Listen ladies, we know that going to the bar or rushing to every frat party on campus means you’ll meet a lot of guys (and we’ve talked about how guys pick up girls at the bar). But it also comes with its downsides: it’s hard to really make a connection with a guy in a dark room with loud music and an abundance of alcohol (though not impossible). If you’re a quiet girl or just want a change of scene, we’ve got a few ideas to help you find Mr. Right Now (or even Mr. Happily Ever After) in some unexpected places. 1. Dazzle at the sporting goods store If you’re hoping to meet the next athletic star, why not chance running into him at the local sporting goods store? It’s probably one of the few stores where men don’t feel uncomfortable shopping for longer than ten minutes. Walk up next to one of the guys contemplating which fitness equipment to buy, study one of the items yourself, and ask him if he knows anything about it. Once it’s obvious he’s flirting back, give him your number or ask for his! 2. Leave your number on the receipt at a restaurant Do you have a favorite restaurant with plenty of good-looking servers? If so, you could score a date! “I met my boyfriend by leaving my number on the receipt at a restaurant,” says Alexa, a senior at James Madison University. “I was out to breakfast with my parents and thought the waiter was really cute.” So the next time you have a handsome server, include your number on the receipt! Just make sure that he’s the one who picks up the check and not someone else. You can do this by attaching your number to the receipt (if you bring Post-Its with you for occasions like this) or by giving him the receipt yourself. 3. Attend a nearby arts festival Even if you’re not in a big city, your school could host an arts festival or the town nearby will have one available. Breaking away from the familiar will open your chances of meeting someone completely new! Guys from different colleges and with different backgrounds will be there, and you might meet someone new who doesn’t even attend your school! Visiting all of the booths provides the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with a handsome stranger. (“So what do you think this piece means?”) You could ask and easily delve into an intense conversation about a painting. Don’t forget to ask him if he wants to meet for coffee later! 4. Frequent the student center lounge So maybe you prefer to meet one of the guys on campus. If so, you should hang out where most of them go to study or hang out with their friends between classes: the student center lounge. “Last year, I met a guy in our student center lounge. I was studying and he sat down nearby. I wanted to run to the dining hall to get a snack and asked him if he would mind watching my stuff while I was gone,” says Hannah, an NYU junior. When Hannah returned, the guy started talking to her. Score! Just make sure to exercise caution when asking for small favors like watching your stuff. Another thing you can do is approach one of the guys you recognize from class and mention something about what you’re studying, especially if he’s studying the same thing. Think of it as an impromptu study session! 5. Get your sparkle on at the campus fitness center No, we don’t mean rolling in glitter. Take advantage of your college’s fitness center! Although your primary purpose should be to workout, there’s nothing wrong with scoping out the football players while they lift weights. Sign up for group co-ed activities with your fitness center or train with a running group for a marathon. This way, you can build camaraderie with like-minded athletes, and a relationship could naturally build out of your time together. 6. Flirt over sweet treats at a bakery, cafe or ice cream shop The next time you go to the bakery, cafe or ice cream shop, ask the cute guy nearby what flavor he recommends. Kate, a senior at Skidmore College, struck up a conversation with a cute Turkish guy while ordering gelato in France one day. “I ended up asking him what his favorite was, and he ended up asking me out!” she says. “We dated the whole month I was in France.” Not only are you flattering him by asking for his opinion, you’re letting him know that you’re available for conversation. You don’t have to be in France to do this either. Try it the next time you’re in line behind a hottie at Starbucks. 7. Meet a fellow bookworm at the campus library Few people realize the romantic potential of the library, but just think about it. If you’re in college and care about your grades, you will find yourself in the library on many occasions. It’s the perfect place to meet a studious guy! Try to go during peak library hours, which is usually around lunchtime or after dinner. Find a study buddy among the studious cuties or ask one of the handsome library attendants to help you with your research. You can also use the opportunity to talk to someone near you who might be researching the same topic or something similar. 8. Cheer on your school’s team at a game Show your school spirit by going to athletic competitions and games. Who says you even have to know what’s going on? While it’s not a good idea to constantly ask the guy next to you for a play-by-play of the game, you can still comment on the game and join in the crowd’s energy. Try to find a guy who isn’t surrounded by a big group of his friends and casually introduce yourself during half-time and intermissions. Ask him questions about himself and dazzle him with your wonderful smile. If you do any of these seven scientifically proven ways to make him fall for you, you’ll have him interested in you before the end of the game! 9. Network at campus job fairs Campus job fairs and networking events provide the perfect opportunity to chat with the guy you’ve been eyeing, especially if he’s interested in a similar field. Open with a comment about the event. You don’t have to stick to shop talk either. Ask him how his classes are going and what he plans to do for the summer. If he comes to all of the networking events just like you do, you might be able to swap job and event stories. Voila! You’ve made a connection! 