How to pair firestick remote

Pair your Firestick remote by holding down the «Home» button for 10 seconds. You can add a new remote or place an old one in Amazon Fire TV’s settings. Some non-Firestick remotes can be paired but they must use specific Bluetooth profiles to work. If you have an Amazon Fire TV, the Firestick remote can

How to paint plywood

There are few materials in the DIY world quite as versatile as plywood. Nearly any home project can be done with plywood and a little bit of ingenuity. Part of what makes plywood so versatile is that it can be painted to provide a unique aesthetic. But there is more to painting plywood than meets

How to shrink socks

Almost every person owns at least one pair of socks and has experienced some of the disappointments brought about by socks, especially when they stretch and fail to fit their feet perfectly. In most cases, this stretch is caused by tear and wear after usage for a long time. The stretch can also be noticed

How to grow carrots indoors

Can you grow carrots indoor? Yes, you can. And the truth is that it is not as hard as you might think. Growing carrots indoor can be done by just about anyone. If you are a beginner gardener, you can grow your carrots indoor by using a container. If you lack space, use containers to

How to grow cannabis outdoors

Plan Your Outdoor Cannabis Garden For many folks, growing outdoors will provide the easiest option. You can take advantage of Mother Nature’s free bounty of sun and water to help your plants grow. Also, growing outside means you won’t have to invest in building or buying an appropriate structure. To help you achieve success, we

How to feed mealworms to a bearded dragon

Many people like to feed their bearded dragons with mealworms because bearded dragons love mealworms. However, are mealworms bad for bearded dragons or can you just feed them unhesitatingly? Mealworms are bad for bearded dragons because they contain a lot of fat and phosphor, but little protein and calcium. If fed too often, they will

How to waterproof your basement

Ring’s End carries premium products to waterproof your basement. Depending on your level of expertise and the water issues you are experiencing on your property, it may be appropriate to hire a professional to do the work. This article is intended as a guide for the DIY’er. Before you venture into waterproofing your basement, you

How to clean orchid leaves

Orchids are great at bringing in a bit of nature to your home, but they also gather quite a bit of dust. Rain will usually clean outdoor plants of dust but cleaning the leaves of houseplants befalls on us. Cleaning orchid leaves should be easy and straightforward, right? It actually is! The problem is a

How to install outdoor speakers

What to Know After reading the speaker manual, identify the eaves and overhangs for mounting positions. Test the speakers before mounting. Decide whether to add a volume control box. Buy plenty of the correct wire. Drill holes for mounting. Run wire from the speakers to the receiver/amplifier. Caulk the openings. This article explains how to