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Google has developed an intuitive solution for its handy note-taking app – Google Keep. If you are not aware, a new feature in Google Keep allows users to easily drag and drop note snippets from Google Keep directly into your opened Google Docs. To add Google Keep notes to your Google Docs, launch Google Docs application and click on ‘+’ button to create a new document. Then, locate the tools menu in the ribbon interface of the app and when found click it open. Next, select ‘Keep Notepad’ option to display the list of your Google Keep notes. The Keep tab just like the contextual Explore tab is found in the Tools menu and allows users to search their notes in a side panel. The search results show up as cards, ready to be dropped into the main edit window with preserved formatting. Add Google Keep Notes to Google Docs All the cards are displayed in a proper sequence (newest to oldest). Once you have selected the desired note to be inserted into Google Doc, simply click the ‘3 dots menu’ and choose ‘Add to document’ option. This will add Keep notes directly from the sidebar to the opened Google Doc. Google Doc Alternatively, if you’re already inspired by the content in your doc, you can create a new note by highlighting the relevant text, right-clicking, and selecting “Save to Keep notepad.” The new notes will instantly get linked to the original document. You could also use the same feature for ‘Bookmarking’. For instance, when you chose the option ‘Add to document’ from the menu of the Keep Note, a link gets added to your Google Doc along with the title of the link itself. This feature really comes handy, especially when you are creating a report and using different references as a source. That’s how you can add Google Keep notes to your Google Docs. This new move from Google in an effort to expand Keep beyond its consumer user base makes sense since many governments and education users may have already been using the app and the added functionality will help adoption of the service even furthermore.

Can Google Keep notes be converted to Google Docs?

Yes, Google Keep notes can be converted to Google Docs. Google Keep comes with an in-built option called Copy to Google Docs. It helps you copy the entire note from Google Keep to Google Docs within seconds. For your information, you can create a separate document for separate notes.

How do I export notes from Google Keep?

Although you cannot export Google Keep notes from Google Keep to another third-party app, you can do that with Google Docs. It is possible to transfer all your notes from Google Keep to Google Docs within moments and without third-party programs. You can use the Copy to Google Docs option to get the job done. In case you do not know, Google Keep is now a part of G Suite. It helps employees capture their thoughts, ideas, action items, and more in one easy-to-access place. if you are already a Google Keep user, share your experience with us in the comments section below. » alt=»» width=»90″ /> A post-graduate in Biotechnology, Hemant switched gears to writing about Microsoft technologies and has been a contributor to TheWindowsClub since then. When he is not working, you can usually find him out traveling to different places or indulging himself in binge-watching. Google Keep is a straightforward note-taking app from Google that incorporates plenty of useful features to manage your notes. It’s available on the Google Play Store, App Store, and web browsers. Many of the best Android phones also come with it preinstalled. Since the app is part of the Google ecosystem, seamless integration with Google Drive is a given. Notes are automatically backed up and count toward your 15GB of storage space. It’s a great app if you’re always jotting something down.
Whether you’ve always had it and never given it a shot or aren’t aware of what Google Keep is, this article provides you with everything you need to start using it.

Getting started with Google Keep

Google Keep was launched in 2013 as Google’s dedicated note-taking app. Think of Keep as a pad of digital sticky notes. While it lacks many of the advanced features you’ll find in Google Docs, it is excellent for basic things like a quick note, grocery list, or random idea for an upcoming project or blog post. Although the Keep notepad works as a place to jot down your to-do list in a pinch, you’ll probably be happier with Google Tasks or a more robust to-do list or task management app. Keep works with personal and Google Workplace (G Suite) accounts. The Keep Android app is available in the Google Play Store, and iPhone and iPad users will find the Keep app in the App Store. And, like most Google services, Keep works in most web browsers through the desktop app. There’s also a Google Keep web clipper extension in the Chrome Web Store. Keep notes sync across devices in real time as long as you’re logged in to the same Google account.

How to create notes in Google Keep

You can create five types of notes in Google Keep. Opening the app displays five icons at the bottom of your screen. From left to right, these are:

  • List: Create checkboxes in front of your list items.
  • Drawing: Best for handwritten notes and sketches.
  • Audio: Record a voice note.
  • Photo: Annotate an image within Google Keep.
  • Regular: Create a generic text note.

To create a note, tap the appropriate icon to make a note of that type.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Each note type has a Title field. Filling this out adds a bold header to your note on the homescreen.
  • If you want to combine notes (for example, to add a photo to a checklist or a recording to a drawing), open a note and tap the plus button in the lower-left corner of your screen to bring up a list of options.
  • To archive or delete a note, long-press on it and tap the three-dot button in the upper-right corner of your screen. Then tap Archive or Delete. You can access these notes later by tapping the menu in the upper-left corner of your screen, then tapping Archive or Trash.

How to set a reminder in Google Keep

The Google Keep app has a simple reminder function, which can trigger at a time or location. The location reminder is perfect for situations like bringing up your shopping list when you arrive at the grocery store.

  1. Long press on a note on the homescreen.
  2. Tap the alarm bell in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Time or Place tab.
  4. Enter your details and tap Save.

If you’re already in a note, you can access the reminder button in the upper-left corner of your screen. It has a slightly different UI when accessed here, but the functionality is identical.
Google Keep has multiple features for sharing and collaboration. This is perfect if you shop with someone else, want to send a drawing to a friend, or need to send a voice memo to a colleague.

