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5 Disco Outfits Ideas The infamous demolition of Chicago’s Comiskey Park in 1979 marked the sudden death of disco. Collectively stamped out by the public, the happy-go-lucky attitude that pervaded song after song was seen as egotistical and not in-tune with the social reform at the time. Despite its widespread backlash, the 2020s saw a bizarre resurgence of disco thanks to the pandemic. We ditched our skinny jeans and Ed Hardy T-shirts to make way for the revival of disco. Today, it’s considered charming to don bell-bottoms, go-go boots, and denim jumpsuits. Want to go back to the glory days? If so, I’ve rounded up a few disco outfit ideas for you. My top-five list of OOTDs may or may not include:

  • Disco party outfit ideas
  • Cute disco outfit ideas
  • 70s disco outfit ideas
  • Men’s disco outfit ideas
  • Disco cowgirl outfit ideas

What Makes Up A Disco Outfit?

5 Disco Outfits Ideas A classic disco outfit pays tribute to ‘60s and ‘70s fashion trends. This includes wearing clothing pieces such as nylon jumpsuits, platform boots, and halter tops. The fit and flare silhouette was highly sought after, as most trendsetters preferred to accentuate their waistline. It was also a time when color and pattern were highly celebrated, so I don’t recommend sticking to neutral tones and natural shades here.

History Of Disco

5 Disco Outfits Ideas Despite its slow beginnings, disco played an important role in unifying the gay, black, and Latino community in the Western hemisphere. Disco was mainly played by DJs in underground clubs, which were crucial in forming that distinct sound that the musical genre is known for. Borrowing influences from Motown, funk, soul, and salsa, disco became the newest fad for many dancers and singers. Naturally, music also has a way of affecting fashion, as the late ‘60s and ‘70s saw a spike in disco outfit ideas.

What Are Some Popular Disco Outfit Ideas?

5 Disco Outfits Ideas The iconic disco-themed outfit is rarely shy in aesthetic. The ‘60s and ‘70s celebrated color, pattern, and diversity. With that in mind, it would seem like a missed opportunity to only focus on neutral tones and traditional silhouettes. If you’re in need of some inspo, I’ll share a few popular disco outfit ideas to consider.

28 Disco Outfit Ideas

#1 5 Disco Outfits Ideas Perfect for party-goers, this ‘disco outfit ideas’ contender features a cute mini dress. It’s definitely far from simple, as it has a feather trim on the sleeves and an interesting oil spill pattern from top to bottom. Accentuated with platform heels, this is the ideal OOTD for clubbing or birthdays. #2: 5 Disco Outfits Ideas Emblematic of the flower power movement of the 1960s, this ‘disco outfit ideas’ option will definitely get you nostalgic for Jefferson Airplane. The floral mini dress paired with the thigh-high white socks keeps things light and fresh, in case you’re not a fan of rock-based fashion. #3: 5 Disco Outfits Ideas If you love Western fashion and the disco scene equally, why not combine the two? This bright ensemble features a pair of sparkly bell-bottoms, a white blouse, and a funky pink cowboy hat for a pop of color. Considered one of the bolder looks in my disco outfit ideas lineup, this is the OOTD to don when you’re feeling extra. #4: 5 Disco Outfits Ideas This modern disco party outfit features a bright orange jumpsuit with a decorative belt. High-waisted in silhouette, it pays tribute to the fashion trends of the time while still keeping true to contemporary style. #5: 5 Disco Outfits Ideas Not a fan of bright colors? If so, no worries—you can still partake in the disco scene. This sophisticated number is comprised of pleated trousers, a brown jacket, and a white turtleneck to help even things out. It’s a great ‘80s disco outfit to consider if you require something a bit more professional. #6: Disco Outfit Ideas #7: Disco Outfit Ideas #8: Disco Outfit Ideas #9: Disco Outfit Ideas #10: Disco Outfit Ideas #11: Disco Outfit Ideas #12: Disco Outfit Ideas #13: Disco Outfit Ideas #14: Disco Outfit Ideas #15: Disco Outfit Ideas #16: Disco Outfit Ideas #17: Disco Outfit Ideas #18: Disco Outfit Ideas #19: Disco Outfit Ideas #20: Disco Outfit Ideas #21: Disco Outfit Ideas #22: Disco Outfit Ideas #23: Disco Outfit Ideas #24: Disco Outfit Ideas #25: Disco Outfit Ideas #26: Disco Outfit Ideas #27: Disco Outfit Ideas #28: Disco Outfit Ideas

