source: google What’s so special about pigeons? Did you ever notice their sparkly, rainbow-like neck feathers or their red feet? Did you ever notice the interesting way that pigeons coo and strut? In fact, pigeons are special. They are special because there is such variety in the way they look. Find a group of pigeons and you will see white ones and gray ones with blue-gray feathers and pigeons with red feathers. You will see solid-colored pigeons and speckled pigeons. Look long enough and you will be able to tell them apart, give them names, and get to know their habits. No other bird has had such close links with man, nor been useful to him in so many ways. Over the centuries the pigeon has served us as symbol, sacrifice, source of food and, not least, as a messenger, both sacred and secular. It cannot be said that the pigeon is a very popular bird nowadays. Today, people are divided into those who love the creatures and those who detest them. Sadly, this current prejudice overlooks many aspects of the bird’s long history and fails to acknowledge the great debt owed to it in the past; it is not just any other bird. Pet lovers are embracing the joys of buying dogs and cats in ever greater numbers, but few people realize how many birds there need to be purchased. source: google Pigeons excel at the leisure arts and spend their time bathing, cleaning, and relaxing in the sun, searching for favorite seeds, watching the sky, slumbering, showing off and flattering. Keeping a single pet pigeon can increase your bond, and help bond with other birds you purchase later, not to mention decrease costs. A single pigeon is not for everyone due to the time commitments. Pigeons are social animals, keeping a single one is only recommended if you’re sure you can offer enough time and companionship to keep your pigeon happy. Ensure that you can regularly spend time with your pigeon; keeping a single pigeon is recommended only if you spend a large amount of time at home. A pigeon lover Mehmood Natt says: “I love racing pigeons. They’re big, chunky birds with lovely faces. The ones that I have seen are mostly healthy and just tired and hungry from getting lost. I’ve also seen ones that have been attacked by sparrow hawks and have injuries and feather loss. A few I’ve seen are seriously ill and thin and require longer care.” source: google The guideline for finding a racer is to check the numbers on the leg band and contact the owner. It is their pigeon and should be returned – if they want it back, that is. Some racing pigeon owners want their lost or injured pigeons back, but some don’t. On one hand I can understand the fascination, dedication and interest in the art of racing pigeons; on the other hand, however, I don’t like the exploitation of the birds. Are they racing them solely for money and prestige? Or do they really like pigeons and want to be with them? I guess, as with any hobby, activity or venture, it can be either, neither or a little bit of both. It takes all sorts. Pigeons are kept and bred for their aerial performance and for reproduction. Homing pigeons is trained to participate in the sport of pigeon racing, and have been used to carry messages during times of war. Pigeon keepers who fly racing pigeons sometimes win long-distance races and even break records. Other flying pigeons are bred for unique flying characteristics other than homing, such as rolling, high-flying, and diving. These birds, which may be flown in competitions, include but are not limited to Rollers, Tumblers, and Tipplers. Competitors in pigeon sporting competitions such as pigeon races can win large sums of prize money when their pigeons return home the fastest from a race. Pigeons can also carry small light-weight packages, and have been used to smuggle drugs into a prison. source: google Some people say that keeping a dog or a cat as a pet is perceived very well, but what could be the advantage of keeping a pigeon as pet. We have seen many people keeping the pigeons as pets. We can say that pigeons are one of the innocent pet and the pigeon keeper spends his most of the time watching them doing “Guttar goon, Guttar goon”. Medical student Ayesha Khalid says “People think keeping pigeons is superstitious and it is wastage of time and money. But pigeons can be beneficial for those who know its benefits. They can be used in Pigeon racing for earning money and can also be sold in pairs.” She further adds “Each pair of pigeon costs a lot. They are beneficial in some diseases like paralysis. Many Doctors suggest having the meat of Pigeon in Paralysis” The pigeon is probably best known for its ability to return “home” from long distances and has therefore been used extensively throughout history as a messenger. They are also bred for meat. A polio patient and pigeon lover Mehmood Natt tells his experience that how pigeons fascinate him. He is unable to walk and stand. He found that pigeons are more loyal then Dogs or any other pet because they don’t need you to run beside them. They always come back to their owner.
Do you want to keep pigeons as pets? If you are thinking about so, then you can raise one or a pair as pets. Probably you already know that pigeons are wonderful birds, they are very friendly and have been domesticated for long time. Pigeons were used to carry messages in the past. But today the pigeons are kept mainly as a hobby and also for business purpose. And pigeon farming business has proven itself as a profitable one and it’s popularity is increasing day by day.

