So does anybody know how to block requests for online lounge play, either in-game, through the Switch, or through the NSO mobile app itself? I only ask because I’ve been getting requests from people to join their online lounge for games. This is not that I particularly mind that much in and of itself but the problem is these requests are getting a little out of hand. I have gotten maybe….three invites from the same person in a single hour, and at least three or four more from other people on my friend’s list. It’s gotten to the point where over just yesterday alone I’ve gotten 20 requests to join their game. This wouldn’t be much of a problem except that (1) I don’t have the time to devote entirely to playing Splatoon 2, (2) a lot of these people trying to contact me are in Europe so either I’m trying to sleep or I’m not even at home and (3) I’m really tired of my phone buzzing to let me know of yet another request to come and play. This is getting to be Facebook levels of irritating. I’ve actually had to delete the app from my phone to get the requests to stop through there, but I’m still getting the lounge requests in game! Can anybody offer some additional pointers? (Aug 1, 1957 — Oct 8, 2014) Love you, Mama. Now, always & forever.
(Jun 9, 1960 — Oct 4, 2015) See you on the other side, Dad. Keep Mom company until then. Turn off «Notifications» for the app in your settings. «Still Inking And Keeping It Real» — DoctorStrongBad Huh. Well, I’m an idiot. Didn’t even realize you could do that. Alright, thanks! That should help immensely. (Aug 1, 1957 — Oct 8, 2014) Love you, Mama. Now, always & forever.
(Jun 9, 1960 — Oct 4, 2015) See you on the other side, Dad. Keep Mom company until then. I would assume these are from «friends» you made through online play or other means… such that they aren’t actual friends/people you know. Just remove them from your friends list if you find them irritating. MjnMixael posted…

I would assume these are from «friends» you made through online play or other means… such that they aren’t actual friends/people you know. Just remove them from your friends list if you find them irritating.

You can be invited through your «people played with» list from randoms as well. «Still Inking And Keeping It Real» — DoctorStrongBad What I personally did is just keep ignoring them until they got the hint and stopped inviting… was by some new random «friend,» but them and the company they kept turned out to be pretty immature teenagers. Could have been early 20s. But regardless, I dont want to hear childish terribly done insults. «Haha I’m the greatest u suck», screaming like animals, (worst unoriginal banter that’s been done for 20 years. Even by today’s new meme and slang standards, it should be evolving. ) and definitely not political crap or social issues. Talk about the game or casual/ light RL going ons. I’m not ageist, I realize some young people can be very mature for their age, and that everyone has preferences, the right to converse however. I don’t see a need to block as that’s too extreme, nor confront nicely on voice chat, nor turn off notifs completely those I do want company of. For all they know, my phone’s messed up or who knows what. NNID: Ayasha89 S Rank in Sploon1. S+x1 in Sploon 2, TBC. Central TZ/ Switch FC:2185-5560-2432
(Official Aisaka/ Midna of GFAQs) Many of the most popular Nintendo Switch games, including Animal Crossing New Horizons and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, have online multiplayer components players can enjoy with their friends. Online multiplayer is quickly becoming a staple of contemporary gaming, and players may want to add their friends so they can connect and play together from anywhere in the world. Nintendo Switch offers a few possible ways for these players to add or remove friends from their list, as well as to separate and categorize friends to avoid confusion in case multiple people use the same avatar.
Before using the friend features on the Nintendo Switch, players will need to create and link a Nintendo account to their Switch user account. Adding friends on Nintendo Switch often requires the use of the 12-digit Friend Code located under the player’s profile or in the console’s Add Friend menu. Players can have a maximum of 300 friends on their console at any one time.
By far the most common way to add friends on Nintendo Switch is to enter a friend’s Friend Code to send a request to their console. After obtaining a user’s Friend Code, players can enter their profile by selecting their avatar on the top left of the main console menu and navigating to the Add Friend tab. They can then choose Search with Friend Code and input that code to submit a friend request. Once the other user accepts, they will appear on the player’s friend list, and vice versa.

Other Ways to Add and Remove Friends on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Cover There are a few other ways to add friends on Nintendo Switch. If players want to add a user they played with previously in a recent multiplayer game but whose Friend Code is unknown, they can again find the Add Friend menu on their profile page and choose Search for Users You Played with. This should bring up a list of users that players recently encountered in multiplayer games. From here, players can choose the user they want to connect with and select Send Friend Request. It is also possible to add friends locally. If two players are in the same place, both with their Nintendo Switch consoles, they can again navigate to the Add Friend menu under their profile and choose Search for Local Users. Then, both players will need to tap the same symbol from a set of four that appears on the screen. This will open a new page that allows players to select their friend’s avatar and nickname and submit a friend request. For this option to work, both users will need to be logged on to Nintendo Switch Online. Finally, it is sometimes possible to add friends through official Nintendo apps and games that are connected for online play. These friends will also appear on the console Friend List. This also bypasses the need to enter the Add Friend menu or know a user’s Friend Code. Nintendo Switch Friends on Profile Nintendo Switch has a function that will allow players to denote their best friends. In the Friend List, players can select a friend and choose Best Friend. This will give that friend’s avatar a star on the player’s Friend List and move them to the top of the Friend List. This option can be used to differentiate more easily between two friends with the same avatar. Players can delete or block friends from their Nintendo Switch Friends List as well. Like on other consoles, to remove a friend on Nintendo Switch, players will need to open their Friend List and select the friend they want to remove. They can then choose Options and decide whether to Remove Friend or Block. Using the Block option will prevent that user from sending another Friend Request and will reduce the chances of players encountering that user in multiplayer games. This can also be undone later under Manage Blocked-User List in User Settings. Next: Nintendo’s Next Switch Model Could Be A Foldable Switch DS Nintendo Switch is available now at most major tech retailers.

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