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Disco Outfits

5 Disco Outfits Ideas The inevitable death of disco led to the end of many controversial trends. We should be thankful, right? But due to the resurgence of ’60s and ’70s fads in the last couple of years, a few ugly looks have managed to seep through. Below, I’ll share some fashion tips to avoid with disco outfit ideas.

  1. Costumes: There’s a clear difference between wearable fashion and cosplay. As a general rule of thumb, I don’t recommend getting your disco outfit at Party City.
  2. Low button-up tops: Typically worn by men, this controversial trend can easily be remedied by doing up a few more buttons.
  3. Clogs: They’ve made a significant comeback over the years, but I’m not convinced of their staying power. Trust me, you’re better off wearing platform boots instead.

Best Places To Buy Disco Outfits

5 Disco Outfits Ideas After viewing multiple disco outfit ideas on the internet, you’re probably in need of a few store recommendations. Here are some fantastic retailers you can check out:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • Free People
  • Nasty Gal
  • Alice McCall
  • House of Sunny

Final Thoughts

5 Disco Outfits Ideas Compared to other core aesthetics, disco is a trend that allows you to have fun with your outfit. It’s a vibe that encourages color, creativity, and experimentation. After viewing the five disco outfit ideas I’ve featured, here’s to hoping that you’ve gathered enough inspiration to form your own ensemble. Looking for more outfit ideas? We’ve got you covered: 5 ‘80s Outfit Ideas 5 ‘90s Outfit Ideas 5 Carnival Outfit Ideas

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From trendy shorts to sexy minis, here are the top tips on what to wear to a disco party. Plus loads of pics for inspirations! 3e What to Wear to a Disco Party Nightclub Fashion Ideas Disco fashion is all about trendy and/or daring styles that put you in the party mode, accentuate your best parts and reflect the lights well. There is no set dress code for night-outs, but the common trends when you’re looking for what to wear to a disco party are sequin dresses, shorts, minis or something similarly contemporary, paired with a clutch and smokey-eye makeup. If the disco party is all-out 70s themed disco style, then you wanna go for shiny fabrics, bell-bottoms or cat-suit, paired with red lipstick and curly hairstyle! what to wear to a disco party 4 Many of the disco parties have so many dress code rules that you have to follow through. However, most party-hosts welcome party or night-out attire as long as it’s comfortable and deem it fit to go with to a disco party. So if you’re going to a disco party, check with your host to understand the dress code, as some feel that regular smart-casuals do not flow with the atmosphere they aim to create. For the men, floral shirts, button-ups, leather jackets or printed shirts will work. They can all look great, depending on how you wear them – either fitting or flashy will work well for such a night. Leather shoes are most comfortable and stylish and a modest amount of perfume is best for people to be comfortable around you. For the ladies, always have a gold heel or shiny high heel that blends in with your outfit and a smoky eye or glitter makeup sets a disco party mood. Disco is a place to indulge in fun, laughter and dance with friends and a certain type of attire is appropriate for such an environment. So we’ve put together loads of ideas for you on what to wear to a disco, from common nightclub styles to casual ones.

