In recent years, origami has seen a great increase in popularity, mostly due to its relative ease. While there are several things you can make with origami, in this article, we will be walking you through how to use origami techniques to build a table and chair. However, before you begin your origami table and chair, make sure to grab three pieces of origami paper, a pen, and some glue. EasyOrigamiTableandChairPaperProject01

Make a Diamond with Your Paper

Grab a piece of 15x15cm origami paper and fold it in half twice. Essentially, your paper should be a third of its original length. After this, unfold it once so that your paper now has a line in the middle that should act as a guide. Next, we will begin to create our diamond. To make this easier you should visualize your paper as a book cover that can be flipped on its outer corner. Grab both the top and bottom outer corner and pull it towards your guideline, making a triangle shape but make sure that you only use the first layer. Repeat this step for the other corner, then flip your rectangle. You should still have two corners that have not yet been folded so grab these and pull them towards your guideline. This means that you would have made six triangles at this point, leaving you with a diamond-shaped piece of paper. EasyOrigamiTableandChairPaperProject02

Complete Your Origami Table

Your diamond should have two separatable flaps. Pull them away from each other till they are flat against both sides of your paper. Your origami should now look like half of a diamond. Push against the slanted edges until it is vertical, allowing your paper to stand on its own. Your table is now complete. EasyOrigamiTableandChairPaperProject03

Create a Crate

Take each corner of a 10x10cm piece of paper and fold each neatly into a triangle. Your paper should look like it has an “X” in the middle. Open two of the triangles you made while creating a rectangular fold that will cover the other two triangles. Fold the open edges until your paper forms the shape of a crate. EasyOrigamiTableandChairPaperProject04

Create Your Drawer

Mark where your crate aligns horizontally and vertically on a piece of 3.5x12cm paper. Next, fold along these markings till you create a hollow rectangle. Your paper should have a bit of overlap that you can use a piece of glue to join. Your crate from the earlier step should be able to fit into your hollow rectangle. So, this will act as a drawer for your table. EasyOrigamiTableandChairPaperProject05

Create Your Origami Chair

You will need to fold a 9x16cm piece of paper in half. Take the bottom edge and fold it in three, just as you did in step one. However, you will need to only fold the first half once. Turn your paper so that it is horizontal and fold it into a square, this should have a “+” in the middle with two loose corners at the bottom. Pull these corners to form a triangle where you can tuck any loose edges. Essentially, your paper should have gained the shape of a funnel. Now, you are almost done. Simply place your hand in the funnel and push against it till its edges are vertical, giving your paper the shape of a chair.

