The quest for the easiest way out of doing things will always be a constant feature in the lives of humans. This is because people desire quick and accurate results at the snap of their fingers or with them making the littlest of efforts, if at all. Because of this, people keep asking if it is possible to beat scantron or to cheat on scantron tests. The answer is yes, you can use any of the scantron test cheats available, to pass. People often want to know, can the scantron test cause a child not to pass the current grade? Yes, it can, but only if the child makes a move first to invalidate the answers he or she has already picked.

What Is Scantron?

Scantron is a term used to refer to either of two things. First, it is used to refer to a type of machine that is used to scan and assess a special type of test paper for the number of markings made on it. The markings represent the answers made by the student taking the test, and as such, their grades. Secondly, scantron is used to refer to the special type of paper which the machine uses in grading the tests. Scantron technology makes use of beams of light to scan through the special scantron sheets, to accurately record the markings of students on the paper as either wrong or right, based on previously prepared answers. Developed as far back as the year 1972, scantron has formed a solid base upon which a lot of tests have been held and rated. The affordable price and high efficiency of the machine made it a must-have in every school for effortless and quick grading of up to hundreds of students. Despite its usefulness in the era in which it was created, scantron technology has evolved in recent times to become even better. Now, not only can scantron scan and grade the papers, but it can also record and pinpoint the exact performance of the students in answering the questions. It has already been established that you can fool the scantron machine into favoring you. While this is no easy feat, the rewards are rather promising, and if you’re able to pull it off, then your chances of passing the test without trying so hard will increase infinitely. There is one way that you can cheat the scantron machine.

  • When you’re not sure of your answers, then you can darken the black rectangle that is right next to the boxes where the letters are. Doing this can make the machine skip that question and go to the next, without counting it as part of the questions to be answered. You can darken the boxes with a pencil, a pen, or a marker.

How To Cheat On A Scantron Test

Whether or not these ways to cheat on scantron tests are effective, many would swear by it enough to pass it on to others who may need it. For many years, some students have waged war against being marked down by the school authorities, and here are a few of the ways some people used to beat scantron.

  1. Choose Your Best Guess

Many times we’re unsure of what answers to pick because we’re confused by the options. However, choosing the option that resonates better with you, is key when it comes to how to hack scantron. Statistically, when you use the method that eliminates the least likely answers, you’re left with your best guess. When you understand the need for and develop a keen eye for spotting errors in questions, you’re on your way to mastering how to cheat on a scantron test. Sometimes, recognizing and removing the wrong answers is all the genius it takes to pass a scantron test. Yes, it’s boring work and not at all what you expect from such a title as “how to cheat a scantron exam”, but it’s not like you’re allowed to go anywhere before you finish. You might as well just sit tight and try to make calculated guesses.

  1. Copy Possible Formulas and Key Points Into Your Calculator

Seeing as some institutions allow students to take their calculators with them, you can copy some key points and formulas onto your graphing calculator. They’ll help you sort out your math and physics exam problems. This has proven to be a neat, easy and effective trick with only one caveat. Since some teachers became aware of this trick by students, they made it mandatory for students to remove the batteries of their calculators as they enter the exam halls.

  1. Study

Boo! Refund! Sure. But then, that’s the best non-cheat method of scantron cheating. Think about it. It’s the best way to pass a test without bothering yourself about how to pass every scantron test, or how to fool the scantron. It gives you a better and clearer understanding of the subject matter. Also, it saves you enough time instead of focusing on how to get 100 in every scantron test. Study and study some more.

Ways To Cheat On A Scantron Test

Some students who have mastered the art of cheating during an exam with scantron have succeeded in creating a system of some sort for themselves. Below are some of the ways they suggest for scantron test cheats:

  1. Copy some answers and pointers on the inside of the door of the bathroom. Chances are that the tips you’ve copied would correspond with the topic at hand. Be sure to not stay too long in the bathroom, that it becomes suspicious.
  2. Smear a light layer of lip balm on your scantron paper. This has been rumored to work for at least 25% of students who have tried it. The caveat to this kind of scantron cheating is that sometimes, people apply lip balm/ chapstick too thickly to their papers. This can disqualify them entirely if the examiner notices it.
  3. Write the “Answer key” in the box provided for teachers to determine the type of paper it is. What this does is that it sets your paper as the marking guide for the test, and while this seems like a good scantron cheat, it is the riskiest. Agreed, this method of scantron cheating will earn you 100 points, but if you’re caught, you could face some serious punishment. What’s more, it could fail everyone else that comes after you.