  1. Long press on a note.
  2. Tap the vertical ellipsis button in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap Send.
  4. Choose a suggested contact or app. Or, tap a messaging app to bring up a list of contacts to share with.

How to add a collaborator to a note

Sharing a note sends a formatted copy (for example, sharing a photo note sends it as an image file). If you want to add someone to the original Google Keep note, add them as a collaborator.

  1. Open a note.
  2. Tap the vertical ellipsis button in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap the Collaborator button.
  4. Enter the email address of the recipient.
  5. Tap Save. google-keep-collaborators

All collaborators on a note will have their profile picture shown below the note. To remove a collaborator, tap their profile icon at the bottom of the note, and then tap the X button next to their name.

How to organize and customize notes in Google Keep

There are plenty of ways to manage and customize notes in Google Keep. It’s worth taking the time to do so, as the app can become cluttered otherwise.

  • Labels: Long press on a note and tap the Label button in the upper-right corner of your screen. You can search and sort your notes by label.
  • Drag & Drop: Long press on a note and drag it to change its location on the Google Keep homepage.
  • Pins: Long press on a note and tap the Pin button in the upper-right corner of your screen. Pinned notes always appear first on the homepage.
  • Views: On the Google Keep homepage, tap the button to the left of your profile picture. You can change the view between Single-column and Multi-column.
  • Color: Long press on a note and tap the Palette button in the upper-right corner of your screen. Tap a color to change the note’s background.
  • Background: Open a note and tap the Palette button in the lower-left corner of your screen. Scroll right to select a background for your note.

Additional features you’ll want to try

Google Keep may not be as robust as some other popular note apps. Still, it’s part of the Google ecosystem and plays well with other Google services. Here are a few of the Keep integrations to try. A smart display with a large white bezel is in focus. On the left is a photo of a road with the time superimposed over the image. The right side of the screen shows to people on red all-terrain vehicles. When you create a reminder in Keep, it automatically syncs with your Google Calendar. The resulting event looks the same as if you made a reminder within Google Calendar. If you use a G Suite and personal Google account on the same device, you’ll need to tweak the settings and ensure your Workplace administrator has enabled all of Keep’s features. If you’re capturing ideas for a paper or project, you can access your Google Keep notes in Google Docs. Open the side panel in Google Docs and drag images from Keep to your document. If you have hundreds of notes, you can quickly find them by using the search bar in the side panel. It’s just as powerful as a Google search but only sifts through your text and audio notes. Keep seamlessly integrates with Google Assistant. If you use a Google Nest Hub, say, «Hey Google, take a note.» You can create regular notes, and you can create and manage your lists here, which is perfect if you’re preparing shopping lists.

Take notes quickly and easily with Google Keep

Google Keep is a fantastic app that lets you quickly create, edit, and share notes. If you recently got a new Android phone, Google Keep, alongside the best Android apps, will help you get the most out of your phone.
You are here: Home/ Editorial/ Here’s why I wish Google Keep notes and Google Docs would merge or at least share features By Google Keep is and always probably will be my absolute favorite Google service. The ability to quickly jot down ideas as I experience and become inspired by things around me in life is invaluable. While other note-taking applications do exist, Keep’s simplicity remains the reason I choose it over its competitors. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its flaws though. Sure, the ability to change your font size, drag and drop images from it to other places and even basic markup formatting are all on their way as future updates, but it’s infinitely simple and as some would say, too much so. The basic and straightforward nature of the app is both its superpower and its crutch, at least for those looking to get more out of their notes. Today, I want to toss around an idea I’ve had, and just get it off of my chest. I wish Google Keep notes could be directly integrated into the Google Drive file system and organized within the same file structure. Most people would absolutely hate this, but I do have my reasons for wishlisting such a feature. The main one is that I use Keep not only for my day-to-day life but as a game developer, entrepreneur, and all-around creative in business. I have plenty of ideas, yet they remain completely divorced from my primary files, and that’s oddly frustrating. I’m aware that I can open a Google Doc and drag Keep note text, images, links, and more directly in, and this has been Google’s solution for people like me, but I don’t want to dump everything in there, because loading up a Google Doc in order to look at my ideas is more work. Keep notes can be glanced at without even clicking them, I can scroll through them and ingest information at a rapid pace. No, what I want is the ability to place info in a Doc, while simultaneously keeping it in well, a Keep note. I want these ideas to be both loose and structured all at once. I want the information to stay on a scrap piece of paper while also being plugged into a larger structure like a design document, collaborative outline, and so on. I know this will likely never happen, but with all of the great Smart Canvas features popping up and becoming more well-rounded lately, I figured I would at least put this out there and get your thoughts. Is it crazy to want my notes to be more useful and yet remain easy to access? Having the ability to organize Keep notes into a Drive location and still access them from the Keep interface would be the best approach to this. Another solution could be to get rid of Keep entire (please don’t, Google!) and merge it with Docs. Docs could become glanceable without having to open them, pinned, colored, able to be mixed with reminders, and so on. Why not just converge the two services so that Docs have quicker, simpler functionality on a higher level while digging in would still provide plenty of editing tools, collaboration, and smart features like video calls? Either way, I’ve been mulling over this for quite some time, and I truly believe that some form of merger or exchange of features would better serve both audiences. If Docs doesn’t become more glanceable, then maybe Keep can continue to receive more advanced editing features like Docs has. It may sound crazy, but who knows, anything is possible these days, right? Google is rapidly developing its tools, so now would be the perfect time to experiment with this!

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