Brawlhalla is an awesome free-to-play game that combines platforming and fighting. One of the best things about this game is that its open to everyone, so long as you have a computer or gaming console. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, these 5 tips will help you get better at Brawlhalla.1) Practice your combos with offline bots2) Learn the maps3) Equip your character with the best gear for their playstyle4) Level up your characters with coins and gems5) Don’t forget to sign up for tournaments

5 Tips to Improve Your Game Play

In Brawlhalla! Brawlhalla Online is a free-to-play game that combines platforming and fighting. One of the best things about this game is that it’s open to everyone, so long as you have a computer or gaming console. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, these 5 tips will help you get better at Brawlhalla. 1) Practice your combos with offline bots 2) Learn the maps 3) Equip your character with the best gear for their playstyle 4) Level up your characters with coins and gems 5) Don’t forget to sign up for tournaments

What Makes Brawlhalla Online Fun

Brawlhalla is an awesome free-to-play game that combines platforming and fighting. One of the best things about this game is that its open to everyone, so long as you have a computer or gaming console. Whether youre a pro or a novice, these 5 tips will help you get better at Brawlhalla. 1) Practice your combos with offline bots 2) Learn the maps 3) Equip your character with the best gear for their playstyle 4) Level up your characters with coins and gems 5) Don’t forget to sign up for tournaments

How to Play Brawlhalla for Free!

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play game that combines platforming and fighting. One of the best things about this game is that it’s open to everyone, so long as you have a computer or gaming console. Whether you’re a pro or novice, these 5 tips will help you get better at Brawlhalla. 1) Practice your combos with offline bots: Brawlhalla has an offline practice mode, which will let you learn combos on your own time. This is perfect for new players who want a challenge but don’t want to be attacked by other human opponents online. 2) Learn the maps: The maps in Brawlhalla are as important to gameplay as any other aspect of the game. They can provide you with an advantage if you know the best way to traverse them, and they can make you feel like the underdog if you don’t know what’s going on around you. 3) Equip your character with the best gear for their playstyle: Like most games, equipment matters in Brawlhalla. You’ll find better equipment just by playing often enough, but it may take some trial and error before figuring out exactly what your playstyle needs from one battle to the next. 4) Level up your characters with coins and gems: Perhaps one of the most important parts of getting better at Brawlhalla is leveling up your characters with coins and gems so they can face tougher opponents without being killed immediately after respawning in battle. 5) Don’t

Get the Most out of Playing Brawlhalla Online

1. Practice your combos offline. One of the best ways to improve in Brawlhalla is by practicing your combos offline. This strategy will help you learn more about how your character plays and which combo you should use in different scenarios. The best way to practice online would be with bots, but it can be difficult to find opponents who are willing to take turns playing like a bot. 2. Learn the maps. Studying the maps in Brawlhalla is an excellent way to improve your gameplay. You’ll see where enemies tend to approach from and where they set up shop and try to ambush you. You’ll also know where certain items can spawn, which can make life much easier! 3. Equip your character with good gear for their playstyle. It really helps if you’re using a weapon that suits your playstyle well when playing Brawlhalla Online, so it’s worth checking out what weapons are available (or unlockable) and equipping the one that’s best for you! 4. Level up with coins and gems! Brawlhalla has two types of currency: coins and gems, each of which is used for different purposes (e.g., coins are used for leveling up characters while gems buy new skins). Coins are given every time you win a match and also at random times when you plunder chests or break jars scattered around the map; gems must be purchased with real money or won through tournaments or special events). When characters level up, they get access to higher-level cards that are


Brawlhalla Online is a fun, fast-paced game where players can compete with their friends or with people all over the world. The game is easy to learn, but like with any game, there are some tips and tricks that will help you level up your game. If you’re looking to get the most out of Brawlhalla, make sure to follow our 5 tips for better gameplay. You’ll be beating your opponents in no time!

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Players might look at Brawlhalla and see a typical 2D fighting brawler but the Blue Mammoth Games title has a lot of complexity to offer. In fact, aside from a roster of 50+ Legends, players can change the tide of battle with unique skills and weapons. A Legend can use a Sword in one match and switch to a Bow in the other and players need to adapt to their chosen Legend-Weapon pairing and the enemy’s own.
Unfortunately, all these factors can make the game tad a bit overwhelming for newcomers. However, getting the hang of these unique mechanics can make Brawlhalla just as much a tactical fighting game as it is a fun brawler. Updated January 2nd, 2022 by Russ Boswell: There have been a lot of new and interesting fighters added to the Brawlhalla roster over the years, and more and more players are hopping into the title to try their hand at dominating the competition. Those looking for a new and entertaining fighting game to play should definitely give Brawlhalla a shot. To better help new players that are just starting out their Brawlhalla journey, and to offer up more tips to veterans, the following list has been updated. It now includes even more Brawlhalla tips that are sure to help fans grow in knowledge and skill.