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Scantron Hack: How Is It Possible?

Contrary to what you might think, hacking scantron has nothing to do with messing with the algorithms or software programming of the machine. Rather, to hack scantron simply means to make use of the many shortcuts available, to get from scantron what you normally wouldn’t. On that note, here are a few of such scantron hacks.

Use the right type of pencil

Scantron machines are designed to recognize and read only marks made clearly on the paper, and this is made so much easier by shading in your answers with a #2 pencils. The coloring that the #2 pencil uses is both very visible to the naked eye and easily read by the machine. Failure of the scantron machine to read or recognize your answers because you used the wrong pencil will result in your test answers being flagged or marked as incorrect, even though they are the right answers.

Fill the right way

Yes, there is a right way to fill out your answers on a scantron test, and the details are usually explained before the exam starts. When filling out your answers, there are some things you should note, such as

  • Avoid filling in patterns. If you don’t know the answer, then move on to the next one. If after the test you still have some unanswered questions, then you can use the elimination method to get your answer. Forget about the wrong and unlikely answers, and focus on the potentially right one. If you follow a particular pattern, then it is easy for your instructor to see it and fail you.
  • Drawing lines on your scantron is wrong, and will only help you fail quicker. This is because the machine can be confused by the lines (especially if they are zigzag) or be unable to read them. After all, the lines are too faint to count, if it even gets to the machine. If an examiner notices the lines, they might ask you to retake the test, or even invalidate your paper altogether.

How To Pass A Scantron Test

Taking a scantron test is not as difficult as a lot of students make it out to be. When you consider passing the test, however, then you will understand that it is a bit of a hassle to pass without scantron cheating. This is not to say that cheating is the only way to pass a scantron test, it just means that it would be a bit harder to go about passing the conventional way.

  • Obey all the rules

Strictly observing all the laid down rules will put you in a good position to pass your tests. When you meet all the criteria and do what is expected, then the chances of your paper having or being an issue is greatly reduced, and so you have a higher chance of passing.

  • Reduce damaging your paper

If your paper is smeared or appears to be tampered with, then there are likely to be problems with the grading. The scantron machine might read the smears as wrong answers, and so lower your score, or it could spit your test out as invalid. So yes, this means no doodling on the sides of your paper because that also counts as damaging the paper.

How To Get 100 Percent On Scantron Test

Scantron tests, like any other tests, have a small window for students to achieve a perfect score, so it is tricky to find a surefire way that tells you how to get 100 on every scantron test or how to pass every scantron test. A lot of the sites and platforms that promise such are selling snake oil and trying to hoodwink unsuspecting students. There are some ways, however, for you to follow, to make scantron tests easier to pass. Some of these scantron cheats are outlined below.

  • The key to change

If you choose to do this, then you have to pray very hard that you do not get caught, otherwise you are probably going to face the highest form of discipline your instructor can dish out. It will be a direct insult to your teacher’s ability to think and create questions with unique answers. What happens here is, after marking your scantron exam paper, you fill out the answers you’ve marked onto your scantron exam sheet, under the “answer key” section of the paper. Changing the answer key is a scantron cheating trick because it not only makes all your answers to be graded as correct, it also spells failure for those coming after you. When an examiner notices that all the tests after yours are being marked as wrong, even after checking the sheets and finding that the right answers he or she has previously prepared are being flagged as incorrect, then there is bound to be some trouble. The numerous wrong answers will make the teacher suspect that you have found out how to cheat a scantron exam, and he or she might flip out.

  • Study well for your upcoming tests

The place of studying in taking a test has been so looked down upon that people don’t even bother to pick up a book anymore, even when they have exams right around the corner. Yes, you want to get 100 marks on your test or exam, and you want to do it with minimal effort. However, studying well for any tests or exams that might be coming up will remove the chances of you using any scantron cheating tips to answer questions, and it will help you stand blameless before any teacher, instructor or panel to defend your work as all yours. You do not have to resort to using scantron cheats, no matter how appropriate or fitting it might seem to be to just use them and get your work over and done with. Studying and knowing what you have taken in is a kind of knowledge that stays with you, even after you have passed the immediate scantron exam or test.


