Tweed has been a central part to any classic country wardrobe since the 1800’s. This quintessentially British fabric can last through a lifetime when cared for properly. Not only is it versatile and durable enough to last, but it’s a timeless classic that goes perfectly for time spent in the countryside. It’s warm and has a level of water resistance other clothing doesn’t have.

What is Tweed Clothing?

Tweed was Invented in the 18th century by Scottish farmers, and originally known as Clò-Mór in Gaelic. It was designed to keep them warm and dry through the harsh winters in the Highlands and woven to be as water resistant as possible. An enduring fabric, the British aristocracy soon began to use it at their estates for their staff’s uniforms. When tweed was first produced, it was pattern-less but as production took off, patterns were able to be added and the gentry could commission a piece of cloth to be made specific to their estate. By the 1840’s, the production of tweed had improved, and the aristocracy had realised the potential of this versatile, weather resistant cloth. They soon took it to their hearts, and it has become a staple of the country-set. Making tweed is a complicated process and even though, nowadays, it is mechanised the process still needs organisation to ensure the vibrant and often intricate patterns can be produced.

Caring for Your Tweed Clothes

Although renowned for being tough, tweed is not indestructible. Tweed clothing care is an important part of keeping your favourite outfits looking their best as well as ensuring they retain their water resistant nature. Allow tweed clothing to air after use — which might seem strange as they’re often worn outdoors, but you want to make sure any moisture trapped inside is given time to escape. For a full clean however, you can look at dry cleaning or hand washing.

Dry Cleaning Your Tweed

If you don’t have time to wash your tweed by hand, always use a professional dry cleaner — preferably one with experience of working with tweed clothing. These services have more specialised equipment, processes and supplies than you would at home and will make sure to return your clothing not only clean, but in pristine condition and ready for their next use.

Avoid Machine Washing Tweed

Tweed is a wool-based product and this is generally not a good idea to put in the washing machine. Wool clothing can shrink during a wash, as the speed and heat pumped through water alters the material. As well as this, tumble drying is also not a good idea for similar reasons. Hanging your tweed clothes out to dry on a washing line should also be avoided, as when these items are wet, the extra weight will pull down and alter their shape. This is why, if you do wash your tweed clothing, we recommend doing it by hand where you can control the temperature and products used. These need to be more sensitive than what you’d use on other clothing and materials. The steps below will help with handwashing tweed clothing.

How to Clean Tweed Clothing

Cleaning tweed clothing isn’t like other materials, and you don’t want to do anything that could damage these timeless pieces of your wardrobe. To help you keep your favourite tweed clothing looking perfect, follow these steps:

  1. Hand wash in cool, clean water. It should be, at most, 30 degrees.
  2. Use a very mild shampoo. Baby shampoo is a good choice.
  3. Gently squeeze out the suds. Do not wring, rub or stretch your garment.
  4. Rinse in fresh, clean, and cool water.
  5. Once more, gently squeeze out the water. Do not try to lift the garment, as it’s weight will cause the item to stretch.
  6. Spread the garment flat on a few towels and arrange it back into the shape it should be.
  7. Leave to dry naturally away from any direct heat or sunlight.
  8. You should store your tweed on a good quality padded hanger and cover the garment in plastic to prevent moths eating the fabric.

Keeping your tweed well cared for will keep you looking your best whatever whenever you decide to wear it, from a social function to a relaxing day in the countryside.

Find Out More About Tweed Clothing Care

Tweed Clothing is iconic and represents your love for the British countryside. It’s used in a number of sporting and social events, but regardless of whether you take part in these, it’s hardy enough to handle our unpredictable weather, too. If you’d like to know more about our great range of men’s tweed clothing or our fantastic selection of ladies’ tweed jackets and blazers, then feel free to contact a member of our friendly team. We can also answer any questions you have about tweed clothing care and what you should do to keep your favourite items in great condition. men's country tweed and moleskin clothing at hollands country clothing Men’s Tweed at Holland’s Country Clothing classic country tweed for women at hollands country clothing Ladies’ Tweed Jackets and Blazers Last Updated on May 25, 2022 by

A Hume’s guide to caring for country tweeds.

Tweed is integral to country life, nowhere more so than here in Kelso on the banks of the River Tweed. It is a magnificent yarn, tough, durable and warm. Spun in magnificent colours and patterns reminiscent of the rural landscape. Cared for properly a tweed jacket or skirt can last a lifetime.

Natural 100% Wool Tweed

In itself, tweed made from 100% wool is a relatively simple fabric to care for, requiring similar hand, or machine washing and care to woollen knitwear. However, the exact business of caring for tweed clothing depends largely on how a garment is constructed. A jacket and a skirt made from the same tweed can have quite different care requirements.

