How to flirt with girls. If you haven’t yet mastered the art of flirting with beautiful women in real life (this post is about face to face flirting, not text flirting), then this post is for you. Contrary to popular belief, flirting is absolutely a skill that can be learned, honed, and mastered. And the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Learning to flirt correctly has many benefits.

  • It makes you more successful with women
  • It gives you more confidence
  • It helps you to understand the back-and-forth process of the ‘mating dance’
  • It keeps you from running out of things to say
  • It helps to calm anxiety, making it easier and more fun to have interactions with attractive women

And last, but definitely not least… flirting isn’t just good for men. It is also good for women! Girls love to be flirted with, as long as you are doing it correctly and not creeping her out! So when a man knows how to flirt with girls well, and can hold his own in a conversation with women, he can really level up his attractions kills and help himself to become the type of man that women actually have fun with and want to spend time around. So let’s dive in. 9 alpha male steps to learn how to flirt with girls!

Step 1: Deciding To Approach

Before you start flirting with a woman, you’ll need to approach her. And part of this involves making the decision to do so. For some men, this might be really simple. But for some, it can actually be surprisingly difficult. How do you know if she will be into you? How do you know that she won’t reject you? How do you know that she won’t laugh at you? As it turns out, there is simply no way to escape some of this risk. To approach a beautiful woman, engage her in conversation, ask for her number, ask her out, etc. will always carry with it some element of risk. But, remember this. A true alpha male would rather get rejected by 100 women while learning and practicing how to flirt with girls than to never try out of fear of rejection! So remember that…

  • It is normal to get nervous
  • There is no way to overcome it without just doing it
  • Over time, with experience, you will get less nervous.

But until you build up that experience, things will never change. So go for it!

Step 2: The Approach

Approaching women successfully requires you to keep a few different things at the forefront of your mind. First of all, it is important to have your body language under control. Stand up straight, hold your head high, and smile. Don’t be afraid to look her in the eye as you smile. Make confident movements. Don’t act like you’re afraid of her. You are confident and powerful, but also interested and curious. This is how you should act as you approach. Also, get your hands out of your pockets, and don’t fidget!

Step 3: The Opening And Introduction

Introducing yourself to a beautiful woman is really the first direct step in learning how to flirt with girls. Start by introducing yourself, or with some kind of opener. I have a couple of facial piercings. So one of my favorite ways to open with a woman is to talk about that. “Hey, I couldn’t help but notice that you have a lip ring. I like it! Where did you get it?” There are two things to be careful about with introductions though…

  1. You don’t want to over-flatter her
  2. You don’t want to seem over-enthusiastic or over-interested

Keep it casual. Make it fun. Strike up an actual conversation. Some men open with pickup lines. This can work, but personally I find it a bit tacky. But you also want to stand out and be interesting. If you fumble over yourself, smile way too broadly, give too many direct compliments, and/or act sheepishly… she will smell your fear from a mile away, and will realize that she has complete control over the exchange. And that will really turn her off in most cases. Women love the mystery of not quite knowing what you are thinking, especially if they think you’re attractive as well. Either way, make an opening of some kind, and then feel free to introduce yourself. Even better, try to initiate some kind of innocent physical contact… like a handshake. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with this, especially if you can manage to linger and make it a little bit flirty without going too far and making it weird. Note: Remember, flirting is a game of balance! Too much of one thing or the other is never a good thing!

Step 4: How To Flirt With A Girl You Like: Making Conversation

Now comes the actual moment of truth. Walking up and striking up a conversation can be difficult… but you can also prepare for it. What you cannot prepare for is the conversation that will happen after you introduce yourself. Making conversation should appear to be simple, fluent, and easy… even if you’re actually really working to make it seem that way. Of course, some people will have an easier time of this than others. If you are a natural conversationalist, this may come easier to you than it would to someone who struggles with feeling comfortable talking to new people. One way to keep the conversation alive and thriving is to use these tips…

  • Try to pick up on a common interest and ask her about it
  • Resist the urge to talk about yourself… you want to use this opportunity to learn about her
  • Don’t interrogate her! Ask thoughtful questions that require more than a simple yes or no answer
  • Don’t be afraid to share something about yourself as well

Sharing something about yourself, or responding well to something she is choosing to share about herself, is an excellent way to build up intimacy and connection during the conversation. But in order for this to work…

  • You need to be engaged and attentive
  • You need to be looking her in the eyes
  • You need to be interested in what she is saying
  • And you need to make her feel at ease and comfortable
  • If possible, crack a joke and make her laugh

Also, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Having a conversation is part of the fun, so go with it and enjoy it! With time and practice, you will start to pick up on the subtle give-and-take of flirting and conversation. Follow these tips, and you will soon be well on your way!