13/13 Combat Is All About Taking Control

Study combos properly - Brawlhalla Pro Tips Players fond of fighting games know that the character who makes the best combos and counters wins a match. However, excellent fighting gamers know that combat is all about exchanging control, one where a fighter tries to land an attack, and the other fighter responds. Therefore, it’s taking control of the combat that decides the victor. In Brawlhalla, this much remains the same and especially more so given the fast-paced, chaotic nature of battles. Players need to keep an eye on how to dictate the terms of combat as often as possible. Enemies should be reacting to them, and not the other way. Players can do this by assuming control, breaking the enemy’s combos, stopping their flow with throws, dodging their attacks, and catching them off-guard.

12/13 Try To Focus On Only A Couple Of Characters To Start

Brawlhalla's Mako Rides A Tidal Wave There are a lot of interesting and entertaining characters available for players to use in Brawlhalla, with developers constantly adding more in updates. While it might be tempting to throw down with as many characters as possible, it’s definitely a better idea to pick a couple and stick with them for a bit. Players that learn the ins-and-outs of their favorite Champions will be able to perform better combos, and should have a much easier time maneuvering the battlefield. Once players learn a specific Champ, they should branch out to other Champs that share similar traits. It’s a much better idea to ease into Brawlhalla than try to learn all of the mechanics of every single character as quickly as possible.

11/13 Become At Home With The Platform

Be careful of Signature Moves - Brawlhalla Pro Tips As a platformer brawler, Brawlhalla relies on pitting players in huge sets of platforms that punish them for getting thrown out. Thing is, Legends can’t exactly stay still either, as enemies will see them as free targets. As such, Legends need to move around to hit foes and avoid getting hit at the same time. However, players shouldn’t panic and just move willy-nilly. Rather, players should try to learn Brawlhalla‘s stage mechanics with their favorite Legends in mind. Players should learn how to make precise moves depending on how their Legends run, dash, jump, and climb around the stage. Remember, adapting to fast-paced movement can help Legends land hits more accurately.

10/13 Learn How To Respond

Using an attack to recover - Brawlhalla Mistakes A lot of fighting games focus heavily on combos and juggling, and while Brawlhalla may feature combos and similar mechanics, the real fight is in knowing what your opponent is going to do next and actively responding to their changes in tactics. Think of Brawlhalla like a high-octane Chess Match. Players that can understand what an opponent is doing and actively respond to it by changing up their own tactics will have a much better time competing in matches. Players should spend just as much time learning how to counteract opponents as they do learning about their own Champion.

9/13 Optimize A Legend’s Light Attacks

Be aware of movement - Brawlhalla Pro Tips Anyone who’s touched a fighting game knows that combos define a character. This leads to the Scorpion’s Spears (Mortal Kombat) and Ken’ Shoryukens (Street Fighter), after all. However, experts in fighting games know that simple movement and attack patterns alone can determine a character’s playstyle. In Brawlhalla, mastering Light Attacks can make a Legend just as lethal — even if they don’t use their Signature Moves (Sigs). Granted, Light Attacks don’t deal as much damage as Signature Attacks. However, Light Attacks happen much faster and string well into combos. As with Sigs, Light Attacks come in the form of Neutral (standing), Side (forward), and Down (downward) Light Attacks — all of which can weave into remarkable combos. A Legend who knows their Light Attacks well can punish enemies who miss their Signatures or defeat them fast enough they can’t use them at all.

8/13 Make Weapon Combos A Second Nature

Maximize jumping - Brawlhalla Pro Tips Each Legend in Brawlhalla can use two Weapon types, each with separate combos and Legend-unique Signature Moves. While Sigs are powerful, they tend to require a build-up, meaning they’re at risk of being interruptible and can spell danger to players. Aside from knowing how to perform the Sigs, players need to familiarize themselves with the Weapon combos of Legends they love to use. These combos will become the bread and butter of each Legend’s playstyle and overall theme. For instance, the samurai Jiro can use a Sword and a Bow, making him ideal for short-range and long-range incursions. Since a match alternates the appearance of Weapons, players can’t play favorites and adjust to the playstyle of whatever weapon they have.