Dry Cleaning Structured Tweed

All structured, tailored tweed jackets are unsuitable for either hand, or machine washing for the very simple reason that the ‘structure’ of the jacket: the lapels and shoulders, including any wadding used, plus the vents, pockets, pocket flaps and lining will inevitably react to the washing process in a different way. Even the tiniest difference in shrinkage between the tweed and the lining will result in puckering, pulling and a misshapen jacket. Whilst soggy wadding will never make for a flat and flattering lapel or a sculpted shoulder. For this reason, all tweed jackets should be dry cleaned.

Full Steam Ahead

If your tweed jacket is simply crumpled and in need of a little TLC it is possible to freshen it up the old fashioned way, by steaming it. Steaming doesn’t clean the tweed fabric but it does lift the yarn, removing creases, odours and killing bacteria. It’s possible to buy small handheld steamers for around £30-50 that should be up to the occasional job. For the best results, steam the jacket lightly whilst it’s draped over a sturdy, wooden hanger. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then lay it flat and using your hands gently smooth it down and shape. Be aware that over-enthusiastic steaming can result in puckered lining, and damage to the fibres.

Hand and Machine Washable Tweed

Unstructured tweed garments are surprisingly easy to care for. When the composition of a garment is simple, such as the Laksen Temple Tweed skirt it can be safely hand washed. And even a complex garment such as the Schoffel Ptarmigan Tweed Coat with all its features, fastening and trims can be popped in the machine on a wool wash, due to its careful design without structural elements that will be compromised. Such convenience is an absolute godsend for those who wear their Schoffel Country Coats as they were intended – out in the great outdoors.

Storing Tweed

As a final word, do ensure you clean your garment before storage, as fresh stains that may not yet be visible will oxidise and become fixed during storage. Using mothballs, lavender or cedar chips help protect against moths. If you enjoyed this post and know of anyone who’d appreciate tweed care advice, please ‘like’ and ‘share’ this post using the social buttons. Thank you.

How To Clean Tweed Suits At Home

A Guide For How to Clean Tweed Blazers, Trousers, and Waistcoats

One of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe is their tweed suit. A suit can be worn to work, as well as for formal events such as weddings and funerals. No matter what the occasion, it is important to know how to clean them. Tweed suits are back in style and here to stay. If you’re not familiar with the fabric, it’s time to catch up. Typically made of wool, tweed is a durable material with a variety of uses. From traditional Scottish clans to modern fashion lines like at SIRRI Clothing, there is no shortage of inspiration for this classic fabric. To learn more about tweed suits and how they can be incorporated into your wardrobe read on! To maintain your suit properly, it’s necessary to clean them at home from time to time.

This blog will provide you with tips on how to do so!

Tweed suits are one of the most classic styles in the world. They were first popularized by Scottish hunters and English country gentlemen, who needed clothing that would be durable enough to withstand the elements while hunting or shooting games. Tweed suits have since become elegant evening wear for men around the world, with different colors used for blazers and trousers to match any occasion. But how do you clean a tweed suit? The answer is surprisingly simple: you can clean your tweed suit at home like the blazer jacket, trousers, and waistcoats!

How to Care For Tweed Suits?

Tweed suits are considered delicate by many people because of their texture. While this fabric may take more effort than the average suit, the maintenance you put into your tweed suit will pay off in the long run. If your tweed gets dirty over time, it is important to use a specialized cleaner for tweed on the stains. This will remove dirt and grime without damaging your fabric! It’s also important to make sure you are properly caring for your pockets when wearing tweed pants or trousers. Avoid putting objects in the pocket that could potentially damage them including pens, rulers, or even credit cards! For more information on how to clean tweed suits, read our blog post today. We provide tips and tricks for your specific style of suits including tweed jackets and blazers as well as waistcoats and trousers!

Clean Your Tweed Suits As Soon As Possible.

This will help remove any dirt and stains from the surface before they set in and become permanent. It is important to note that after each time you wear your suit, be sure to hang it up so that air can circulate it which will ultimately help prevent any nasty bacteria from forming! Read on as we discuss tips and tricks on how to remove stains from a tweed suit!

What Items Are Needed to Clean Stains From Tweed Suits

Several different items can be used together or separately to clean stains from a suit; pants, blazers, and vests. If one of these garments has gotten stained with something like coffee, It is possible to clean your suit at home, but it requires a few tools. You will need:

  • A lint roller
  • Laundry soap made for delicates or dry cleaning solvent —
  • Woolite if you have light-colored pants only (for dark colors, use the Woolite in cold water)
  • Water
  • Iron
  • An old towel
  • Lint brush or shaving brush (for applying soap)
  • A stain pretreatment product like Spray ‘n Wash Stain Stick
  • A clean, soft-bristled brush
  • An old toothbrush or nail brush
  • Once you have gathered all of your materials it is time to get started. First, pre-treat any stains with a stain stick and let dry overnight if possible. After this has occurred, soak the garment in warm water for thirty minutes so that the soap.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Tweed Suits:

  1. Identify the stain
  2. Check for colorfastness
  3. Pretreat the stain by blotting it with a wet cloth or sponge, then applying detergent and rubbing gently to loosen and break up any set-in stains
  4. Rinse out the fabric thoroughly in cold water (to avoid shrinkage)
  5. Apply a liquid laundry presoak if available; otherwise, use a mild liquid dish soap diluted in cold water
  6. If using an all-purpose cleaner like Woolite, apply it directly on the stain and rub gently with your fingers to work into the fibers of the woolen fabric as deeply as possible; do not scrub vigorously because this may cause damage to delicate fabrics

How Do You Get Stains Out Of A Tweed Blazer Jacket?