Step 5: Check Out The Vibes And Make A Plan

At this point, you’ll be well within the conversation. You’ll be learning about her, checking out the vibes, and seeing if you’re genuinely interested. But this is one part where a lot of men struggle to figure out where to go. First of all, remember that you should never act like you are desperate for attention, sex, or a girlfriend. And if you actually are desperate, this is where you need to remain calm and really try to fight the temptation to jump at her like a wild animal. Play it cool. Check out the vibes. Take a moment and ask yourself a few questions.

  • Am I legitimately interested in this person?
  • Am I attracted to her?
  • Is this the kind of person I could see myself being compatible with?

If the answer is no, then there’s no pressure! You can either find a way to politely disengage, or keep chatting and maybe become friends. But if you are interested in her, then it may be time to start making a plan. It is usually impossible to tell from one encounter if someone is actually girlfriend/wife material, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also keep yourself open to the idea. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and make a move now, especially if your goal is casual sex or just to have fun. So, figure out what the best plan is. Are you thinking about trying to hook up with this girl tonight? Then you need to escalate and work toward closing the deal. If you’re just wanting to get a number, there’s a lot less pressure. You still need to escalate and close, but getting a number is generally easier than scoring a hookup. Whatever it is you decide on, make a plan and go from there. You need to feel your way through the conversation, but you also don’t want to jump all over the place and not know what you want to do. As powerful alpha males, we must be decisive and sure of ourselves. You know what you want. You have found meaning in your life, and you are on your own epic quest to make it as excellent and as incredible as you want it! So go after what you want like the fearless warrior you are. (Learn more about the alpha male mindset by looking at The Oath of Kings, my personal alpha-male code!)

What If She Seems Cold, Or The Vibes Don’t Seem Right?

Not every girl is going to be into you. If a woman doesn’t seem to be in the mood to flirt, acts grumpy, acts like she is trying to get away, or otherwise seems to be sending signals that she isn’t interested… then drop it and excuse yourself. You don’t want to pressure anyone or make anyone uncomfortable. On a similar token, you deserve to spend your time and attention on a girl who is into you! So don’t get desperate and chase someone who doesn’t seem into it. You may also run into women who seem to hate men. Learn more about those types of women in this post.

Step 6: Generating Intimacy And Connection

At this point, we are going to assume that you are actually interested in her. Awesome! After engaging in a bit of conversation, the goal now is to start building (and enjoying) the kind of intimacy and connection that flirting and pleasant conversation brings. The goal is to start building up a connection. We are emotional beings, and connecting with one another is really what this is all about. It is this legitimate connection that will give you the greatest odds of actually getting her even more interested in you. Here are some steps for how to build intimacy and connection during your conversation.

  1. Ask thoughtful, thought-provoking questions
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask a personal question… just don’t get so deep that it’s inappropriate
  3. See what types of things she is mentioning, and follow those leads. Women will absolutely let you know what is on their mind, but you need to pick up and follow the thread
  4. Make her feel at ease. When she tells you something personal, respond positively and give her something personal in return. This helps to build intimacy and connection
  5. Be yourself and be confident in yourself. You are not here to prove yourself… you are here to get to know her and see if you are interested in her
  6. Don’t be afraid to challenge her. And when she passes the challenge, let her know that you are impressed… though keep this subtle!
  7. As the energy starts to climb, start escalating and get ready to close.

The ‘energy peak’ of the interaction will come much faster than you realize… especially if you’re having a good time! In fact, once you sense that the energy between you and her is starting to pick up, it will be time to escalate.

Step 7: Escalate

You escalate by bringing more energy to the conversation. This can be done by…

  • Asking more personal questions
  • Displaying a higher level of excitement or attentiveness
  • Drawing physically closer to the girl
  • Flirting more, maintaining more eye contact, making small innuendos, doing a bit of naughty talking, etc.

