if it’s planned well, it doesn’t have to be stress-filled day for the organizers. Hosting a

How to play dodgeball

If you are planning a series of dodgeball lessons and need to remind yourself how to play the popular invasion game, then look no further. With this blog, you will be given everything you need to become fluent in the rules of dodgeball. In recent years, dodgeball has become popular with children. This has inspired

How to make a video game boss

[In his latest design feature, Activision and former Insomniac designer Mike Stout breaks down the boss battle into eight different beats, and runs two notable ones — The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Ganon and Portal’s GladOS — through a thorough analysis to illuminate their designs.] The boss battle is one of the oldest

How to catch an isopod

The summer update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has brought swimming, diving, and a batch of new sea creatures, some of which are worth a generous amount of bells, to the game. One such creature is the Giant Isopod, a large, intimidating pillbug-type creature that players can only catch by diving in the waters around