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to wear your blazers. Elegant tweed blazer jackets are one of the best investment pieces that you can purchase. They’re stylish, chic, and easy to pair with jeans or a dress. There are many different types of blazers that you can buy including cropped, v-neck, tuxedo-style, and waist-length. We recommend opting for a cropped or v-neck blazer for this season since they work well with high boots and long sweaters. This season try pairing your new tweed blazer jacket with some distressed denim jeans, combat boots, and an edgy sweater.

Cleaning Steps For Tweed Blazer Jackets:

  • Find the type of stain and what it is made of on the tweed jacket
  • Scrub the stained area with a cleaning solution that matches the type of stain
  • Use a towel to blot up the excess liquid from the tweed fabric
  • Apply an absorbent material to soak up any remaining wetness on your suit jacket
  • Allow your tweed jacket to air dry before wearing it again or storing it away in its original garment bag

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Tweed Trousers?

Elegant tweed trousers are a great choice for a man or woman. These trousers are made from a fabric that is woven from wool and silk, this type of fabric is heavy and warm which creates a smart appearance. Tweed goes very well with suits and jackets.

Cleaning Steps For Tweed Trousers:

  • Use a stain remover on the outside of the tweed trousers
  • Wash with cold water and soap to remove any residue
  • If there is still some leftover stain, use bleach or hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing again with cold water and soap
  • Dry in the sun to avoid stains from setting in
  • If you are still having trouble removing the stain, consider dry cleaning your tweed trousers to avoid further damage
  • Don’t forget that a lint roller should be used on all of these garments as often as possible! Otherwise, dirt and other particles will set in and may become impossible to remove. A clean tweed suit is a happy suit.
  • Keep an eye out for «dry clean only» labels — these items should never be washed at home but instead taken straight to a professional cleaner who knows how best to care for these garments

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Tweed Waistcoats?

Elegant tweed waistcoats are quite popular and can be worn with a variety of items. They look well with a suit and tie, and they also make for a good formal dressy jacket when the occasion calls for it. Tweed waistcoats were originally made from wool or tweed fabrics, but today you’ll find that they’re typically made from wool blends or synthetic fabrics.

Cleaning Steps For Tweed Waistcoats:

  • First, you’ll need to identify the type of stain on your Tweed Waistcoat
  • Then, find a cleaning solution that matches the stain and soak the garment in it for a few minutes
  • After soaking for a few minutes, scrub out any remaining stains with a soft-bristled brush or sponge
  • If there are still some stubborn stains left after scrubbing them out, try using an enzyme cleaner to eliminate those pesky spots
  • Once all traces of stains have been removed from your garment, rinse it thoroughly under cold water and hang it up to dry
  • Finally, store your Tweed Waistcoat by rolling it up tightly so wrinkles don’t form

Can I Dry Clean a Suit at Home?

You may be able to dry clean a suit at home. The question of whether to dry clean or not your tweed suit is one we all struggle with. The answer, however, is clear: if you own a tweed suit and want it to last for years and years then don’t be in such a hurry to send it off. If money’s tight and you’re desperate for the convenience of having your clothes cleaned by professionals then go ahead, but it will cost more than doing it yourself at home. Dry cleaning is a process of stain removal from fabric clothing, upholstery and other, items without the need for water.

The following introduction will provide you with additional info about how to dry clean a suit at home:

  1. Find an old towel and lay it on the floor or table.
  2. Lay the suit on top of the towel — the outside should be facing up and the lining should be facing down.
  3. Fill a bucket with warm water mixed with detergent, then pour it over the suit — don’t put too much in because this could accidentally damage your clothes.
  4. Brush off any dirt you can see, then rinse off any soap residue that remains with water.

A Tweed suit is a type of menswear characterized by the fabric, tweed. It’s most commonly seen in woolen material and has been popular for decades because of its versatility, durability, and timelessness. A true gentleman knows that it’s not just about wearing something nice but also knowing how to wear it well. For more information on this style or any other fashion tips, you may be interested in, feel free to reach out! We’re happy to help with whatever questions you may have. We hope this article has provided you with some great tips on how to clean stains from tweed suits. It is important for every man’s wardrobe, so take the time and effort to keep your suit looking fresh.

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