How to draw a snake

Ready for a double whammy? Learn how to draw a snake with two different tutorials covering two different poses. The first is a 6-step drawing tutorial of the snake slithering. The second tutorial is a 5-step tutorial of the snake striking. This is very cool! Did you know? Snakes are reptiles Snakes are carnivores (meat

How to hold a drumstick

One of the most important techniques a drummer must know is how to hold the drumsticks properly. Most drummers fail to realize the importance of drum stick grip; ultimately hindering their learning curve. When you play the drums with the correct stick grip, you will get the maximum bounce and control out of your drumsticks.

How to play the keyboard

Our guide on how to play the keyboard for beginners covers all essential topics. Learn about everything from hand position to playing your first chord. Ready to start a new hobby, or even add the keyboard to your musical range? It’s easier than you imagine with the right resources. Let’s start by creating a comfortable

How to get better at drawing

There is one particular thing about artists: no matter if they are beginners or seasoned and experienced, they are always looking for a way to perfect their craft. Practice does make perfect or at least, it can lead to developing the capabilities needed to achieve the type of artwork they are currently working on. Maybe

How to use hashtags

Aug 2022 / Blog What is there to consider about hashtags on TikTok in 2022? How are hashtags on TikTok different from those on Instagram? And what different strategies can brands pursue within their influencer marketing campaigns? In its guide to using hashtags on TikTok in 2022, Kolsquare offers some insights for marketers. The fact

How to do leg kicks

Debilitating your opponent’s movement by damaging his legs is usually done with the leg kick. As one of the basic kicks in MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, the leg kick has many different uses. From scoring points and gaging distance to crippling the opponent and even finishing him. Learning how to throw a leg kick