Finding Chansey in Pokemon Sword and Shield can be a little tricky, so find out how you can add this caring creature to your party with our handy location guide. Chansey is one of the few Gen 1 Pokemon that made a return to Pokemon Sword and Shield. This normal-type ‘mon remains a popular pick for those looking to sponge incoming damage and support their team with lethal trap/status setups. In fact, it’s fully-evolved form, Blissey remains a staple in competitive battles. This bulky creature can prove extremely useful in most teams, no matter the party dynamic. Not only does the iconic Pokemon have access to a variety of elemental status effects and Stealth Rock traps, but it can also effectively heal any damage with Soft-Boiled. Both Chansey and its evolved form serve as great defensive walls that can tank many a hit, while also dishing out some decent damage. Make sure to follow our guide below to find out how you can add this kind-hearted Pokemon to your team.

Where to find Chansey in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Game Freak / Pokemon Company Chansey can be found roaming around numerous locations in the Isle of Armor expansion. If you only have the base game of Sword and Shield, then you’ll need to rely on Max Raid Battles or Transfer from Pokémon HOME. You can even trade with players who have the expansion pass, should you not have access to the Isle of Armor region. Of course, if you do have the Isle of Armor DLC, then you can find Chansey roaming around the following areas: Fields of Honor, Soothing Wetlands, Forest of Focus, Challenge Beach, Brawlers’ Cave, Challenge Road, Courageous Cavern, Loop Lagoon, Training Lowlands, Warm-Up Tunnel, Potbottom Desert, Workout Sea, Stepping-Stone Sea, and Honeycalm Island.

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Chansey has a 2% chance of appearing in the above locations during any weather conditions except fog, so there’s plenty of variety when it comes to tracking down this critter. Even if you fail to catch Chansey, you can simply fly to another location and try your luck at another spot. However, if you wish to save time and don’t want to fly between multiple locations, then you can always reset the game’s date and time settings. To do this, hit the HOME button and head over to the Switch system menu. From here, you’ll be able to access the date and time settings. Once you’ve selected this option, simply advance the date by one day and then head back over to the game. The weather should begin to change and a new Chansey will appear in the overworld.

Max Raid Battles

  • Fields of Honor
  • Soothing Wetlands
  • Forest of Focus
  • Challenge Beach
  • Brawlers’ Cave
  • Challenge Road
  • Courageous Cavern
  • Loop Lagoon
  • Training Lowlands
  • Potbottom Desert
  • Workout Sea
  • Stepping-Stone Sea
  • insular sea
  • Honeycalm Sea
  • Honeycalm Island

Catching Chansey

Game Freak / Pokemon Company Chansey’s overall bulk can make catching this Pokemon rather difficult. Chansey may appear in a lot of locations, but the 2% spawn rate can make locating one in the wild a little tricky. Therefore, you’ll want to be especially careful when battling to avoid any frustrating KOs or failed captures. To make matters worse, Chansey only has a 30% capture rate, making it one of the more difficult ‘mons to add to your Pokedex. As a result, you’ll want to teach a Pokemon False Swipe. This normal-type move will leave any Pokemon at 1 HP, giving you near-guaranteed success when capturing Chansey. Of course, cutting through this Pokemon’s defense may take a while, so make sure you use any immobilizing status effect to avoid taking large amounts of damage.

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While Chansey’s defensive stats may be incredibly high, it’s still important to remember its weaknesses. Avoid using any fighting-type moves as these attacks are super effective and can lead to an instant KO.

How to evolve Chansey

The Pokemon Company Blissey is one of the tankiest Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Blissey is one of the tankiest Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Unlike most Pokemon, Chansey requires special conditions to be met before it will evolve. In order to evolve Chansey, you’ll need to raise its happiness level up to 220. To do this, you’ll simply give Chansey the Soothe Bell. This handy item will increase the holder’s friendship and will make this process much quicker. Next, you’ll want to head on over to your Camp. It’s here where you can both cook and play with your Pokemon. Doing this will increase Chansey’s happiness, while the Soothe Bell will help amplify this level even further. Of course, if you don’t want to raise happiness this way, you can always feed Chansey friendship raising berries instead. Once you’ve raised this stat to a high enough level, your Chansey will evolve into Blissey upon leveling up. It may take a little time to achieve, but this Pokemon is well worth the wait. If you’re looking for more Pokemon Isle of Armor guides, head over to @PokemonSwordNS for all the latest news and information.

Chansey and Blissey are great additions to any team.

Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-and-Shining-Pearl-Happini Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey are great additions to any team in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but these Pokemon have certain requirements that must be met in order for them to evolve. Most players will end up with a Happiny from an egg received from a hiker on Route 209. Once the egg hatches, however, most people don’t know how to get Happiny to evolve. Here’s how to make Happiny evolve into Chansey and Blissey in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Evolve Happiny into Chansey in Pokemon BDSP

In order to make Happiny evolve into Chansey, you have to level it up during the daytime while it’s holding an Oval Stone. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl use the real-world clock for in-game time, so you’ll have to level Happiny up when it’s actually daytime in your region. There’s no minimum level for Happiny’s evolution, so you can make it evolve at any level as long as the conditions are met. Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-and-Shining-Pearl-Chansey

Oval Stone Locations in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

There are three ways to obtain an Oval Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The first and easiest method is to pick one up from the Lost Tower on Route 209 south of Solaceon Town. You can find it on the second floor near the youngster. Wild Happiny have a 5% chance to be holding an Oval Stone, so you can also just catch as many as you can until you get the stone. You can only catch Happiny in the wild in the Trophy Garden, but the Pokemon present there change daily. Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-and-Shining-Pearl-Oval-Stone Finally, the third method of obtaining an Oval Stone is via the Grand Underground. You can find Oval Stones and other rare items in the Grand Underground, and there’s a hiker underneath Twinleaf Town that will trade you some. To recap, here’s how to get an Oval Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

  • Find one in the Lost Tower on Route 209
  • Catch a Wild Happiny that is already holding one
  • Find one in the Grand Underground

How to Evolve Chansey into Blissey in Pokemon BDSP

Once you have a Chansey on your team, you can evolve it into Blissey by meeting one specific condition. You have to reach the maximum friendship level with your Chansey before it will evolve into Blissey. Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-and-Shining-Pearl-Blissey As long as your Chansey has maximum friendship, it will automatically evolve into Blissey the next time it levels up. Just like Happiny evolving into Chansey, there is no minimum level requirement for Chansey to evolve into Blissey. You can check Chansey’s friendship level using the friendship Poketch app, which can be obtained by speaking to a woman inside the Eterna City Pokemon Center. To increase friendship, you can give Chansey a Soothe Bell and get a massage in Veilstone City. Massages are offered in the southwestern building of Veilstone City. The easiest way to increase friendship is just to use your Pokemon in battle frequently, though. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are available now on Nintendo Switch. More on Attack of the Fanboy : Attack of the Fanboy / GAME GUIDES / How to Evolve Happiny into Chansey and Blissey in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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