How to treat wrist tendonitis

Wrist Tendonitis Wrist tendonitis treatment Roland Liebscher-Bracht Germany’s trusted pain specialist Read more THE PAIN SPECIALISTS Over 30 years of research and hands-on experience make the Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy what it is today: an outstanding approach to naturally treating pain conditions. Making use of the mechanics of the body, it offers people the

How to fix brassy hair color

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. My last highlight job was the perfect storm of Mercury-retrograde misfortune, resulting in every blonde’s worst fear: brassy hair. My first mistake was going to a new salon and

How to get a skin on minecraft

Do you love playing Minecraft? Today you’ll learn how to customize your own character to make the game even more fun. Join along as we reveal in simple steps how to make a Minecraft skin. If you’re interested in learning more about customizing the game by creating your own buildings, animals, and more, check out

How to lose two pounds a week

Most people want their weight loss to be quick and drastic, which is totally understandable, but that strategy can seriously backfire and cause you to gain all the weight back afterward. If you’re just starting out on your journey, a goal you may be thinking of setting for yourself is to drop one to two

How to make liniment

Some herbal preparations belong in every medicine cabinet. Many of us are looking for that one “go-to” herbal remedy that provides relief from a multitude of ailments. That’s where Jethro Kloss’ Liniment comes in. You might not be familiar with his name (that’s where we come in) but his trusted herbal liniment recipe can benefit

How to burn fat without losing muscle

So you spend week after week at the gym working your way towards your fitness goals. However, you are not seeing the results that you had hoped for. How to lose fat without losing muscle? The muscles you have been building seem to be hidden behind squishy fat. Well, what if we told you that

How to take msm powder

The Swedish Rheumatism Association reckons that around 30% of osteoarthritis sufferers take various dietary supplements to reduce their pain. One of these is MSM powder. MSM is short for methylsulfonylmethane and is a natural product which has numerous health benefits attributed to it. This is because MSM contains organic sulfur, which is already present in

How to make liniment

What is a liniment? A liniment is an herbal remedy that is used topically to help alleviate pain in sore muscles and soft tissues. It’s usually made with either rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, so the herbs can be easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. Oils can also be used, but they don’t have

How to remove pubic hair permanently

Are you wondering how to remove pubic hair? Not only women, but a lot of men also groom their pubic parts for personal preference or aesthetic reasons. Since the skin around the pubic parts is sensitive, it’s essential to choose a method that gives you better results with minimum risks. The option can be confusing,