Night Out Fashion Ideas & What to Wear to a Disco Party

Sequined Top Shiny materials and sequins are the perfect and quintessential ideas on what to wear to a disco party for anyone wants to embrace the traditional disco spirit! The sequin top is a must have if you’re a party-girl and you’ll find plenty of ways to rock it for any occasion. It has its own feel and vibrant mood to go, set yourself free and enjoy a night out with friends. Wear dark bottoms since this sequin shirt is a focal point of your entire outfit. And wear it with matching glittery eyeshadow to create a whole look! what to wear to a disco party 11 Cropped top and A-line skirt Wanna show some skin at your disco party? It’s one of the places to bare a little, either on your upper body or lower body. For instance, if your upper body is showing the lower body could be covered to create a mysterious or balanced look. what to wear to a disco party 10 Choosing a cropped top that has a bright color or has shiny elements to it with an A-line skirt is a nice idea. The top can be a cropped t-shirt, or go for a color coordinated matching set. This combination works well, brings out your body silhouette and is comfortable to dance through the night. Wear with strappy heels, smoky eye makeup, and embellished bracelet to make a statement on the dance floor. The Bandeau Top If you’re looking for fail-safe ideas on what to wear to a disco, the bandeau top is one you can never go wrong with. You can try so many designs – flared, plain, twisted and it can be paired with a twisted skirt to match to show some leg showing for that sexy disco look. what to wear to a disco party (3) The bandeau top is a chic look with a show of your fashion prowess. You can also pair it with a short skirt or matching pants. It can also be matched with a short pencil skirt for that dramatic feel that fashionistas adore at a discotheque. The bohemian bandeau folds paired with shorts or sleek fitted pants with a pair of heels gives a completely boho look, perfect for your beachy destinations like Goa. Pair bandeau matchy outfits with a clutch and drop earrings to bring out that ready to party look. The Mini-Dress A mini dress is perhaps the best option, if you’re wondering what to wear to a disco that just can’t go wrong. Mini dress with shiny sequins is the best option to reflect the disco lights well. You can try a halter style, backless or sheer dress if you’re feeling daring. Or go for a studded leather mini-dress. This look is flirty, sexy and gives you a confidence boost on the dance floor even when your dance game is low! shilpa-ahuja-black-dress-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-style-fashion Other ideas are strappy dresses, mini body-cons, mid-length or color blocked. A flowy mini dress with fringes and ruffles is perfect outfit if you don’t like something tight fitted. It also blends well if the nightclub has a salsa-themed party style. An all-black, white or red mini dress with a choker necklace and statement heels plus a ponytail gives you a classic chic or polished look. The Mini Skirt The mini skirts are one item of clothing that can never run out of style when it comes to what to wear to a disco party. Just as the mini was loved in the 70s, it is still loved today. It can be dressed in a lot of styles and designs. You can try the body-hugging or pleated style, depending on the look you aim to achieve. The skirt can be flared, tight, leather, sequined or ruffled. shilpa-ahuja-fashion-wallpapers-desktop-style-models-sylish-pose It can be in a gold sequin with a crop top, or a fitted dark tank top to highlight the skirt. A camouflage skirt will bring out your spirit animal as you party all night. Or wear an embellished denim mini skirt with metallic patterns for your night party and vamp it up with glamorous jewelry. No matter what you choose, it is important to be comfortable in a mini skirt to be able to feel confident and have real fun on your night out. what to wear to a disco party 12 Shorts Short-shorts are a good choice for a disco party, especially for the younger crowd. Wearing these is a daring look for any woman since they are sexy and flirty. Pair denim shorts with a tank top for a really casual look, a folded long-sleeved knotted shirt for a