10. Join the club One of the best ways to meet someone new is to participate in clubs and activities on or around campus. You’ll be spending quality time with people on a regular basis, and clubs gets new members all of the time. The best part is how easy it is to start a conversation or to find something to talk about. If he’s a member of the club, whether it’s the chess club or drama club, you already know he’s interested in the same thing as you are. So use it as an icebreaker to introduce yourself. Pair up with one of the hotties for a project and ask him if he wants to hang out outside of the club. Regardless of how and where you get your flirt on, remember that guys are everywhere. Look your best, be yourself and say hello. Being open to meeting someone will help you actually meet someone. And by opening your market to the places you frequent on a regular basis, you’re increasing the likelihood of getting a date. Good luck, ladies! Dating Making friends in college can be difficult enough, let alone meeting a potential partner. Regardless of what you’re looking for — a one-night stand, a friend with benefits, casual dating, or a committed relationship — finding that special someone on campus isn’t as easy as Reese Witherspoon makes it out to be in Legally Blonde. When it comes to the best places to meet someone in college, you have to be somewhat strategic. You can’t just count on stumbling into a hottie on your way to class and locking eyes over your fallen books, or plan on finding your ultimate soulmate at the first fraternity or sorority party you and your roommates walk into during syllabus week. To maximize your options, try talking to people from all walks of college life. Flirt with your cute, yet kind of dorky classmate in Psychology 101, but also sit next to the dreamy jock in the dining hall. Go up to as many people as you can during orientation, and then also start a weekly study group that meets in the library or a common area of your residence hall. The more places you frequent, both on and off campus, the more people you’ll meet, and your options will increase. Here are 11 ideas of places to meet someone on campus, whether you’re looking for love, lust, or just a bit of fun. 01 In Class «The best places to meet are in the dorms, in class, dining hall, intramural sports, and through any type of volunteering or even interning,» says Meredith Golden, dating expert, dating coach, and founder of SpoonmeetSpoon. It’s common for students to choose seats during the first few classes and stick to them throughout the semester, but don’t hide in the back of the lecture hall for four months. Sit in a different spot each time the class meets, and interact with the people sitting around you. At the very least, you’ll figure out who to partner up with for your first group project. 02 In The Dining Hall Cliques aren’t as much of an issue in college as they can be in high school. Chances are, your university dining hall isn’t as scary as the cafeteria in Mean Girls. Sure, you can sit with your friends while you eat most meals, but don’t be afraid to also go to one alone once in a while. If you’re too shy to plop down next to a stranger, sit at a table for two and be open to someone asking to join you. 03 At A Party This one’s an obvious choice, but don’t stick to hangouts in your dorm. Go to various kinds of parties, and not always with the same group of people. Attend an event at another school, go to a fraternity or sorority mixer, check out the sports teams’ houses, and go to a chill game night. By constantly switching up your weekend routine, you’ll have the opportunity to experience many different kinds of college parties — and college party people. 04 In The Library If you want to meet new people, consider starting a general study group. You can spread the word in your residence hall, in your classes, or via social media. Meet somewhere public, open it up to anyone on campus, and see who shows up. Honestly, if you meet someone that way, it would make for a sweet story to tell as a couple down the road. 05 In A Club Or Group Setting «I’d say the best places to meet someone in college are in spaces and communities that speak to parts of your identity that you value, and/or [align with] your interests,» says Julie Zeilinger, author of College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year. «The people who also join the groups and clubs that allow an outlet for these values are likely to therefore share an interest in the same things you care about. That’s a great starting point for any kind of relationship — whether it’s friendship or more.» Join a sports team, a club team, or an intramural league. If sports aren’t your thing, attend a game as a spectator. Or, go to your college’s organization fair or check out a list of all the groups on campus. Try out a bunch, pick a couple to join, and voila! You’ve suddenly got a whole new social circle. 06 In The Dorms And Common Areas Keep your door open when you’re just hanging out at home, and see who comes by. Strike up a conversation with someone in the laundry room, while you’re getting your mail, or even in the elevator. You never know who you might bump into while performing even the most mundane of tasks. 