Final Thoughts

The best part about origami is that you can always unfold and begin again. So, if you did not get any of these steps, we suggest that you give it another go. You can also check out the video to help you visualize the structures that you are creating. For more DIY’s by World Of Art And Craft make sure to check out their Youtube Channel. It has tons of creative crafts that we are sure you are going to love. Easy-Origami-Table-and-Chair-Paper-Project---PaperPapers-Blog 1 Easy-Origami-Table-and-Chair-Paper-Project---PaperPapers-Blog 2 Easy-Origami-Table-and-Chair-Paper-Project---PaperPapers-Blog 3 Easy-Origami-Table-and-Chair-Paper-Project---PaperPapers-Blog 4 Easy-Origami-Table-and-Chair-Paper-Project---PaperPapers-Blog 5 This origami chair is a cute one for kids. It is fairly easy but younger kids may need the help of a parent or adult to fold it. You may also want to fold an origami table to complement your origami chairs.
Made this origami? Comment and Submit your photo using the comment box at the end of this page! Origami Chair Step 1: Start with a 6 inch (15cm) square origami paper, color side down. origami-chair-step-1 Origami Chair Step 2: Fold it in half on the vertical axis. Crease well and unfold. origami-chair-step-2 Origami Chair Step 3: Now fold both the right and left sides to meet the center crease. Crease well and unfold. origami-chair-step-3 origami-chair-step-3 Origami Chair Step 4: You should see that the paper is divided into 4 sections. Use a scissors and cut of one section. We will work with the remaining 3 sections only. origami-chair-step-4 origami-chair-step-4 Origami Chair Step 5: Fold the paper in half along the horizontal axis, bringing the top edge down to line up with the bottom edge. Crease well. origami-chair-step-5 Origami Chair Step 6: Fold the top right corner to meet the 1st vertical vertical line. Crease well. origami-chair-step-6 Origami Chair Step 7: Repeat for the left corner. origami-chair-step-7 Origami Chair Step 8: We now need to do a squash fold. Starting with the right corner, unfold the crease you just made. Open the paper slightly and then squash it down to form a triangle. origami-chair-step-8 origami-chair-step-8 origami-chair-step-8 Origami Chair Step 9: Repeat and make a squash fold on the left side. origami-chair-step-9 origami-chair-step-9 Origami Chair Step 10: Now fold the center flap up to meet the top edge. origami-chair-step-10 origami-chair-step-10 Origami Chair Step 11: Fold the right side over to the left. Crease well and unfold. origami-chair-step-11 origami-chair-step-11 Origami Chair Step 12: Fold the left side over to the right. Crease well and unfold. origami-chair-step-12 origami-chair-step-12 Origami Chair Step 13: Your origami chair is taking shape and can now stand on its own! origami-chair-step-13 Origami Chair Step 14: Now bring the seat down. origami-chair-step-14 origami-chair-step-14 and your origami chair is complete! origami-chair From reader in Gainsville » I just made a cute little chair. It was 1/10* of a centimeter.» The tiniest origami chair we’ve seen so far!! origami-chair From Sydney in Stoney Creek »
I was watching new moon the twilight saga and in the dark i made two big chairs and about seven tiny ones!!» Thanks for your big and 7 dwarf chairs, Sydney! origami-chair From Gabby in New York »
This was my first time making this origami chair. It was actually very very simple.
» origami-chair From reader in Brighouse: origami-chair From Pearl in Kirkcaldy: origami-chair From reader in Titusville: origami-chair From reader in London »
This is a origami chair that i made from reading these instructions but found it too easy so made it a bit better! Look!
» origami-chair From Gaanashri in Bangalore: origami-chair From Ishan in Brampton: origami-chair From Andrei in Cavite: origami-chair From Angelina in Reno »
An origami table, with two chairs!
» Looks like you’re ready for a tea party! origami-chair From Anthony in Ardrishaig »
it is the the smallest oragami ive ever seen it is .5cm by .5cm!! imposible to see so i had to zoom in to see the basic outlined folds.» From Wen Wen in Sarawak Malaysia: origami-chair From Mildred in Kavala, Greece »
origami chair. i reinforced with a little sticky tape.
» origami-chair From Tyler in Gurnee: origami-chair From Rashmi in Nagpur «Origami Chair»: origami-chair From Dulfiqar in Baghdad «I was watching tv in bed when Imade 1 big origami chair and 1 medium chair and 2 small chairs and I even made a couch. I still don’t know how I made that couch.» origami-chair From Alex in Cullowhee »
Origami lunch with table, chairs, and cup
origami-chair From Madeleine in Newberg »
here is my origami table! plus 3 chairs, a piano, and 3 origami cups. i looooooooove this website!!!!!!!!!
» origami-chair From reader in London »
i found the chair easy so i thought i would make it a bit harder
» origami-chair From reader in Lagrange »
First attempt at Origami Chair and Organizing Box. Both made of white copy paper with a little color added. I found your site because I wanted to fold a note in an origami shape the first shape I tried was the chair and then I moved to the box. I love them both and the easy instructions of the site. Thanks so much
» origami-chair From reader in Sheffield »
I made a super tiny origami piano and chair set using your website instructions.
» origami-chair From reader in Australia: origami-chair
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