sexy 90s look. bacholerette party Or pair leather shorts with a crop top or sequined top. Whichever way you wear the top, the idea is to have your upper body covered up in a cute top design or style, since you already have too much leg showing. Try these shorts in prints or leather and match them with heels or ankle length strappy sandals to play around with the look. Shiny or Embellished Jeans Denim is one fabric that can be used to dress up on various occasions. It’s comfortable and such a cute look especially for disco fashion. Plus, embellished denims are so trendy right now. what to wear to a disco party 8 The embellished jeans can be paired with a white crop top, or go for denim on denim by wearing a denim crop jacket or top. For a more classic look, wear it under a black or shiny top to bedazzle in this styled up look. Jumpsuit or Catsuit This look is for those who wanna make a statement in a disco party with something picked from your existing wardrobe. If you’re going to a disco-themed party, the thing to wear is a holographic or shiny catsuit if you’re feeling daring. If not, the wide-legged jumpsuit is a brilliant outfit idea to those who love an all covered up look. This look accentuates your curves and if you want to make it more dramatic add a new velvety texture by adding on a jacket. 10-shilpa-ahuja-fashion-blogger-party-jumpsuit-accessorize-palazzos-style Add a choker and a simple clutch with a smoky eye to look like the ultimate party girl. Button down shirt Button-downs are usually reserved as our work-wear clothes. But if you select one that is casual and hep enough, it’ll create a unique and sure-fire look to hit the dance floor with. A ruffled shirt for the club looks incredible on literally anyone. Or go for a classic white button-down paired with denim jeans and the sleeves rolled up. Pull off this look by having two top buttons unbuttoned, worn over a cute bustier or sequined spaghetti top. what to wear to a disco party 13 Or go for a sheer, shiny fabric to give out the disco vibes! what to wear to a disco party 2 Leather Pants Smart casuals are one of the top ideas on what to wear to a disco party. So go for black jeans or leather pants while heading to a nightclub. The jeans can be washed out black jeans, paired with a T-shirt that looks like a million bucks that you can layer with a sheer bomber jacket. Or try a pair of leather pants with a matching top or crop top & red lips to make a real statement. how-to-wear-a-black-dress-party-pants Lace on Leather As a woman who loves to go out to a disco party, you can never go wrong with some leather if you aim to achieve that classic trend look. You can pair a lace top with a simple leather mini skirt to create a look that makes you look revamped and ready to rock the dance party. what to wear to a disco party (5) Deep colors like red and black combo are a great start to look fashionable all night. Pair this with black stilettos or if you’re bold, neon sneakers . The Classic Bar Jacket The blazer or bar jacket as the disco party outerwear is a must have for any man, but any gender can rock it. You can try a brown or black bar jacket, and if you want people giving you questionable eyes at the disco, try something loud! A sequined black, white or printed shirt or top will do just fine under it. Or go for your classic jeans or mini-dress. They can all be paired together with ease as long the colors are not clashing. Go for long drop earrings and a shimmery lipstick for the night-out. what to wear to a disco party 1 Bell Bottoms This 70s look has been embraced by the world as a go-to disco party look. For an upscale club, the look in the original bell bottoms in glossy or plain fabric is perfect. Some people do a daring jumpsuit style bell bottoms to bring a better edge that is classic and stylish for a disco event. You can wear it in a sexy metallic color and pair it with hoop earrings. gigi hadid instagram hot supermodel sexy golden pants retro disco look This is a good choice if you do not want to expose too much leg, one in shiny material is best since it is sophisticated for a disco look, unlike the jeans look, which is too casual. You can also pair your bell-bottoms with an off-shoulder top or bandeau top to give you some skin at the top.