    • Before Keeping Pigeons as Pets
  • How to Keep Pigeons as Pets
    • Keeping Pigeons as Pets Require Enough Time
    • Make a Suitable Home
    • Nesting
    • Select & Purchase Pigeon
    • Feeding
    • Water
    • Vet Care
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Before Keeping Pigeons as Pets

The special considerations before getting a pigeon or a pair as pets are described below.

  • You must have to have a safe place for your pigeons for keeping them as pets. Build a safe place for your birds with access to indoors and outdoors, and the place also needs to be protected from weather and predators.
  • Ensure enough space and room to move freely.
  • You must have to ensure availability of a very good quality diet for your birds for keeping them healthy.
  • Their cage/loft/home should have the facility to clean it properly.
  • Ensure company for your pigeon, either yours or another pigeon’s. Because pigeons are social birds.
  • Consider breeding. If you have a pair of male and female pigeons, they will breed and increase their numbers naturally. If you want to keep just a pair, remove or replace their real eggs with fake one.
  • Ensure availability of avian vet care, if your bird become sick or injured.

Pigeons are very friendly and social animals and they prefer to have company. If you are planning for keeping pigeons as pets, you should consider a pair (one male and one female). But if you plan to have only one, you should be committed to giving it a lot of attention and also ensure that you have enough time for your bird. However, here we are describing more about how to keep pigeons as pets.

Keeping Pigeons as Pets Require Enough Time

First of all consider whether you have enough time for keeping pigeons as pets or not. Pigeons are social birds and keeping a single bird is only recommended if you have enough time to give it companionship for keeping the bird happy. keep pigeons as pets, how to keep pigeons as pets, keeping pigeons as pets, keeping pet pigeons There are many different types of pigeon breeds available and the social needs of each breed vary from another considerably. You should have enough time to be able to set aside some time daily to help socialize your bird.

Make a Suitable Home

You can either make a loft or purchase a cage for your pigeon. Loft is the preferred choice in which birds are provided basic sheltered area for the night and also can room about during the daytime. Size of the loft vary depending on the number of birds. keep pigeons as pets, how to keep pigeons as pets, keeping pigeons as pets, keeping pet pigeons If you keep your birds always inside, you will need to purchase a large cage that will allow the bird to flap their wings and move around. Ensure that the loft or cage is easily cleanable.


Pigeons generally build nests by themselves. Keeping some nesting materials inside or at a corner of the loft or cage will encourage the bird to build nest.

Select & Purchase Pigeon

After setting their home, it’s time to purchase pigeon. It’s always good to purchase pigeons from local breeders. Select the breed first, and then find it within your area. If you don’t find your desired breed within your area, then you can consider searching online classifieds. After finding the pigeon and bringing it home, you need to keep the bird indoors first for a few days or week. Keeping the pigeon indoors will help you to bond with it, and gradually the bird will be okay with you.


Feeding is the most important part of raising pigeons. Good and quality feeding not only keep the animals healthy but also help them to stay happy. You can either purchase ready-made feeds or feed the bird with some grains or seeds. Actually pelleted diets are the best source of nutrients for the pigeons. keep pigeons as pets, how to keep pigeons as pets, keeping pigeons as pets, keeping pet pigeons You can supplement your pigeon’s regular diet with pears, apple, berries, chickweed, spinach, lettuce, endive etc. Keep some girt and gravel within their access. Because pigeons take gravel and grit and these generally help the bird to digest food. You can also consider calcium and vitamin supplements which help the bird to improve their body condition and health.


Keep water pot inside their home, so that the bird/birds can easily access water when they want. Keep the pot filled with clean water, and always clean the pot on a regular basis.

Vet Care

Ensure availability of vet care. Contact with your vet as soon as possible if your bird/birds become sick or injured. These all are the ways of keeping pigeon as pets. If you want to keep pigeons as pets, consider first that it will take some time and continuous tasks to perform. Good luck & have fun! keep pigeons as pets, how to keep pigeons as pets, keeping pigeons as pets, keeping pet pigeons