07 At An On-Campus Job Getting a job on campus can be rewarding in more ways than one. Pick up some extra spending money and get to know people you might not come across in your classes or at parties. 08 At The Gym OK, so I know no one is really at their most attractive while working out, but bear with me. If you’re into fitness, what better place for you to meet a like-minded person? And if you’re not, and are just trying to keep off the Freshman 15, maybe you’ll find a personal trainer (with or without added benefits). It’s a win-win. 09 While Volunteering Again, meeting someone while volunteering pretty much guarantees you have a shared passion for helping the community, or at least a common interest in that specific cause. 10 On The Campus Quad, Courtyard, Or Lawn While the weather is nice, take advantage of your college’s outdoor spaces. Even if your school doesn’t have a traditional campus and therefore no quad, there’s probably still a lawn or even a public park where students go to study, sunbathe, and spend time with friends. 11 On A Dating App «I have to include dating apps as well. They connect in every age range,» says Golden. If all else fails, try swiping on an app or signing up for online dating. You may come across people on campus who you wouldn’t otherwise interact with or know how to approach, but who you can easily meet for a coffee date or a quick drink. Welcome (or welcome back) to college. You’re going to love it. Check out the entire Gen Why series and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Check out the “Best of Elite Daily” stream in the Bustle App for more stories just like this! Ladies, you should never attend college for an MRS degree. Obtaining a man is not the objective of college. Focusing your aspirations and furthering your education should be your main goal. That being said, college has an entire social culture unlike anywhere else. It’s likely that there will be no other time in your life where you’re surrounded by so many smart, attractive, and interesting people from all walks of the earth in one place.
So, amidst hardcore studying and catching up on some much needed sleep, why not get in on some of the action? Why not find a Prince Charming or two along the way? Instead of anxiously hanging around campus, hoping to meet a cute guy, try some of these tactics that’ll make dating in college seem a little less hopeless:
1. Choose a kickback over a party. Yes, a kickback. Not a full-blown party. Everything is so hot and heavy at parties. You always seem to find yourself up-close and personal with some drunken jerk from your math class who smells like peach ciroc and cheese pizza. If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed setting, opt out of the usual loud and impersonal party, and check out a kickback at a friend’s house. The level of noise and number of people at a kickback is substantially lower than at a party. You can talk to the cute guy on the couch without yelling over obnoxious music and worrying about being sat out by some poor drunk soul who can’t stand up to save their life. The cute guy on the couch is also often a friend of the friend throwing the kickback. If you don’t get a chance to exchange numbers, you have a friend who can hook you up. No longer will you wonder aimlessly around a loud, sloppy party, looking for the cute guy that could actually hold an intelligent conversation with you.
2. Join clubs that interest you. Don’t join the Frisbee club because you heard all the cute guys play Frisbee. Join the Frisbee club because you love Frisbee and want to play with a bunch of people who love it as much as you do. Join clubs that will benefit you and make you happy. It’s far more genuine and you’re much more likely to meet a guy who shares some of your interests and aspirations than you are if you join a club for the sake of meeting a guy.
3. Join a study group. Honestly, cute guys or no cute guys, study groups are great. If you’re struggling with a class, consider joining one. That being said, if there’s a guy you’ve been dying to talk to in a class you’re struggling with, study groups can kill two birds with one stone. You can get the help you need in a class, while getting to know some of your classmates, including the guy you’ve been dying to talk to. Get the GroupMe app and set up times to get together for studying. You get to enjoy the company of your classmates and the guy you’re interested in, all in the name of acing the next test. Sounds good to me.
4. Check out school functions. I know, sometimes school events can seem like a load of crap. They can seem corny and overdone. But don’t let your cynicism stop you from checking it out and potentially really enjoying yourself. Grab a few of your girls and check out the DJ competition or to your state club’s mixer. Check out the date auction or a club-sponsored carnival. You might come across a guy you wouldn’t normally cross paths with. And even if you don’t meet a guy, you’re with your girls. Turn the potentially boring function into a lot of fun by making the best of it. When in doubt, dance it out with your girls.
5. Make your own event. It’s a Saturday night, you’re with your friends, and nothing seems to be going on. Head down to the lounge, invite some more friends, and just relax, laugh, and talk. I can’t tell you how many surprisingly fun nights have come from just gathering a nice group of people down to the lounge and hanging out. Friends and friends of friends passing by your group on their way back to their rooms can stop by and chat for a while, or sit down and hangout. You might meet a cute friend-of-a-friend who’s passing through on his way to the elevator. Invite him to join you! The setting is relaxed, fun, and easy. It requires no money, no fancy dress or heels, and no traveling.