If the sparks are flying and there is awesome natural chemistry, escalation will often happen on its own. But a lot of men don’t pay close enough attention to it, and they let it fizzle out before they make their move. The best time to make your move (ask for a number, ask a girl on a date, go for the hook up, etc.) is at the height of escalation, when the energy is at its highest. At this point, she will be feeling as good about the encounter as she is going to be feel. It can be difficult to gauge exactly when the height of escalation is, so I usually go by this rule of thumb… When I notice that the conversation has taken a turn, and has gotten hotter and heavier, and when I notice that she seems really interested in what I am saying, I know that I am either at, or very close to, the energy peak of the conversation. That type of flirtatious energy is very strong… but it burns out quickly in most cases unless you continue to escalate. The only problem is that you can only escalate so much… and eventually, the energy will drop. And once it does, your odds of closing go way down… as she will probably be more likely to just want to go home, hang with friends, or find someone new to talk to. As with anything, this also takes practice. You need to pay close attention to the energy levels. If she is…

  • Very engaged in the conversation
  • Either touching you, or responding well to you touching her
  • Sitting or standing very close to you
  • Making eye contact at you and smiling a lot
  • Leaning in toward you when she talks
  • Playing with her hair or jewelry a lot
  • Hanging on your every word
  • Laughing a lot
  • Acting very interested in what you are talking about
  • Answering quickly and excitedly when you ask her questions

Then odds are good that she is feeling some good energy, and things are escalating. This is when you want to seriously think about making your move.

Step 8: Close, And Don’t Chicken Out!

Closing with a woman is no different than taking a shot at anything else in life. You do it with confidence, you give it your best, you stand tall and proud, and you show her that you want this… you expect a yes, and you are not intimidated by her. If you act very sure of yourself and hold yourself with confidence, you will be much more likely to score a number, a date, or even a hookup. Of course, as with all things, closing takes practice to perfect. One thing that I will say is that guys sometimes say a lot of things to try to justify what they are asking for. But don’t do that! It makes you look nervous, and will make her nervous as well. Just put yourself out there, smile at her, and let her say what she is going to say. If you are asking for her number, get out your phone and be very casual. “Well I need to head out, but let me get your number quick…” If you’re looking to ask her on a date, give her a specific plan. Don’t just say “Do you want to hang out sometime?” Instead, say something like… “You know what, I bet you’re fun to bowl with. Want to go bowling with me on Thursday evening?” If you’re going for a hookup, don’t try to explain it and make it sound more innocent than it is. You can be subtle, but that is different from trying to make it sound like something that it isn’t. For example, don’t say… “Would you like to come over to my apartment and just hang out and watch a movie? No pressure, we can just hang out…” That is sending mixed signals. Instead, lean into what you want, and let her know it without ruining the fun of the ‘mystery.’ “Hey… want to head back to my place? It’s getting late, and I have a pretty comfy bed we can try out…” Girls love it when you keep things a little bit mysterious. But they also want clear signals. So you need to practice balancing these two very important things.

Step 9: Whether You Close Or Not, Make Your Move Or Your Exit At The ‘Energy Peak’

One of the first dates I ever went on as a teenager was to a little Mexican restaurant in my hometown. It was the ‘fancy place’ to go. I asked a girl I worked with if she wanted to have dinner with me. She was very religious and asked if lunch would be alright, since her family wouldn’t approve of her meeting after dark. I agreed, ecstatic that I had just scored a date! Well, needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing. We met, ordered, food, and ate. And then we talked… and talked… and talked. At first it was a bit awkward, but it was fine. There was some great conversation for about twenty minutes or so… but then things started to go downhill. The conversation just started to get stale. Panicking, I tried my best to keep her engaged and interested. I asked her anything I could think of. I tried to make her laugh, I tried to flirt, I asked her questions and listened to the answers… but despite everything I tried, things just seemed to grow more stale. Finally, after about an hour, she excused herself to go to the restroom. Once she left, I sighed in despair. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t she find me interesting? I made a lot of mistakes that day. But one of the biggest mistakes I made was that I didn’t leave it on the high note. Women are very attuned to the energy they feel when talking and flirting with someone. They love that energy. But if they feel it die down before they’ve built up a strong-enough connection, they will likely start to get second thoughts. Or worse… they might get bored. Had I paid for the meal and excused myself after twenty minutes, right after we got done eating, the date might not have gone so badly… and I may have even gotten a second one! But as it was, I blew past that point by about 40 minutes… more than enough time to make her bored of the encounter twice over! Besides, there was no escalation or closing either. I had no idea what to do. You live and you learn. But the lesson here is pretty clear. Don’t overstay your welcome. Disengage at the energy peak. Leave her wanting more, end of story. Overstaying your welcome shouldn’t happen until you move-in together! And even then… you should try to keep it from happening!

