How to check your visa status

NOTE This advice also covers family members included in a 2021 Resident Visa or Visitor Visa application. It does not cover Group Visitor Visas, visitor visa applications for people from Pacific Island countries, or family members of Accredited Employer Work Visa applicants. For information on checking the status of these applications, see other visas below.

How to melt a chocolate bar

The secret to making your favorite chocolate dessertsoften depends on one thing: knowing how to melt chocolate. Don’t worry, melting chocolate isn’t rocket science, but there are some easy guidelines you should know. No matter what type of chocolate you love (white, milk, or dark) or how you want to melt it (microwave or double

How to clean a furnace

Replacing or cleaning your furnace filter can help you breathe better and extend the life of your HVAC system. An old or dirty filter will eventually reduce the efficiency of the furnace, ultimately leading to the premature failure of the entire system. Whether you’re holding the keys to a shiny new home, or are settled