What to Wear to a Disco Party in India

We Indians are known for our rich culture and iconic traditional fashion attire. The garments are beautiful, modest and bring out a sense of opulence and humility. However, when it comes to clubbing or going to a discotheque, Indians don’t wear saree and other ethnic outfits – it’s all about dressing for the occasion. Especially the youngsters go to the disco parties in chic clothing styles, which is what is appropriate in most disco clubs. slip-dress-style-party-date-night-look-metallic-silver-short-slip-dress-denim-jacket Some occasions, such as wedding disco parties may call for a mix of traditional attire, or Indo-western looks may be reserved for a theme party. However, there are instances that some people do wear traditional styles in a disco with western dress code, only to be denied entrance for not looking the part. To be able to complement the ambiance of a place, many Indian discos have a specific dress code rule that they prefer and also to attract youngsters that are able to hype the crowd. Here are some common disco party wear ideas in India; and some ideas on what to wear to a disco party if you want to rock ethnic or Indo-western looks.

Harem Pants

As much as harem pants hang low on the butt area, they are very stylish and comfortable. Harem pants with high side slits are perfect for the club with the reveal of some side leg that is not so obvious unless you are dancing. This daring upcoming fashion trend for the party girl creates a perfect disco look. harem disco Try a pair in a metallic shine or belly dancer harem pants, to give you a variety to choose from for your disco party. Have any type of short top that you prefer to make the harem pants the obvious feature as you enhance this look. Add on some height to this look to give a balance to the extra material from the pants and enjoy the night out with your friend as you stand out in this vibrant look. Asymmetric Top and Pants Have you been invited to a disco party? Go for this chic look and have all eyes on you. Go for a shiny kimono style asymmetric top. Or you can try a high-low crop top that reveals your abs in the front, and runs till the knees at the back! The asymmetric top can be a sheer see-through top, that shows off your bra. And if you are not comfortable with sheer, go for a colorful off-the-shoulder asymmetric top which will work as well. You can also try an Indo-western asymmetric top, let it be long enough and wear with fitted ankle pants. disco If you want to add an Indian element to it, pair it with salwaar pants or dhoti or change the top to an asymmetric kurta top with no collar to blend in the disco mood. Although this look may seem so covered for a disco party, a see-through top can bring out the fearless and provocative feel. This is a mystery attire for a disco party that makes people want to know you more! Bead Fringe Top or Dress Going for a disco party requires people to be adventurous with the attire they choose to wear. Dressing with a fringed top and matching shorts is a great look that attracts every eyeball, especially when you move to the music. This is a great 70s look. So go for an embellished illusion neckline or a metallic color if you’re feeling bold! This show stopper attire will look awesome if you pair it with silk shorts or metallic heels. disco party night out top dress attire fashion This look exposes the legs and is a comfortable look to dance around in as you party with friends. This is a gorgeous look for a cocktail party as well, as you enjoy all the dancing and fun-filled laughter. Crop Jeans & Strappy Top Most comfortable in your jeans? Just rock them with your fave party top and be disco-ready in no time. If you’re looking for ideas on what to wear to a disco from your existing wardrobe, this is the best look. Go for a black crop jeans with frayed hems, or embellished capris/culottes. And pair them with a sequined or shiny top. Add bangles or matching statement necklace with some glittery eyeshadow. what to wear to a disco party 9 Lehenga Skirt The lehenga skirt matched with a western top is the best pick for a disco look if it’s a wedding cocktail party. Perfect for the bride or close family/ relatives. The lehenga skirt can be worn to various Indian occasions, depending on how it has been paired. It is comfortable and chic and blends in well with the party mode. However, this look is best if you are attending an upscale, salsa or RnB club. Suneet Varma Indian-designer-2018 trends asymmetric-kurta-with-lehenga- Wearing this for a rock and roll club will not blend well and some clubs certainly won’t allow this look in their dress code. Go for embellishments or metallic shades and keep shimmery metallic makeup to blend it altogether. easy-simple-party-hairdo-makeup-ideas-evening-chic-look-advice So I hope this guide on what to wear to a disco was helpful for you. If you choose one of this cute disco party looks for your next outing, we’d love to see your OOTD, so tag us on your Insta pic @shilpaahujadotcom! Read next: How to Wear Metallic Shoes for Every Occasion Shrutika Potwar Shrutika Potwar is an SEO analyst and a part-time blogger with an experience of two years in the IT sector. She loves to blog about fashion, lifestyle and technology in spare time. She is working at Stylecaret, a fashion e-commerce portal in India, and is a guest author at ShilpaAhuja.com. Shrutika writes about ethnic wear, fashion advice and Indian casual & wedding wear.

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