In Conclusion

Flirting is a skill. And like any other skill, it can be learned. You may have some natural game to help you out. But most men need practice to perfect this skill. So do your best to look for opportunities to flirt with beautiful women as you go about your day. Learn how to approach, what to say, what works well, and what doesn’t. Learn to gauge the appropriate times to introduce yourself, and when it is best to just move on and let things be. Learn to read the ebbs and flows of conversations, to pay attention to energy levels, and to keep track of how things are going so that you’ll know what to do next. And last, but definitely not least… have fun! Don’t overthink it. Practice, but don’t succumb to the temptation that you need to change who you are to attract beautiful women. With a few little adjustments and a healthy dose of self-awareness, you would be surprised at how easy it can be to learn how to flirt with girls, have a good time, escalate, and close without making it awkward! And that, my friends, is the key. Do it because you love it. That’s what it’s all about. Until next time, go with grace… be well… and NEVER give up your power! Joshua K. Sigafus A very cute looking girl Flirting with women can leave some men baffled. The problem is that they have absolutely no idea how to flirt with a girl. Usually these guys just stumble into the interaction hoping for the best. Of course, this will more often than not backfire and just create uncomfortable social situations. That’s why guys like this should learn how to flirt with women. So, here are 7 tips on flirting with women that might help you out. If you follow them, you will definitely improve your interactions with the opposite sex. Again, these are very basic tips, if you want to learn more advanced stuff, check out Rules of the Alpha Male.

7 Tips on Flirting

1. Know what you are doing. If you don’t know what the hell you are doing, you attempts to flirt with a woman will just create awkward situations. Beautiful women get hit on a lot, so naturally they have experiences with flirting. They know that most men will use the same basic routines that are repetitive and boring. This means that if you differentiate yourself from other men, you will have a better chance to build attraction. So, if you learn the correct way to flirt with a woman, you will make a real difference. In her eyes, this will make you very different from other men who have no idea what they are doing and just create embarrassing situations that could have been easily avoided. 2. Be a good communicator. If you lack the needed social skills, you can’t turn a woman on. Women like people with whom they can connect and who make them comfortable. This means that men who can make them feel at home wherever they are, will have a massive advantage over other guys. Being a good communicator also means that you are always the one who is leading the conversation in the desired direction – the direction you want. You are the one who makes the conversation fun and interesting. Also, it’s always important to make her comfortable enough to open up and get her talking about the things she loves. If you want to become a better conversationalist then here is a course that can teach you the needed skills: Say Hello. 3. Make her laugh. While we are still on the subject of conversation, one major requirement in flirt with a woman is to be funny. Yeah I know, this one is too obvious, but some guys still forget that flirting has to be fun. No, not by telling awkward jokes! I mean, something that will make her laugh and keep her smiling. Funny experiences you’ve had and light bantering are just two things that can make a real difference. Avoid sexual jokes (especially in the beginning) and toilet humor so you won’t look like a creep. Also, never make yourself look like a clown by making jokes at your own expense. She should be laughing with you and not over you! 4. Touch her gently. The ultimate purpose of flirting is to build attraction between the two of you. However, if there is no touching, there is hardly any attraction! Gently touching her while you talk, will make a lasting impression on her. If she loosens up while you touch her, she is probably comfortable with you and will start to touch you back. Touch her without making it look so painfully obvious. If she sees that you are trying desperately to touch her, she will reject your advances. When you touch her, make it playful and fun. Make it look like it’s the most natural thing to you. 5. Be confident and show it. Confidence is the key. Knowing that she is looking throughout the whole interaction for indicators of confidence is already half the battle. Staying confident is the other half. If you manage to do that, you will demonstrate it through your body language, the way you carry yourself and the way you talk to her. Also, it’s crucial to hold eye contact with her. If you can’t look a woman in the eyes and let your own eyes nervously wander around, she will know you are not alpha material and will not respond so favorably to your advances. Holding strong eye contact is so important, that you could actually flirt with a woman by only using your eyes. 6. Banter with her. It is all about making yourself different from the rest. That’s why joking around and teasing is such a good way to flirt with a girl. Women love to banter with men who know how to make them laugh at the same time. Bantering, if done right, also builds up sexual tension between a man and a woman. Just one warning here, don’t go too far with this, otherwise she might think you are mocking her and lose interest. 7. Always have a positive mindset. No matter what, having a positive mindset is a must when you flirt. Keep in mind that flirting is supposed to be a fun activity and if you always move your interactions into that direction, you will have a bigger chance of building attraction with a woman.

