How to stretch a shirt

Dry fit shirts are popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts since they wick perspiration away from the body, keeping you cool and comfy. Over time, this clothing can lose its elasticity and appear and feel a bit too tight. To stretch your Dri-Fit shirt, you need to wash and rinse it first. When you’re finished,

How to string pearls

November 2018 Is your string of pearls starting to look… stringy? There’s nothing as sad as a row of pearls that need some attention, and a snapped string could mean the loss of some precious gems from your string. When to Restring Your Pearls Sometimes you’ve had a string of pearls for so long, you’ve

How to dress in egypt as a woman

Dreaming of a trip to Egypt to see the Pyramids of Giza and discover all the wonders of Cairo and the surrounding areas? I would highly recommend learning about Egyptian history before going and researching cultural norms before your trip, in fact, here are my tips for traveling in Egypt to help you plan. One

How to make a jacket out of jeans

As a designer and seamstress, I love making original looks that you can’t buy online. I prefer to redesign garments into interesting street style look like this pair of jeans into a jacket. I got a lot of interest when I shared this on Instagram so I decided to create a tutorial. For this DIY

How to wear flat caps

Ever doubted that you can pull off a flat cap? We’re here to put your concerns to rest and show that you can’t go wrong with a cap that survived 400 years of trends and is still thriving. Fashion trends come and go. How many guys do you see walking around in top hats? Trends

How to keep your underwear from showing

Call ’em VPL (visible panty lines), panty lines, panties line, or panties lines — whatever the name, they’re the indentations caused by underwear that show through your clothes. Basically, onlookers can see some or all of the outline of your undergarments. And depending on the fit and construction of your undies and the pants over