6. Most importantly, do you. If you haven’t notice, all of these suggested tactics don’t require a major change in your daily routine. That’s the wonderful thing about college; you don’t have to drag yourself to a crappy bar or get set up on a blind date to meet new people. You can mill about, enjoying yourself and your friends, and meet someone interesting. If you focus on doing things and going to places you enjoy, you’re much more genuine and approachable. Relax; don’t rush meeting anyone. Just have fun with it and see who comes your way.
[Lead image via Jakub Zak/Shutterstock] As fun and rewarding as college may be, it can also be insanely hard to balance school with a vibrant social life. Especially if you’re a commuter. It can be even harder to make friends and meet cute guys. But even though it can be a little tricky, there’s something to be said for having people your age at your fingertips for the next four years. Here’s a couple ways to meet more guys on your campus. Talk To Your Classmates College can be a lonely place. But if you make time to get to know your classmates as well as the people living around you, it can be a very enriching experience. Don’t be afraid to start some conversations with that cute guy who sits in front of you or start up a study group with some classmates. Even if you don’t get a date out of it, at least you’ll have some people to get notes from. Go To The Library The library is the perfect place to meet a studious, academically-driven guy! You can get your school work done and scour the library for potential hotties. Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with the cute guy sitting beside you. Visit Your Coffee Shop/Student Lounge Stop by the coffee shop in the student lounge before your next class, and take a minute to notice your surroundings. If you see a cute guy who’s sitting on his own, ask him what he’s studying or be bold and order him a drink! It just might be the start of an interesting conversation. Join A Sorority The great thing about sororities is there are scheduled activities such as mixers that involve the fraternities as well. You can attend a group bonfire on the beach or carve a pumpkin with your sorority sisters, and maybe meet a new guy along the way. Even if you don’t hit it off romantically with any of the guys, it’s still a good opportunity to make some new friends and expand your social community. Check Out Community Events Check your school calendar for some events being held on or off-campus. Poetry slams, dance shows and open-mic night are all hotspots for the well-read, thoughtful, artsy kind of guy. Heck, you might even meet a talented musician who writes songs about you or a thoughtful poet who thinks you’re his muse! Again, even if you don’t meet anyone who grabs your interest, getting involved in your community is the perfect way to make a new friend and further enrich your college experience. Get A Job Getting a job on campus is a great way to connect with some guys you have something in common with. You can chat during lunch breaks about your major, life after college or even just your weekend plans. Even if you can’t work on campus or somewhere close by, make a point to be social with your coworkers wherever you work. You never know if you’ll hit it off with one of them. Travel Travel abroad if you can. It’ll expose you to some cool new cultures, languages, worldviews and hunky foreign guys. If you can’t travel, look into joining an international group where you can meet people from different parts of the world who are attending your college. At the very least, get to know your city and explore some places you’ve never seen before. Consider visiting your local museum or art gallery if you’ve never been—you might discover some dazzling sights and one of them could be your new beau. We all wish dating in college was as simple as bumping into a cute guy in the hallway outside of your dorm room, falling in love and living happily ever after. Unfortunately, that is far from the case and it can be even more difficult if you’re shy or timid. Although it’s difficult, you’re going to have to leave your dorm once in a while if you want to have a good love life. Try sitting in the dining room without your friends, joining a club, or visiting the library alone every once in a while. It’ll make it easier for that cute guy in your cinema class to approach you. Featured Image via Pexels
Are you wondering how to talk to a guy in college? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. As a guy who recently graduated from college, I have some insider tips that will make it easier to talk to guys. In college, it can be intimidating to talk to guys, but it’s not as bad as it seems. On the most part, guys are happy when girls talk to them. Often, guys feel like they have to make the first move, but trust me, guys love it when girls initiate a conversation first. With that being said, here are 8 ways to talk to guys in college, that will feel natural and friendly. In college, even though there are guys everywhere, it could be hard to make the first move and start a conversation. As a guy in college, no matter who talked to me, girls or guys, I was always happy to chat. If you feel awkward about talking to guys, being friendly is the way to go! Remember, many people in college come from different states and are looking to make new friends too. Here are 8 ways to talk to guys in college that actually work.

