Feeling fresh every morning is essential to ensure you have a productive day but it’s also important to stay fresh throughout the day. This helps to lift your mood and also creates a good impression on others. But it can prove to be challenging when you’re stuck in the office all day, and it’s especially tough when the post-lunch lull sets in. One easy way to freshen up in such a scenario is to use a hand sanitizer. Try the Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Active Fresh variant, which is enriched with moisturisers and vitamin E, leaving your hands 99.99% germ free. The smooth gel also leaves your hands feeling soft, fresh and smooth, making it ideal for a quick pick-me-up. And, thanks to its small size, it fits perfectly in your bag or desk drawer, for easy access at all times. Follow these tips and tricks in order to stay fresh while you’re at work. Sleep well Getting an adequate amount of sleep works wonders towards keeping you fresh all day. Make sure you get around eight hours of sleep each night so you’re recharged and refreshed to face the day. Getting sufficient sleep will make you look better (that’s why it’s called ‘beauty sleep’), improve your mood and help you feel fresher too. Stay hydrated Drinking lots of water throughout the day keeps you feeling fresh too. Staying hydrated makes your skin glow and when you look fresh, you’ll automatically feel fresh too. Water also keeps your brain active, your body energetic, and fills you up so you won’t be reaching for unhealthy snacks that will affect your blood sugar levels and make you feel more sluggish. Shower daily Having a refreshing shower every morning works as a foundation to smelling and staying fresh all day. And a scented body wash especially creates a base layer of fragrance that’ll take you through the day. Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Body Wash is ideal as it’s infused with fresh, zesty lemon notes that keep you feeling fresh all day, while helping your skin to stay deeply cleansed and protected too. Keep mints handy Always have a pack of mints in your handbag or desk drawer so that they’re within reach at all times. It’ll freshen up your breath in an instant and this goes a long way to feeling fresh overall too. Have a desk scent Invest in aromatherapy candles or incense sticks and keep them lighted throughout your work day. If you can’t light them in your office, get diffusers instead or sprinkle a few drops of essential oils around your desk area. Get citrusy or minty fragrances as these work best for a burst of freshness. Take short breaks Break the monotony of your desk-bound job by going for a walk every 30-60 minutes, even if it’s just to the pantry for a glass of water. It’ll freshen you up plus it’s good for your health to get moving too. References: https://www.nbcnews.com/better/diet-fitness/ https://www.theguardian.com/ As an adult trapped in the MNC culture, I have to say that keeping fresh is easier said than done. We are all stuck in the mundane ups and downs of life without any time for ourselves. And our motto has boiled down to rushing out of the house at the last minute and somehow just getting through the day, regardless of how we feel. We do very little to keep ourselves rejuvenated, upbeat and energetic in the process! So here’s to making our lives easier and giving ourselves the due attention. These 16 easy tips will definitely help you get through the day fresh and fine!

1. Sleep for 6-8 hours every day.

It’s the perfect way to recharge yourself from head to toe. Put your phone aside and hit the bed at the right hour, after a long day’s work. #BeautySleep

2. Start your day with exercise.

Getting rid of those endorphins is as crucial as taking a morning dump. And a sweaty start to the day can actually make you feel rejuvenated and alive. This goes for people who workout in the evening too.

3. Brush your teeth properly and twice every day.

Spend 5-7 minutes of your bathroom time to cleanse your teeth, twice every day. A dirty mouth is a dirty feeling and none of us wants to talk to a shabby mouth, do we now?

4. Do not skip breakfast.

If you miss out on the most important source of energy you need to get through the day, then naturally, you’re going to feel tardy and lazy.

5. Drink lots and lots of water.

Especially if you feel hungry untimely or love eating oily food.

6. Eat at least one fruit daily.

They’re rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants… very crucial for a fresh face.

7. Drink haldi-doodh (turmeric – milk) or just milk if you don’t have haldi before you sleep.

My grandmom told me about this long ago. A super effective way to wake up fresh every morning.

8. Keep a moisturizer handy. It’s a quickie to freshen up anytime, anywhere.

This goes for men as well!

9. Use fragrant soaps and gels.

Especially during summers. They keep your skin fresh and cool throughout.

10. Set your body postures right.

Right body postures are not just good for your health, but they also give you a confidence high. And confidence reeks freshness as it is.

11. Wash your hair every day.

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair every day won’t damage it. It doesn’t mean you shampoo it on a daily basis, but dry rinsing works just as much.

12. Carry antiperspirants and deodorants.

One is for odour, other is for sweat.

13. Wear fresh clothes every day.

While some of us want to wear the same jeans for the entire week, it’s advisable to change or at least alternate your clothes.

14. Take care of your feet.

Some of us tend to have sweaty feet. If that’s the case then extra care must be taken. Smelly feet will only make you feel dull and awful.

15. Quit smoking.

Most of us love the chai-sutta combination to binge on throughout the day. It’s not only damaging your health but majorly making you look dull and old. Stop now or forever regret.

16. Meditate

For the mind, body and soul. Start with 5 minutes a day and see the difference. You’d be surprised, guaranteed.