Scantron tests have been around for a long time, and they don’t show any signs of ever disappearing, if anything, they are being improved upon and the software are being upgraded. The upgrades mean that cheating on the tests will be a bit harder than it is now, but when that bridge comes, there will surely be others who have crossed it before or have found an easier way around it. Remember that the principal rule about cheating is to not get caught, and so if you’re using any of the tips listed above, then be sure to use them with discretion and reasonably. It’s either you do that or you risk getting caught and punished severely for cheating. The Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson University reported that more than 75 percent of college students cheat on exams or school work at least once during their undergraduate careers. One of the critical ways to spot cheating is to know how it happens. We looked at several sites including Reddit for discussions on how students cheat on exams. So, beware of these cheats: The ringer – the ringer comes into an exam and fills the Scantron™ form. When finished, the ringer gives her test to the enrolled student, and the enrolled student writes his student ID on that answer sheets. The fake exam done by the registered student is discarded or submitted with a wrong student ID. The eraser – students change his Scantron™answers to correct answers for responses left blank or erase previously bubbled questions to the right answer. The forger – students forging an entire answer sheet by re-bubbling answers and forging grading marks. The thief – an entire exam is stolen, and the thief changes the Scantron from another student to his student ID. The flying V – a group of students sit in a flying V formation. The smartest student sits in front allowing the student sitting in the V formation behind to view and copy the front person’s exam. The tactic works best in large lecture halls. The wandering eyes – as the name suggests, and probably the most accessible form of cheating, looking for answers to the person next to you. The communicator – for you Trekkies, using a device to communicate answers to others in the class via cell phone or computer. The cheats can be using text, instant message, Snapchat, or other forms of messaging. The Pepsi challenge – write notes on the inside label of a cola bottle. Act like you’re taking a drink to expose the notes on the label. When the student puts the Pepsi down, the cola covers the notes. This cheat works with any drink but works best with dark beverages such as Coke™ Pepsi™ or Dr. Pepper™. The exposure – student puts notes on her upper thighs under a dress. During the exam, the student moves her dress up slightly to view notes. When she stands up, the notes are concealed under her dress. The crystal nail(s) – this requires good eyesight and a new nail job. The student writes notes on her nail or nails, maybe just a formula, and then puts clear nail polish over the note. The cap – student puts crib notes on the bill of his baseball cap. Either the student must have a near perfect up-close vision, or the ball cap needs to come off to view the brim. Have a Coke (no smile needed) – student replaces the ingredients of a Coke label with notes for the exam. It seems that this regular Coke™doesn’t have sugar! The bathroom break – during the exam, a student asks the instructor to go to the bathroom. All kinds of cheating can happen on the trip. The student can use the “wandering eyes” technique, review crib notes hidden in the bathroom, or talk to a “ringer.” The decoder – the student types her notes in a programmable calculator. The student accesses the notes by typing in a formula or some other text that makes the notes visible. For example, X + 2Y = my crib notes. Eat the evidence – the student writes his notes on gum and then eats it after the test. Not my Clicker – student misses class and gives her clicker to another classmate. During a quiz, the student attending class answer with both clickers. OK, not scantrons. The heist – student(s) steal the test from the professor’s office before the exam. The fraternity – fraternities are notorious for maintaining test banks from previous exams. If the faculty member is known for keeping the same test or recycling questions, the student can memorize the answer key or at least study previous questions. The tights – we read about a student who wore thin tights under her skirt with crib notes written on her leg. To view her cheat sheet, she pulled on her tights, when taunt she could see through them. The gesture – a variety of hand signals or foot movements between students to signal A, B, C, D, or E. The Morse coder – students become proficient in a proprietary tapping language to signal test questions and answers. The grunge rocker – back in the 80’s grunge rockers started wearing ripped jeans; think Kurt Cobain. If you have enough holes, the student can use the rips to expose crib notes on their legs. The fashionista – for all this effort, you might as well study. We read on Reddit that a student created a dress with Chinese crib notes written into the fabric. Any language other than English would probably do the trick. We hope this list is useful. Academic integrity is a serious matter. Be familiar with your university’s policies and know what steps are available to you before an incident arises. Scantron, Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper are the registered trademarks of Scantron Corporation, The Coke-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Inc., and Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. respectively. If you are a student, you probably know how dangerous Scantron tests can be. You’ve also heard about Scantron cheating. The only problem is that you have no way of knowing which methods of Scantron cheating work and which don’t. In this blog post, we will be discussing the Scantron system (as well as how it works) and the various methods you can use to try to fool it into giving you a 100% score. We will also talk about the most popular Scantron myths circulating on the Internet. Remember, Scantron cheating can sometimes be dangerous because, if you fail, your professor may notice your attempt.

