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Recipe Photo Crikkit avatar By Jayme Makowski from Bellaire, MI I love this «finger» jello and best thing — it is fat free.
This is the original recipe that was found on the back of the Knox gelatin box.
Also included is a creamy version that is definitely not fat free — but delicious.
Aquired from my Aunt Lynda

Ingredients For knox blocks

  • 4(1/4 ounce packets) knox unflavored gelatin
  • 3 box(3 ounce each) jello — your choice of flavor

How To Make knox blocks

  • 2Mix Knox gelatin and Jello in a bowl. Mix very good or lumps (hard spots) will form when set.
  • 3Slowly add boiling water to gelatin, stirring until thoroughly mixed.
    Pour mixture slowly into a 9×13 baking dish.
    Refrigerate until set.
  • 4CREAMY VERSION: Add 1 cup of heavy cream after the water. When set the cream will come to the top, making a 2 layer treat. (No longer fat free, but delicious)
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Jodi Marie in Chica «Enjoy and old-fashioned favorite. I have loved Knox blocks since I was a kid and was surprised to not see a recipe here. So I thought I would add one. For those who don’t know what Knox Blocks are they are the original Jello Jigglers and I think a little more tasty.»

Ready In:


  • 3 (3 1/4 ounce) packages Jello gelatin (any flavor)
  • 4 (1 ounce) envelopes unflavored gelatin
  • 4 cups boiling water


  • Heat the Four Cups of Water Until Boiling.
  • Combine the Jello and Gelatin together in a bowl.
  • Pour in the water.
  • Stir until completely dissolved.
  • Pour into a glass dish or pan.
  • Put in refrigerator about 2 hours to cool and set.
  • When set cut into squares.
  • How many you get depends on how large you cut them. You can also use cookie cutters for shapes.

Questions & Replies

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  1. beth3386Hello all, may I recommend getting grass-fed gelatin over Knox? It’s available by the pound and is way better for you. This way you can get a good healthy dose of balancing amino acids for your body without any gmo weirdness and ethical dilemmas that part of the gelatin Knox uses. I make flavored gelatin and pour into mold or pans and eat them like a treat even though they’re great for joint, gut and skin health. Plus grass-fed gelatin cuts down my recovery time after exercise significantly, which means a lot at 52 y/o.
  2. tcrossI’m. Making these for my grands. I made these for my kids when they were little. I bought 2 .6 oz jello. How many Knox do I use for just 2 boxes of Jello. .6 oz
  3. How much knox do I use per box of jello
  4. How much Knox gelatin do I add to 6 cups of peaches for jam
  5. pojr630I’m looking for a recipe which consists of: Unflavored gelatine, cream cheese, and several different vegetables julienned made into a mold. Does anyone have it or know how to find it. Thanks

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  1. QuirkyIQI have been making this recipe for nearly 40 years, now. I think they are actually called «Knox Blox» (a play on the spelling). I’ve found that using only boiling water, rather than half cold and half boiling water, eliminates the film that often forms on the surface of the jello when setting. Also, try cutting the set jello into very small pieces and alternate layering it with whipped cream in wine glasses or champagne flutes for a delicious and simple make-ahead dessert.
  2. the beeI’m putting this in my recipe box (as I always have to look up the Knox to gelatin ratio when I make them). My only change is to make a small batch. 1 envelope of Knox is 3 tsp; so I use one small box of gelatin and 1 envelope plus 1 tsp of Knox.
  3. These are simply the best!
  4. So happy to have found this. My mom use to make these for me all the time when I was little and would get sick they were my favorite sick good and snack whenever. Over the years she forgot how to make them and lost her recipe. I made these tonight for the 1st time ever and I’m in love took me back to being a kid again. My mom was happy she said wow never thought I would get to eat another one of these. My nieces who are 17 and 10 years old never had them and they loved them as well and the 17 year old does not like hello but she loves these. I am over the moon that I found this recipe and it is so easy I will be making these a lot.
  5. I had always made these for my children and had originally found the recipe on a Jello box. I always forget the ratios so this is a Godsend. I still make these and have adults that have never tasted one. They all love them and want to make them for their grandchildren. This recipe has surely stood the test of time!

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  1. Penny P.When my kids were growing up I made these alot but didn’t just use water. Adding fruit juice made them even tastier. The favorite was canned pineapple juice with lime jello or orange jello. Any fruit juice would work. I always got compliments from other mothers and their kids.

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