Going Beyond Flirting

Always assuming the best result is a great way to flirt. Well, actually it’s a great way to live! I hope you can take something away from these 7 basic tips. If you have decided to learn more about flirting, building attraction and how to behave when interacting with the opposite sex, then check out the course Rules of the Alpha Male. It’s packed with valuable advice on how to make yourself an attractive man and live the lifestyle of one. Couple looking at screen In This Article

  • What does an alpha male want in a woman?
  • What will cause an alpha male to fall in love?
  • What does an alpha male do to make a relationship special?
  • What does an alpha male do when pursuing a woman?
  • Final thoughts

You might know an alpha male and wonder how an alpha male pursues a woman, but usually, there’s little effort or need for pursuit. And that’s not him being egotistical or arrogant; it’s just not usually his way nor a need for this gentleman. Generally, alpha males have people pursuing them and have their share of mates to select from. Still, when they find someone of interest who might not be so forthcoming in their stance, this man doesn’t come on too strong. Alpha males usually don’t want the other person to feel uneasy but to recognize he’s unlike other men with an approach that is somewhat rudimentary, not grand as you might anticipate. An alpha male’s secret, if you will, is that he prefers to remain in control of his emotions. This allows the perception of strength and confidence while displaying an air of chivalry and protectiveness that potential partners are automatically drawn to. Learn about the alpha male and his characteristics in the “Supreme Alpha Male Bible” book.

What does an alpha male want in a woman?

Man hugging woman on back What makes alpha males fall in love primarily is a partner who presents themself as a patient and loyal companion. When the man finds an individual who displays these qualities, he will be drawn to them. The man will then display how an alpha male pursues a woman to his admirers. But the alpha male will require time to fall in love, thus patience. They search for the right individual who can offer an opinion and challenge their intellect, show strength, all while having the ability to seduce them. The male enjoys a person who carries themself with confidence. He has more of a desire to pursue the individual that displays a bit of “chutzpa” over a person opposite his character or a character more generic. A strong sense of self combined with maturity and inner strength is a good combination for this man who thrives with someone who looks at the world with a positive approach.

What will cause an alpha male to fall in love?

It can be challenging if you’re trying to discern how to get an alpha male to chase you when interested potential partners typically surround these men. For one thing, most women who are confident enough for an alpha male don’t worry about the man pursuing them. That’s what will attract the men. They will see this security and find it intriguing, desiring to learn more. An alpha male likes to take time to fall in love and will require certain patience as they grow towards those feelings. The man needs to find a balance and stability for their powerful personality. There is a misperception that the alpha male prefers someone opposite to their personality. Instead, he prefers an individual who can understand what makes him who he is and be able to handle those strengths. When the gentleman finds the person with these qualities, he will begin his journey to falling in love. Check this video on how a potential mate can tell your alpha:

What does an alpha male do to make a relationship special?

When an alpha male decides the person they’re with is the right partner, they will allow themselves to fall in love. The man is not above spoiling their partner with lavish gifts and ensuring that their mate doesn’t have a desire that is not met. When he has found the one, the alpha male energy allows him to do what he can to ensure optimum contentment and happiness. There will always be quality time with extravagant dates and spontaneous vacations. An alpha male’s partner will become almost an obsession for the man, but the woman can rest assured his love is pure and directed at who she is as a person. You can learn more details about the alpha male with this research.

What does an alpha male do when pursuing a woman?

Man kissing woman Men and women are drawn to an alpha male’s charisma, energy, and strength of character. The alpha male is someone you can spot wherever you go. Generally, this person is surrounded by people attempting to sway interest in their direction. There is no problem in attracting desire though there’s minimal effort, merely the alpha male energy. Is there a specific strategy that others can mimic? What tactic should the average person follow to acquire similar results? How does a man similarly pursue a woman to the alpha male? Let’s look at how the gentleman does it.

1. The first move is his

When an alpha male likes someone, he will let that be known. He knows when he desires something and will fully understand the partner he wants. When he finds someone he genuinely likes, he’ll have no doubts and be secure in making a move initially. How does an alpha male pursue a woman with confidence of choice? The man has no fear of rejection because he recognizes it doesn’t define his character or diminish his self-worth. Still, there will rarely be a rejection for him to ponder.