But What Is Scantron?

Before we show you how to fool the Scantron using various methods, we must first explain to you what this system is and what it is designed to do. So, what is the Scantron machine?

Used in both K-12 and higher education, Scantron is a standardized testing methodology as well as an automated grading machine. You are probably interested in cheating the machine, so we’ll talk about it for a bit. The system uses OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) to grade papers. Light coming from a scanner illuminates the test paper and helps the machine recognize the dark marks made by students.

There is also an online version: the Performance Series. Can the Scantron test cause a child not to pass the current grade? This is a common question asked by parents who want to use the Performance Series. Tests will always begin at or near the child’s current grade and will adapt to his ability level. The test will become easier if the child submits incorrect responses and vice versa. So no, the test cannot cause the child to not pass the current grade – provided he has studied in-between tests. Now let’s get back to the real deal. You probably know that you have 5 bubbles for each question, out of which you need to color one. The scanner will “see” the colored bubble and compare it with the key. The key is very important if you want to beat Scantron. It is fed to the machine by your professor and contains all the correct answers. The system will compare a student’s answers to the ones on the key. Now that you know how the system works, it’s time to get down to business.

How to Cheat on a Scantron Test – Let’s Find Out

You probably want a Scantron cheat because you are scared of the test. However, there are plenty of other reasons to try and learn how to cheat on a Scantron. Not everyone is scared of the test, yet most students search for a way to fool the system into giving them a 100% score. They probably do it because they would not be satisfied with anything less than 100 percent. Other students, unfortunately, have more pressing reasons to learn how to cheat a Scantron exam:

  • Perhaps you’ve suffered an injury or have fallen ill. This has prevented you from learning, so you are worried that you may not pass the exam. As a side note, did you know that you can get paid help from a team of experienced tutors and PhD degree holders in minutes right here?
  • You prefer to spend your time learning for other – more important – tests. We know that students have plenty of tests to deal with and that some are more important than others.
  • You probably want to make sure you pass or you absolutely need a top grade. Yes, students can fail a class if they fail the Scantron test. This is probably why you are looking to hack Scantron.

7 Ways to Cheat on a Scantron Test

Yes, there are ways to cheat on Scantron tests. This does not mean, however, that you cannot get caught. It also does not mean that you will automatically get a 100% score. Remember that your university may have some very tough penalties for cheating. Now that you have been warned, it’s time to talk about the 3 methods students have been using to cheat during these tests:

  1. The impersonation method. This is a pretty simple one, but you probably didn’t think about it. Basically, you find a friend of yours who knows the subject matter well and you ask him to come take the exam in your place. This may not work if your professor checks the identity of each student at the entrance of the lecture hall.
  2. The ringer method. You come with a friend to the lecture hall and your friend fills in the Scantron form. We will assume he knows what he’s doing. At the end of the exam, your friend passes the form to you and you write your own student ID. You can simply invalidate your form (which is blank or full of wrong answers) by entering an incorrect student ID.
  3. The erase method. You can leave certain answers blank until you find a way to get the correct answers (before the exam ends). For instance, you can ask to go to the bathroom. Also, you can erase wrong answers and choose the correct ones if you didn’t press too hard on the pencil.
  4. The copying method. You and your closest friends position yourselves in a V formation, with the best student in front of the formation. Everyone behind him will just copy his answers because the bubbles that are filled are pretty easy to see even from a considerable distance. A large lecture hall is the perfect place to try this.
  5. The black on black method. You can try to mark the black lines you see on the left side of the Scantron form. These lines are there to help the machine know where and how to scan the paper. Marking these lines works around 25% of the time, so you should try the method with the questions you really don’t know how to answer.
  6. The erasure method. You can erase the black lines on the left side of the paper using whatever means you deem necessary. This will sometimes cause the system to completely skip a question, thus giving you a correct answer.
  7. The hole in the paper method. Did you notice the big black block at the top of the Scantron form? We believe it’s there to tell the machine where to start scanning for questions and answers. By cutting it out, you can make the system skip directly to the block at the bottom of the form. The machine may consider that there are no questions on the exam paper, which should prompt it to give you a 100% score. This, however, is a risky maneuver. You can pass with a 100% score or fail the test completely. Also, your professor may notice the hole, so be careful.