Now go on and get fresh!

Model Beauty Clear Skin Glossy Lips EyelashesPhoto: Shutterstock.com You have a lot to think about. Your day is pretty hectic, stressful even with life’s basics: long work days, trying to fit in some gym and family time, eating healthy and a good night’s sleep. You can easily overlook the importance of preventative hygiene to keep yourself healthy. Often the last thing on people’s minds is skincare. Of course, there are a select few who do prioritize this, but the majority start and end their skincare regimens with their daily showers. However, with the skin being the largest organ in the human body and having a surface area of approximately 2 square meters, it’s a pretty important part of your body to take into consideration! So, how does one keep their skin clean and healthy throughout the day? Here are a few tricks provided by those who do prioritize their skincare!

Start With Your Daily Shower.

This is a great way to start your day allowing your skin to feel fresh and clean. Keep your daily showers short and warm, as too much heat can dry out your skin, and increase your chances of infection. In addition to your daily shower, it is also recommended to rewash your face at the end of the day, or after sweating.

  • Make sure your facial soap is clean, simple, and void of harsh chemicals and antibacterial elements as they can irritate your skin. Keep in mind, over washing is not good either. It can strip your skin of the natural oils and good bacteria it needs to flourish on its own.
  • A good exfoliation is needed daily to remove dead skin and get blood flowing to the surface levels. You can use a loofah, facial sponge, or washcloth to do this.
  • You’ll want to add a light moisturizer when your done washing that hydrates your skin but doesn’t clog pores. Many people also choose one with a UV protector, which is not a bad idea if you will be in and out of the sun. It is also a good idea to switch moisturizers from season to season, as the winter months can be harsh on your skin by drying it out.

Attractive Woman Looking Mirror Skincare BeautyPhoto: Deposit Photos

Keep your Hands off of Your Face!

You are touching a large number of surfaces throughout the day so your hands pick up dirt, germs and oils. This includes your phone! Do not transfer these items to your skin, eyes, nose or mouth. They will not only clog your pores but can be the transfer point in which a virus or bacteria enters your body.

  • If you must rub your eyes, grab a tissue, or use the back portion of your hand.
  • When you use your phone, keep it off of your face.
  • If you wear glasses or protective eyewear, make sure to clean them frequently so you can avoid clogging your pores with dirt and oil around your eyes and nose
  • Keep your hair clean and away from your face. This, too, can cause pimples from clogged skin.

Attractive Woman Drinking Water Bracelets Orange NailsPhoto: Shutterstock.com

Keep Yourself Hydrated

As they say beauty starts within! One of the primary keys to healthy skin is indeed keeping yourself hydrated. In fact, one of the first signs of dehydration is dry skin! Remember we told you what a large and important organ your skin was? It thoroughly reflects the status of our bodies. When we are ill, our skin heats or cools, when we are overheated, it reddens, when we lack sufficient hydration, our skin dries up. Listen to your skin; it could be telling you something!

  • The recommended daily water intake is approximately 64 ounces a day.
  • The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is currently recommending that men drink 104 ounces of water per day, which equates to 13 cups and that women should drink roughly 72 ounces, which breaks down to 9 cups.

Consider a Natural Supplement

Many dietary supplements contribute to healthy skin. Most of them are antioxidants that work to slow cell aging and reduce cell death. One such product is turmeric, a potent spice containing curcuminoids. In fact, improving skin health and enhancing the body’s antioxidant capacity is one of the primary benefits of turmeric. However, some products support collagen synthesis, a critical process in the growth and regeneration of skin. These supplements include collagen itself, vitamin C, zinc, and various amino acids found in bone broth. Beauty Model Spraying Face SpritzPhoto: Shutterstock.com

Use a Spritzer During the Day

This is a great way to keep your skin feeling and looking great. It removes excess oils, hydrates, and coats your skin to keep pollutants out. It is often the boost your skin needs midday, or even twice a day to rejuvenate. It will also help keep away frown lines and wrinkles. You can create your own herbal spritzer by combining a few essential oils such as rose, sandalwood and bergamot with water. For maximum potency, let this mixture sit for a few days before using it.

Watch your Alcohol!

Believe it or not, more than one glass of alcohol can cause more harm than you can imagine. Consuming alcohol enlarges the blood vessels near the surface of your skin, and can leave them open for long periods of time. Clinical studies have shown that alcohol intake can aggravate preexisting skin conditions such as psoriasis, with additional redness and inflammation. And to top that off, all alcohol dehydrates the skin leaving it less plump and fresh looking. Steer clear! You’re busy, things pile up until you can’t stand it or all of a sudden you have company coming over — and you have to do something about it right now. Then you go into a mad dash to clean everything. And you hate every minute of it. Does this approach to cleaning house sound familiar? You’re not alone. “Most people want to clean as infrequently as possible, so that translates to ‘I’m going to do everything all at once,’” says Rachel Hoffman, author of Unf*ck Your Habitat: You’re Better Than Your Mess. The thing is, marathon cleaning is the worst possible approach. It’s a matter of shifting focus from ‘this entire place is a disaster’ to ‘those are dishes, I can deal with those.’ But why? “Once you’re done with that marathon, sure your house is clean, but you’re exhausted and probably frustrated,” Hoffman tells NBC News BETTER. What’s worse, “you are now associating having a clean home with all of the stress that comes with marathon cleaning. [While] it might be a good time to say ‘keep up with it now,’ in the back of your mind you say ‘that was terrible,’ so you have all these negative associations with cleaning.” And these sentiments likely echo earlier associations, she says. “How many of us when we’re kids, you have this trashed room and cleaning it is a punishment?” No wonder the cycle continues to repeat itself.