1. In Class

College guy with two girls Being in class is a great opportunity to talk to guys. In college, many classes will require group work, projects and breaks where you can talk to other students. Talking to a guy in class is very easy – keep in mind that you have a lot in common. You are now at the same school, in the same class and living in the same state. If you’re both away from home and family, this is something you have in common as well. If you want to talk to a guy in class, consider asking a question about the class, if he lives on campus or what state he’s from. Over the course of the semester, students will gravitate towards sitting in the same general area. This will allow you to get to know some of you class mates. If you begin to become friends with a guy in class, feel free to ask for his Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook.

2. Student Events

Student events are a great place to talk to guys. Whether you’re at a job fair, a multi-cultural day or attending a guest speaker event, don’t be shy to talk with guys that are attending. College events his is a great way to get to meet new people. Oftentimes, students will go to events to network and meet new people. I recommend going to an event with a friend as it will be easier to talk to others. Meeting people in a group of at least two is a lot easier than being alone. As cringy as it may sound, social media is a great way to talk to guys. If there’s a guy you want to talk to, you can find them on Instagram or Facebook and send them a message. Unless the guy is in a relationship, they are probably going to answer you. It’s a really easy way to reach out to someone. If they don’t answer, don’t worry and don’t take it personally. Remember there are plenty of other guys out there. Networking on social media is a great way to talk to more guys. If you’re shy and don’t want to talk in person, there’s nothing wrong with sending a message on social media. Related: How to Meet Guys in College if You’re Shy – College Advice

4. Joining Clubs

If you’re looking to talk to guys with similar interests as you, join a club! In college, clubs are great ways to meet both guys and girls with the same interests as you. There are clubs for religion, sports, games, video games and academics. Students join clubs to connect with others. If you’re having trouble making friends and talking to guys consider joining a club.

5. Dating Apps

If you’re looking for a relationship and you are having trouble meeting guys on campus, consider signing up for a dating app. Over the last 3 years, there has been a huge increase in users on dating apps. Meeting guys now, is as easy as ever. Swiping on a screen and sending a message instantly connects you with a guy. If you’re shy, dating apps are a great way to meet new guys and go out on dates. If you are meeting up with a guy from a dating app, be careful! Make sure you take the proper precautions by making sure the guy is who says he is. Consider FaceTiming before meeting up and checking out their social media.

6. Local Restaurants or Bars

Going to restaurants and bars is a great way to talk to guys. Many guys will go to bars with the intention of meeting girls. If you’re interested talking to guys, consider going to a bar or restaurant with a friend. At most colleges, there are local bars and restaurants that all the students go to. This is a great way to meet guys and make new friends. When I was in college, there are a local bar that everyone would go to on Thursday nights. Throughout my 4 years in college, I made many friends, met many people and made great memories at the bar. Related: 27 Hobbies for College Students that Are Actually Fun

7. Study Session

If you find yourself talking to the same group of people in class, consider asking to do a study session. Study sessions are a great way to become closer with your classmates while studying. It’s very common for students to study together especially during exam time so don’t be shy to ask! Related: 10+ Ways to Make Your Teacher Like You in College

8. Working on Campus

Working Student There are plenty of jobs on campus where you will be able to work and meet guys. Many students will work a job on campus in order to earn some extra money. Working a job will put you in a situation where you are working with all kinds of different people. Working is a great way to earn money while meeting new people. Related & Popular Posts:

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Final Thoughts on How to Talk to Guys in College

If you’re a girl looking to talk to new guys in college, it can be intimidating. In this post, I shared 8 ways that will help you talk to guys in college in a friendl and natural way. Remember, guys love it when girls talk to them first! What are the best ways to meet guys in college? Please let me know in the comments below.

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