A Scantron Hack: Is It Possible?

If you were looking for somebody to teach you how to pass every Scantron test, you’ve certainly run across some websites boasting about their ability to hack or crack the Scantron system. While this is probably possible (almost everything can be hacked), it is highly improbable that these services can hack a Scantron test. First of all, they don’t know the key. Second, most of these systems don’t rely on the Internet. They aren’t even connected to the Web, so you can’t access them remotely. And accessing them locally requires you to gain access to the inside of the machine. Pretty difficult to do when your professor is 10 feet away.

Scantron Cheats That Don’t Work

Also, if you’ve tried searching on the Internet for ways to get the Scantron to give you a 100% score without finding all the correct answers, you’ve probably came across some very strange “cheats”. These simply don’t work. Believe us, learning how to fool a Scantron is not easy. The system is constantly being updated to counter the latest attempts by students to confuse it. To make sure you don’t try any Scantron test cheats that will get you into trouble, we’ll list some of them here:

  • Using lip balm such as Chapstick on the Scantron form. This will certainly make the form greasy, but won’t fool the machine into giving you a 100% score. In fact, it can cause the system to mark some of your correct answers as incorrect. Don’t try this one because it definitely doesn’t work.
  • Using an incorrect pencil. Some students stated that they have received 100% scores by using a wrong pencil. You should use a #2 one because using another size might make you fail the test. Why? Because the system won’t be able to read it correctly and will not grade it at all. Why risk a failed grade?
  • Smearing the answers confuses the machine. It won’t make Scantron tests easier to pass. Even though it is clear that not filling the answer bubble fully can confuse the machine, it often leads to the system discarding the question and marking your answer as incorrect. In case the test is unreadable, you will fail completely of course.
  • Lightly shading the bubbles can get you a 100% score. Yes, this was a good way to fool the machine into grading an incorrect answer as correct – in the 1990s. Since then, Scantrons have evolved tremendously. There are several safeguards in place that make this method useless. It may even cause the machine to invalidate the entire test.
  • Writing “Answer Key” at the top of the test, in the Class field. Yes, this will cause the Scantron to reset. It will take your form as the answer key and replace your professor’s key. Great, right? Well, all the tests submitted after yours will fail – obviously. It’s going to be pretty clear who reset the machine. And besides, your teacher can simply look at your form and see that you’ve marked it as the answer key. Do NOT try this!

If you are looking for a Scantron test cheat, try to avoid the ones listed above because they do not work. We don’t know what other methods of cheating there are on the Internet, so we can’t say for certain that only the ones we’ve talked about work. However, whatever you try, make sure you have proof that it works. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a very tight spot when your professor notices what you’ve tried to do.

Getting 100 Percent on Scantron Test The Easy Way

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Other Things We Can Help You With

We have been consistently rated by our customer as the number one company for students looking to get top notch writing help. Our team of ENL writers and seasoned editors can help you with any essay, thesis or dissertation. Our experience and expertise enable us to write a paper on any subject and topic you can imagine – in any academic writing format you need (APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, and so on). Why would you risk failing a class when our writing services are so cheap? An expert from our company will help you with anything you need for school as fast as possible. Yes, even during the night. We have writers and editors who work exclusively during the night. In addition, our customer support department is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can always find the best help right here. Getting a cheap essay has never been easier. All you have to do is get in touch with us, tell us what you need and then sit back and relax. Our experts will take care of everything for you in no time. So, what are you waiting for? First, what is Scantron? Scantron is a type of testing system where the light that comes from the device is used to identify where dark marks appear on paper to mark an exercise. It is a prepared form of testing and is oftentimes used for multiple-choice questions. scantron cheating Scantron scans the papers and awards the score as it would have had it been a teacher that did the marking. It is a testing method popular with teachers and this might be due to the ease it provides. While Scantron enjoys more popularity at the Kindergarten and High school levels, the instant grading system remains one that continues to be in use. To hack a Scantron system in your favor, however, it is important to first know how Scantron works.