Our Notions of Housekeeping May Be Unrealistic

Unfortunately, Hoffman says, conventional housekeeping systems are often written by and for naturally tidy people and people who don’t necessarily know how to reach someone who isn’t, she says. What’s more, they often make assumptions about the people using them. “They own their house and live there with a nuclear family. [The woman] might stay at home — there’s often a very traditional aspect to it,” she says. While Hoffman doesn’t want to exclude anyone who matches that profile, “there are so many people who don’t fit into many of those boxes,” she says, “when you’re reading something that says ‘Tuesday you do xyz,’ and you’re like, ‘I’m at work till 8 and when I get home I’m exhausted.’ There are a lot of ways people are living their lives. For me ‘habitat’ is where you are, whether that’s a shared room or a dorm or a whole house to yourself. That’s your space and you deserve to love it. My goal is that every one of these people see there is a way to conquer your mess.” And the way to do that, she says, comes down to a few key concepts. Start breaking yourself of the marathon habit, Hoffman says, by training yourself to do short bursts of cleaning followed by a break. “Set a timer. When it goes off, you stop and do something else. Sit down with cup of tea or take the dog for a walk or mess around on the internet. If necessary you get right back to cleaning [when the break is over].” That could be 20 minutes and 10 minutes, or five and 45, whatever it takes.

Ignore the big picture

The whole house is a mess? Forget about it. What can you do right now? “I try to train people to refocus on the small things and how much of a difference they make when you’re doing them regularly and over time,” Hoffman says. “A lot of people look at the big picture and get overwhelmed. It’s a matter of shifting focus from ‘this entire place is a disaster’ to ‘those are dishes, I can deal with those.’ It’s a concrete, small thing you can deal with. This is a way for people to say ‘I can.’”

Make your bed

And those small things can start with just making your bed. Hoffman’s a huge fan of the childhood chore. “The reason that’s a good idea is it’s a very small time investment,” she says, “but it immediately makes your bedroom look cleaner and neater. Even if you’ve got the floordrobe (aka a heap of clothes on the floor), if you’ve got a made bed it pulls things together a little bit. I know I’m calmer if I’m looking at a made bed rather than a messy one.” Better still, “it’s easily repeatable so as you build that habit it becomes easier to build on and get new habits.” How much of our mess can be just averted entirely by putting it away and not down?

Put it away, not down

There’s nothing new about this one, but for good reason. One of those new habits you build can be putting things away — straightaway. “How much of our mess can be just averted entirely by putting it away and not down?” Hoffman says. It’s another small time investment, just a couple minutes, she says, that can reap big rewards.

Do you know where your laundry is?

“When you wash things there are three steps,” Hoffman says. Her rallying cry, often seen in her social media challenges is wash, dry, and put it away. “Everyone forgets to put it away,” she says, so we end up with the “Big Rock Laundry Mountain.” If you’ve done a load of laundry or washed the dishes, it’s not done until they’re put away, she says. It’s all part of “training yourself to create a habit of putting things away before they can make a mess.”

Bribe as needed

Still can’t quite get going? How about a little carrot on the stick? “I’m 100 percent in favor of bribing yourself,” Hoffman says. “It’s absolutely the most effective way of getting yourself to do something.” Whether that’s a cup of special coffee or the next episode of whatever podcast or Netflix series you’re bingeing, it’s a thing you love that you can enjoy without guilt if you’ll just do this kind of unpleasant thing.” If you’ve done a load of laundry or washed the dishes, it’s not done until they’re put away.

Step away from the phone — or at least swap Instagram for this tumblr

Hoffman has run a tumblr for several years where she reblogs readers’ before and after pictures. “The overwhelming response is, ‘OMG, that looks like my house,’” she says. “At this point we’re really only seeing very, very carefully curated snapshots of people’s lives,” and that includes her own, she says. “If I’m taking a picture I’m clearing everything out of the background. If you went to wide lens you’d be horrified.” The danger here, she says, is that “by constantly comparing our everyday reality to what other people are choosing to present it’s always going to make us feel inadequate because you think everyone else has it together.” In reality, she reminds visitors to her blog — who are all enthusiastically supportive of one another — “there are many, many many more people like us than there are like them.”

Now what?

If you’re raring to go, there’s no time like the present. “Go clear off a counter or a tabletop,” Hoffman says, “whichever one stresses you out most.” (And then maybe go have that reward!)


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