7/13 Maximize The Dodge For Damage Mitigation, Setups

Take note how attacks relate to each other - Brawlhalla Pro Tips While Brawlhalla is a brawler game, its unique weapon and skill system does take a lot of elements from fighting games. And like in fighting games, dodging remains a key component in dominating combat. Sadly, players often ignore the dodge in favor of Signature Moves but their enemies can simply dodge their Signatures and punish them hard for it. Instead, players should optimize the use of their dodge ability. Players should train in the best way to dodge both enemy light attacks and Signatures. Additionally, a timed mid-air dodge will let players use a Signature right after without any need to recover from the jump on the ground. Additionally, a dodge can be used to make a ground dash perfect for Signature setups.

6/13 Dashing Can Be A Game Changer

As with other fighting games, dashing forwards and backwards in Brawlhalla can help Legends quickly engage and disengage from opponents. In fact, players who capitalize on dashing can get out of sticky situations quickly and outmaneuver opponents who are very distance-reliant. For instance, dashing backwards can avoid short to mid-range Sigs, while dashing inwards can break a Sig’s opening animation. Moreover, dashing can help offensively as well. Players can use dashing to quickly start combos or cancel them if needed. Likewise, players can dash to stop combos mid-attack and switch to a new attack rotation as needed.

5/13 Embrace Verticality Via Jumping

Similar to other platformers, Brawlhalla prioritizes jumping as a game mechanic. Aside from jumping to perform or dodge attacks, Legends can jump off ledges to wall-climb, or even transfer from one platform to the next. In Brawlhalla, players have two jumps — allowing them to perform a second jump in mid-air. Likewise, holding the down button in mid-air initiates fast fall, accelerating the falling process. Players can maximize these when dodging mid-air attacks, or when performing setups. Instead of panicking while jumping, players can use jumping tactically to chase opponents or even ruin enemy combos.

4/13 Throwing Adds Range To Any Weapon

Use combinations of attacks - Brawlhalla Pro Tips Remember, Weapons in Brawlhalla drop randomly throughout the match, and Legends alternate between their personal armaments whenever they pick these up. Of course, players can stick to one Weapon throughout the match, or switch up their playstyle by dropping their current gear and picking a new one. However, players have a third option: throw their current Weapon. Interestingly, this isn’t a waste of damage potential, either. Aside from making room for a Weapon change, hitting an enemy with a Throw can momentarily stun them. Moreover, the current thrown Weapon will drop to the ground after being thrown. Theoretically, players can throw a Weapon, dash and pick it back, and start an attack chain. Some players even throw their Weapons to opponents in mid-air to prevent them from recovering and forcing a knockout.

3/13 Get Back To The Stage At Any Time

Be at home with the platform - Brawlhalla Pro Tips Since getting knocked off brings players closer to losing, it makes sense for them to panic when outside a platform. However, it’s interesting to note that it’s theoretically possible to get back to the stage regardless of how far players get knocked off. It’s all a matter of timing jumps, dashes, and any mobility skills at the Legend’s disposal. A Legend can maximize their jump height with the right timing per jump. Likewise, neutral dodges combined with certain skills or combos can make attacks that launch characters back to the platform which can make for a very annoying character in the eyes of a struggling opponent.

2/13 Watch Pros Throw Down

Orion in Brawlhalla The best way to get better at Brawlhalla is to practice. There is definitely no substitute for playing as much as possible and learning as much as possible about a chosen Champion. That said, it can be incredibly valuable, especially for new players, to watch seasoned veterans when they battle against one another. It’s a great way to learn some of the more intricate strategies and movements that are available in Brawlhalla. Players that want to compete should fully immerse themselves in the game, and watch as many professional matches as they can to get a better idea of how it works at higher skill levels.

1/13 Optimize The Buttons, Keybinds

Pay attention to how combos work - Brawlhalla Pro Tips In tournament play, players might be surprised that gamers actually change the keybind and control settings of buttons before a match. This doesn’t mean they’re cheating. Rather, they’re optimizing their setup to give them the best way of executing their combos and moveset. In Brawlhalla, players don’t need to settle for the game’s default layout. If possible, players should find a way to adjust their keybinds to help them execute combos and movements much more efficiently. More importantly, players should settle for a keybind setup that helps them register their desired movements the fastest — be it combos, recoveries, or Signatures. NEXT: Ranked: Top 10 Fighting Games of the 2010’s

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