How to Use Scantron

With Scantron, the teacher’s responsibility is simply to already have the right answers put in the machine, trust the machine to recognize the answers provided by the students, and rightly award a grade.

The student who is taking a Scranton test fills out bubbles accordingly with their answers. Then the test is scanned by a Scranton machine, which gives you a score.

Many teachers would advise students to use a darker pencil to shade, as it has been realized that the machine reads with more accuracy when the shade is properly dark. It is also advised that testers, while shading, are not to shade above or below the bubble box attached to the options, so as not to confuse the machine.

How to Cheat on a Scantron Test

Many have complained about the inaccuracy of the Scantron machine, and it is, for this reason, a good number of persons have thought out and devised ways they believe work to be a Scantron cheat. While getting a 100 percent on a test is not impossible, using a Scantron hack can increase ones’ chances even better. Cheating on a Scantron test is no different from the sort of cheating that happens when a teacher is doing the grading. A student can attempt to take already worked on questions into the exam hall, and sneak looks on to the cheat sheet. Said student may also try to peek from the paper of others having the test. This method is however dicey, and the possibility of being caught is high, so it does not appeal much. It is for this reason many simply devise ways to beat a Scantron and tamper with the machine’s scoring system.

Scantron Test Cheats & Scantron Hacks

Before proceeding to try all or any of the hacks that would be discussed in this section, you must remembe that the same way the machine could be tampered with to make it read a 100, is the same way it could award a very low mark just as fast. The hacks focus less on tampering with the hardware, and more on hacking the test sheet itself.

  • How to Cheat Scantron Using the Wrong Pencil
    As explained earlier, it is important to use a pencil with a dark shade so that the machine can recognize the answer that was chosen. Realizing this, some people have chosen to die on the hill because using a lighter shade of pencil would confuse the machine into giving a better score.This test has yielded different results for different people, and while there have been more reports of failure than success, the latter might just happen for you. The No. 2 pencil is the advised one for Scantron tests, but using other less dark leads is one of the recommended hacks for one to cheat a Scantron machine to get the full score.
  • Lightly Shading or Smudging all the Boxes
    The answer to any question in a multiple-choice question test has to be one of the options. If you don’t know the answer, some choose to lightly shade all the options. This move confuses the machine, so well that it ensures a student passes all the Scantron tests. This might be one of the many ways to learn how to pass a Scantron test or how to make a Scantron read 100.
  • Shade in the ‘Key’ Box
    This would be found just at the top of a Scantron test sheet. For a Scantron machine to grade, one simply puts the paper in it, and it slides out of the other side, marked. The ‘key’ box when shaded is recognized by the machine as the sheet to contain all the right Scantron answers.This guise is one that if done correctly and if lucky, could have you alter the original answers as has been put in by the teacher, to then mark yours as a 100. This hack may affect the scoring system for every other paper that would be marked after yours.
  • Using a Sharpie on the Barcode
    Each Scantron sheet has its barcode. It is an add-on that earns its readability on the machine, but some believe that using a sharpie to shade it, as you would an option, would make it read 100. Like the last, people’s experience with this Scantron test cheat has varied. An overwhelming amount however has it that it was not at all scored.
  • Folding, to Crease the Paper
    The students desire to get a 100 percent on a Scantron, so it is not at all surprising that these ways thought out reads just a little wilder than the former. Folding the paper to make a crease at the sections that would have otherwise been shaded by a pencil is another method that has worked for some, to pass a Scantron test.