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2. He makes her feel safe

Despite their strength and confidence, there is no arrogance or egotistical nature. These are kind men, and nice guys are not always last. When considering how to pursue a woman, the alpha male’s priority is to ensure that she feels at ease and optimally respected. The man doesn’t feel a need to play games or act in the role of the dangerous guy that many partners tend to favor. The alpha is comfortable with his identity and more concerned with treating his mate nicely. If you need to know how an alpha male pursues a woman, he reflects on the gentleman and avoids the rebel. There is also a sense of protection. Whether together or apart, the alpha male wants to ensure his significant other is okay. You’ll recognize signs that an alpha male likes you when he constantly checks your safety without being overbearing.

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3. He will seduce

When you pursue a woman in the same vein as an alpha male, you need to be predominantly seductive. These men are incredibly flirty but not with every person they come in contact with – because they don’t need to be. These guys don’t need to validate themselves by charming the masses. He does recognize the importance of keeping a relationship passionate and allowing for an air of mystery to fan the flame. The man will not play games. That’s not part of his repertoire. You’ll learn how an alpha male pursues a woman he’s interested in through seduction and flirtation. He highlights his masculinity and assertiveness without showing aggressiveness.

4. He is a true gentleman

Chivalry is not dead when it comes to the alpha male. Men who pursue women have the misperception that women no longer enjoy gentlemanly behavior, which couldn’t be further from the truth for the most part. Treating with care and respect is universal; it’s kind and feels good for everyone. For the alpha male, walking someone home after a date or accompanying them to the door after driving home is part of ensuring safety and being a gentleman; plus, it’s a kind human gesture.

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5. He is never cold

If you want to learn how to be an alpha male with a woman, it’s essential not to be aloof. A potential partner needs to recognize that you like them the way they like you. An alpha male has no qualms with showing a woman he needs her. Confidence doesn’t equate to arrogance. Even confident people enjoy being appreciated, particularly with the individual they’re romantically involved with. He wants to hear his mate’s thoughts and feel support and admiration from them.

6. He is a dominant man

When discerning how to keep an alpha male interested, a woman must be open about what she wants. These men take the lead with every component of their life. There’s never a moment they wait for someone to handle any particular situation, nor do they follow someone else’s lead. They take charge, as is true in their pursuit of women. That doesn’t mean he prefers a woman who will merely follow his lead. But he will try to make the things she wants to happen.

7. He can be vulnerable

Woman kissing man If you want to know how to spot an alpha male, typically, you’ll recognize this person from the individual eluding the power in the room. He will elicit the strength of character and confidence surrounded by a group of people. But he could fool you because aside from these things, the alpha male is also a human capable of vulnerabilities. That means he will have weaknesses. There will be insecurities and fears that they might not make known to the average person but to the person he loves.

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8. The alpha male can be jealous but not overly so

The alpha male, as mentioned, has a strength of character and knows his value. Still, he cares. If he didn’t, there would be no reason to feel jealousy. But any feelings of love will bring with them a bit of jealousy or insecurity. For those trying to discern how an alpha male pursues a woman, he does so with subtlety and disallows the slightest negativity from growing out of control.

9. Commitment is not a problem for the alpha male

An alpha male pursues a woman with the future in mind. There is no commitment phobia for this man who becomes interested in someone because he sees potential for the two as a couple. The man didn’t get where he is currently without planning, persistence, or working hard. This is how he lives his life to achieve his goal. There is no desire to waste time on pursuits he’s uncertain of. He’ll have no issue with discussing the future inclusive of his new partner.

10. Respect is a two-way street

In the same vein, as the alpha male likes to be supported, appreciated, and admired, he wants a partner that will walk by his side. The woman needs to discuss what’s important in her life and the goals she has set for herself. The man can then, in turn, show optimum respect and appreciation for her dreams.

11. Protection is vital to the alpha male

The alpha male is not the dangerous guy, not one to start a brawl, but instead a kind person. That doesn’t mean he isn’t protective. This gentleman will always stand up for his partner. A significant other can feel confident that they can turn to the guy when needed. How does an alpha male pursue a woman chivalrously? When they go out or even when they’re apart, the alpha male will ensure his mate is safe. After all, he doesn’t want harm to come to them because he cares. He wants to let them know someone is there for them.

Final thoughts

As alpha as this man is, he’s incredibly kind and considerate, a gentleman. Chivalry is not always appreciated, but it needs to be looked at with a different mindset than most people consider the concept. It’s more of kindness that we all share as humans than about submissiveness. It’s about caring about each other. And that’s what the alpha male is saying to their partner with their gestures, protection, and pursuits, they care.

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