Avatar Follow MacroView Mail allows you to save emails and attachments to SharePoint Online (Office 365) from any device that supports Outlook.

To save an email in Outlook on Android

Step 1: Open the MacroView Mail App

Open the email in the Microsoft Outlook App and tap the three dots in the top right hand corner of the email. 1.jpg Then select the MacroView Mail icon. 2.jpg Note: If this is the first time you have used the MacroView Mail App you will see the Welcome screen in which case you will need to accept the End User Agreement and click Start saving to continue.

Step 2: Select the items to save

If the email does not contain any attachments and you do not have the welcome screen enabled, MacroView Mail will automatically complete this step and start at step 3 below. Select whether or not you want to save the entire email and it attachments and which of the attachments you want saved separately. mceclip0.png You can set whether the email and/or attachments are selected by default under Settings

Step 3: Select where to save

Select the location where you want to save the email and/or its attachments. You can browse or search for a location in SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive for Business or you can choose from a Recent or Favorite location mceclip1.png Click on a location to drill into it or search for a location by entering text in the search box and hitting enter. mceclip2.png If the location is a valid save location you can click the disk icon mceclip0.png to save to that location or to save to the current location click mceclip1.png To go back up one level, click the back arrow mceclip1.png .

Step 4: Properties

Select a content type and enter any related metadata. mceclip3.png If a file with the same name already exists in that location you need to provide a different filename or you can check the option to Overwrite / version existing files. See this article for more information on the default email filename and how it prevents duplicate copies of the same email being saved in the same location. If the email content type selected has been configured in SharePoint to capture the emails non personal metadata, this information will be promoted to SharePoint making it even easier to find these emails using search. When done click Finish.

Step 5: Files uploading

The files uploading screen is displayed providing a link to open the location where the email and/or its attachments have been saved. mceclip4.png You can set whether this screen is displayed after clicking Finish or if the App automatically closes at this point under Settings Back in Outlook, once the save is complete, the email will be marked as ‘Saved to SharePoint’ and with its save location. If the setting to Move emails to folder after saving is enabled, the email will also automatically be moved to the configured Outlook folder.

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Introduction – If you have been struggling to view your Outlook emails on Android, it’s time to get this job done perfectly. This guide explains the easiest way to save Outlook emails on Android phone. So keep reading to get a complete understanding. Nowadays we spend a lot of time on our mobile phones. It is like a member of our life. We read, work, play, make money and do everything with this mini device. This is why Outlook users are looking for a quick way to save email on Android phone. The good news is that it is relatively easy to backup Outlook emails on Android with attachments. How do we say that? Download BitRecover PST Converter Wizard. It is an expert-recommended solution that can batch save Outlook emails on Android phone. The user can try the software for free. It helps you understand the complete process of printing emails from Outlook on an Android device with attachments. Download for Windows Download for Mac So, without wasting time, let’s jump into the process step by step. Before that, we would like to break the process to save emails from Outlook to Android into two parts: A Quick Introduction of the Solution The Outlook to Android saving tool is a valuable solution to save Outlook emails on an Android phone with attachments. It is a complete automatic solution that doesn’t require technical knowledge to complete the process. The utility support Outlook emails from all the editions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, and more. It is 100% safe and easy to use. Now, let’s take a look at the complete step-by-step process to save multiple emails from Outlook to Android devices.

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How to Save Outlook Emails on Android Phone?

Follow the given mentioned screenshots with descriptions to automatically save emails from Outlook to Android phone along with attachments. Note: Install the recommended tool and run it on your Windows computer. Please note that you can use the trial version to save 25 emails from Outlook to Android Mobile.

  1. You now have two options for selecting Outlook emails with attachments. If you have Outlook installed on your computer, activate the Convert Outlook-configured mailbox data option.run the software
  2. Choose Outlook Emails:
    It is also offered to upload emails without Outlook installation. Click the Select Files and Select Folders button to add data as needed. Then click the Next button.upload emails
  3. Select Files or Folders
    Check the required Outlook folder from the specified list in the software window and click on the Next tab.required Outlook folder
  4. Preview Email Folders:
    To easily save Outlook emails on an Android phone, select PDF from the list of saving options.save Outlook emails on an Android phone
  5. Browse Location:
    Now, click the browse button to select the location to save Outlook emails on an Android phone.Brwose location
  6. Start Process
    Finally, hit the login icon to start the processStart process

Impressive Features of the Utility

  • User-Friendly – A user usually wants a solution that is reliable, quick, and simple. The mentioned software is all three. From a beginner to expert all can use the solution to save Outlook emails on Android phone.
  • Save Outlook Email on Android with all Properties – The utility is a professional solution to backup Outlook emails to Android with attachments. It makes sure all the email components are maintained throughout the process. Structure of MBOX data. Also, the tool keeps intact the email components such as Sender/ Recipient details, subject, images, attachments, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Works without MS Outlook – If someone wants to save emails from Outlook to an Android without Outlook installation on a machine. Use the recommended software it doesn’t require MS Outlook to get the process done.
  • Get Outlook Emails on Android in Bulk – This is one of the topmost priorities of a user searching to save Outlook mailbox on Android. The program facilitates getting Outlook emails on Android phones in batches that reduces time and effort.
  • Windows OS Compatibility – Please note that the user can download the software on only Windows supportive machines. You can run the program on Windows 10, 8,8,1, and more.

FAQ : Save Outlook Emails on Android Phone

  • Can I save only my Outlook inbox emails on my Android phone?Ans: Yes, the software allows you to save selective Outlook emails on Android with all information.
  • How to get Outlook emails on android phone with attachments?Ans: Download the above application that is capable of saving Outlook emails along with attachments.
  • Can you download Outlook 2019 emails on my Android mobile?Ans: Yes, use the mentioned utility to simply save Outlook 2019 emails on Android. It supports emails from all the Outlook editions.

The Closing Thought

The above-written user guide briefs about how to backup Outlook emails on Android phone. With a professional tool, this is a fairly simple task. The best thing about the solution is that you can backup emails from Outlook to Android with attachments. This is useful if Outlook is installed or Outlook is not configured. If you want to test the program for free, you can download the free trial.

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