Scantron Chapstick Cheat

If you are a student who has taken a test using the Scantron system, you have likely heard of the chapstick hack. But the question remains, and many are still curious about it: “Does chapstick work on scantrons? How is it done?” To do the chapstick hack, all you need is chapstick and your fingers, because you will be smearing the chapstick on the Scantron sheet. This is a lot different from the other hacks already discussed above as there is no need for the concentration of the lip balm on Scantron through the answer boxes. It is, however, important that the page is not layered with chapstick. The aim is to lightly smear it over the paper, to confuse the machine. Aside from reducing your luck with the machine when you go heavy with the smearing, you become more likely to get caught by the Teacher, which is not a situation one would want to find themselves in. All you need to do is smear it down the side of the paper, and you are well on your way to success in that paper. This is a technique that invalidates the test. The location for where the smear should be made largely depends on who is being asked. Some insist that it should be smeared on the bar code present in a Scantron test sheet, while others maintain that it should be put on the rectangle box which would be found at the edge of the test sheet. It is also possible to try smearing the chapstick with a pencil already on the paper. The plan is to confuse the machine, and this would make that happen.

Having Problems With Your Tests?

The Scantron test is a marking system for multiple-choice questions that has become very popular. But with its popularity, the complaints have increased, with an interesting focus on how to secure a 100 percent even if undeservedly. Several actions have been explored to try and alter the way the machine is expected to work. The success rate of these ‘hacks’ has been low, but it has not stopped many from still trying them. From using a chapstick to smear the test paper, to choosing multiple answers instead of one, to not shading as dark to enable the machine to read it, and to drawing a horizontal line on all the answers. The current hacks for cheating on a Scantron test appear to lack some originality, though we would advise you to try them for yourself and see how you are graded before you choose to dismiss it. Cheating on a Scranton test might incure many worries, especially if you’re not prepared. Here are some commonly asked questions to reduce your confusion and make things clearer:

How does a Scantron machine work?

The Scantron machine has light beams that scan the entirety of the Scantron paper when it is inserted, that through the light, identifies where dark marks are positioned in the paper, which it then uses to award a grade. It is a reflexive-read technology because the Scantron test sheets contain infrared light reflexing ink. Six lights scan the form to identify where a bubble has been marked, and when these lights do not reflect through the paper, it communicates to the machine that an answer has been provided. This is why dark pencils are advised, to ensure recognition by the machine.

Does putting chapstick on a Scantron test work?

Yes, putting chapstick on a Scantron test works. Of all the other Scantron test cheats discussed, the chapstick Scantron hack has the highest reports of being successful. Like the rest, however, though, there have been times when no score was awarded when the paper was put in the machine. While it is only a meager 25 percent of people that have testified to its success, the other Scantron hacks do not come any close to this. The chapstick hack is regarded as a myth to be debunked in some conversations, but the fact remains that it has worked for several people, of which you may be next.

Can you use pen on a Scantron paper?

No, you can’t use a pen on Scantron paper. Considering the machine reads dark marks, it is not surprising that some are curious as to whether it reads the same if the ink is used on the paper. The answer to this question is — No. Well not if you are intending to get scored. This is however not an absolute answer. The technology to Scantron machines has improved so well that while it could only read the options provided by a dark pencil at its introduction, with newer systems, Scantron systems now read ink. Using colored pencils has been said to do the job. So far it satisfies the requirement of being dark, a pen can be used on Scantron paper.

When should you use a pen on a Scantron test?

You should use a pen to identify your answers where you are sure of the option you have chosen. Unlike a pencil, you cannot simply erase when you decide against the answer already shaded. If you are contemplating using any of the Scantron hacks as shared above, then it would not be advised to use a pen. It is difficult to smear, shade lightly, or fold to crease without making a mess of your paper, and it is, for this reason, the use of pencils is advised.

How are Scantrons graded?

Scantrons are graded the same way your teacher would grade your tests. The teacher is expected to have already imputed in the machine a paper that has the correct answers shaded. Following this, the machine would then test subsequent papers put into it, and score it based on what it has been told to score. As it is a machine, certain sections of the paper could alter the answer, and it is for this reason care is expected to be taken with them:

How to get 100 percent on Scantron test?

Reading, and adequately preparing for the test. This is a method tested and tried, and many swear to it. Even when you have settled with the decision to use a cheating hack, some ease may be enjoyed when you see answers to the questions that were asked, as it may increase your chances of getting the 100 you desire on a test.

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