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about how to keep pigeons as pets. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about raising pigeons as pets, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions. Are pigeons good as pets? Yes, pigeons are good as pets. Is it safe to keep a pigeon as a pet? Yes, it is totally safe to keep a pigeon as a pet. Actually, pigeons are probably the safest, least problematic pet anyone could have. Can you keep a single pigeon as a pet? Yes. But you have ensure that you have enough time to offer your pigeon. Single pigeon will require companionship to keep itself happy. keep pigeons as pets, how to keep pigeons as pets, keeping pigeons as pets, keeping pet pigeons Do pigeons bod with humans? Yes, most of the pigeons bond easily with humans. Do pet pigeons poop everywhere? Yes, pigeons tend to poop wherever they are. Do pigeons recognize their owners? Yes, researchers found that wild, untrained pigeons can recognize individual people’s faces and are not fooled by a change of clothes. How can you tell if a pigeon is happy? A pigeon will show affection towards humans if it is happy. The signs of a pigeon’s happiness include:

  • The pigeon will feel comfortable around the presence of humans.
  • It will eat food from human hands in most cases.
  • Will sit on your hand or shoulder or head and flap their wings etc.

keep pigeons as pets, how to keep pigeons as pets, keeping pigeons as pets, keeping pet pigeons How long do pet pigeons live? Average lifespan of the pet pigeons is around or up to 15 years. Are pigeons good luck? When pigeons or doves naturally come and build a nest in your house, it is considered to be very auspicious. What fruits can pigeons eat? Most of the pigeons like to eat small and seedless fruit. They also like grapes, raisins, bananas, plums, cherries, blueberries, and most berries. How much do pet pigeons cost? Depends on the breed. But on an average, a pet pigeon will cost you somewhere around $50 to $450. Can pigeons eat rice? Yes, they can eat rice, and love to have some. keep pigeons as pets, how to keep pigeons as pets, keeping pigeons as pets, keeping pet pigeons Can pigeons eat cucumber? Yes, pigeons and some other wild birds can eat cucumbers when offered at a bird feeder. Can pigeons eat bread? No, bread is not a healthy source of nutrition for birds. Do pigeons drink water? Yes, they drink water like many other birds. Can pigeons eat carrots? Yes, they can eat carrots if you chop/mince up the carrots. Can you play with a pigeon? Yes, definitely you can play with a pigeon. How do you take care of a pigeon at home? Caring pigeons is very easy. Common pigeon caring tasks include making their nest comfortable, cleaning the house regularly, keeping their environment dry, feeding them good quality food, providing them with required medications etc. Of course I can’t take Rex with me everywhere. When she’s broody it doesn’t matter so much because she’s focused on those eggies, but when she’s off the nest she can get very lonely and bored. Here are some tips to keep your pigeon spouse from getting bored! • Windows. Pigeons can love bird watching and having a bird feeder right outside your window is great to keep them entertained and less lonely, just make sure you watch your bird’s behavior prior to leaving to make sure it doesn’t actually stress them. • Radios and TV. Both can occupy your bird, I personally will leave random anime from Netflix that my brother watches on since the bright colors and music seem to capture Rex’s attention. • Toys. Pigeons can be entertained a lot more easy than psittacines so foraging toys can be as simple as a crumpled up piece of paper with treats stuffed in it. Other examples are: plastic balls designed for cats, toilet paper rolls, socks, wicker balls, and basically anything safe you can somehow shove treats into. Pigeons will get them out by flinging the object around or shaking it, so nothing that requires a lot of dexterity. • Music. Yes, many pigeons love to make their own music. You can leave *safe* instruments around for them to play with, namely toys designed for toddlers. They’ll have a blast pecking or stomping on these. • Fish. A ten gallon tank with a filter and heater is easy and cheap to set up. Put the flashiest, feistiest betta you can find in there and your pigeon will happily preen next to their pet fish or have fun “fighting” with him. Bettas are probably your best bet since you can keep them healthy cheaply, and healthy bettas are very hyper and inquisitive. • Other pet birds. This is last because obviously it isn’t a good idea to get something as needy as a bird just to entertain your other bird, but if you happen to have other birds then they’ll be great company, different species must be housed separately and not be able to interact physically while you’re gone. For example, let’s say you have a budgie or two. Put your pigeons cage and budgie’s cage in the same room and they may enjoy watching one another. Don’t leave a pigeon loose with the budgie or the other way around, you really shouldn’t ever let them loose together. If your bird is still stressing or bored when you’re gone then you may consider having to marry them off, as the only sure way to keep pigeons happy while you’re away is another pigeon to mate with. Most birds this won’t be the case, though. Of course this can be a difficult and stressful process. Hope this helps anyone worried about keeping their bird happy! See more posts like this on Tumblr #text #rex #bird care #single pigeon #pigeon care #birb #birblr

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