Facebook has recently released a new version of its messenger app called ‘Facebook Lite’ and it’s vastly different from its widely used and quite heavily criticized flagship messaging application. The standard Facebook messenger app is slow, drains battery life, chews up storage and is generally considered a resource hog for many reasons. Facebook Messenger Lite is the complete opposite. Facebook_messenger_lite_how_to_get How to Download Twitter Lite For Android Devices. The good news is the new version is slimmed down and slimmed down a lot! It was specifically designed for countries and areas of the world where mobile networks are slower than average and users are more conscious of data usage. The best part about the app is it is under 10mb, in comparison the full version is close to 60mb. Currently, however, Facebook-Lite is only officially releasing to Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. It will, however, be released worldwide at a later date, pending how the trial goes. Facebook Messenger Lite is also designed for improved reliability on a wider variety of Android devices, especially older models which may not have the resources to run the standard app to a user-friendly, smooth standard.

A Closer Look at Why Facebook Messenger Lite is So Much More Efficient.

Looking at Facebook Messenger Lite, it’s very tidy and straightforward, the interface is as simple as older models of Facebooks Messaging app. There are now only three windows to browse. Messages, Contacts and a very basic Settings menu, which only displays sound, notification, reporting and privacy settings. When using the messaging option it has been stripped back completely, showing only the person’s name you are chatting with and the messages you are sending or receiving. As for the functions, everything has been removed, including emojis. Leaving only the option to send pictures. For some strange reason, the fantastic THUMBS UP! option also remained. Messenger_lite Although Facebook Messenger Lite is targeting specific regions of the world with slower internet speeds and services, it does not make it undesirable for other users who may have access to fast Internet and top of the range devices. Messenger Lite is quick, simple, convenient and since the recent update, not anything like Snapchat. Something Facebook Messenger has been getting a lot of flack about in the review section on Google Play. Getting Your Hands on Facebook Messenger if you Live Somewhere Else in the World. To start using Facebook messenger in regions of the world it has not yet been released is quite a simple process. Although you cannot use Google Play to download Messenger Lite, it is available via an APK file. Follow the steps below for a quick install process. Download: Facebook Messenger Lite Installing Messenger Lite From a Desktop PC Using an APK file. Once you have tracked down the Messenger Lite APK file download it to your usual download directory or just simply save it to your desktop. The second step you will need to take is to enable third-party apps to be installed on your device. As follows. Settings > Security. Then tick the box Unknown Sources. Facebook_messenger_lite_installing Note: You can turn off enable third-party apps once you have finished installing Facebook Messenger Lite. For the next step, connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer which you have saved the APK file to and allow your phone be used as a media device/share files. Note: This option will differ depending on your device, just select the option that will allow you to transfer files between the two. Now cut or copy the APK file to the desired folder on your device. The easiest option is the download folder. Once you have the file on your phone, simply use your phone’s file manager App to locate it, tap it once to start installation. (There is a possibility you will get a warning saying you are trying to install an application that did not come from Play Store. This will depend on the device you are using.) After a few moments of installing Facebook Messenger Lite will be ready to use. Note: If your phone does not have a file manager by default, ES File Explorer is a simple one to use and is available for free on Play Store. Android_smartphone_messenger_lite Installing Messenger Lite Directly on Your Android Device Using the APK file. Installing Messenger Lite directly to your Android smartphone or tablet is even easier than using a Desktop PC or Laptop. Simply download the APK file to your phone, the standard download folder works quite well. After the download is complete, go to the download location using your phone’s file manager or if you have a download folder shortcut, tap this. Now, just tap the file to initiate the installation process. After a very brief installation process, you will have Facebook Messenger Lite. The standard Facebook app for Android—how can I put this delicately?—sucks. Not only is it probably draining more battery from your phone than most of your other apps, Facebook has gutted the messenger functionality from it in order to push a separate app and platform. There are alternatives to the official app, but most of them can’t also send user-to-user messages. Luckily, there’s an official solution that’s both efficient and effective: the Facebook Lite app.

What Is Facebook Lite?

Facebook created the Lite version of its Android app specifically for developing countries and other places where robust mobile Internet isn’t always available. It’s designed to offer access to all the basic functions of the site, including person-to-person messages, while using the smallest amount of bandwidth possible. The app is also designed to target low-cost phones themselves. To this end, it’s much smaller and less complex than the full Facebook app: while the standard Facebook application from the Play Store is 162MB for the application alone (without cached images and such) and Facebook’s Messenger app is another 104MB, the latest version of Facebook Lite is only 4.5MB. Messenger Lite is pretty much the same thing as Facebook Lite…but for Messenger. Stop me if I’m going too fast here. It’s a lightweight version of the app that has fewer features, but uses less storage and bandwidth. The odd thing is, the instant messenger functionality of Messenger is available inside the Facebook Lite app, making Messenger Lite somewhat superfluous. Messenger Lite can handle images and stickers that Facebook Lite can’t, so if those are important to you, it can be useful. Unfortunately, Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite aren’t officially available on the Play Store in some of Facebook’s biggest markets, like the United States. Facebook would really prefer those users go to its full app (with its lucrative advertisements) rather than the one designed for more limited areas, and use the separate Messenger app too. Luckily, it’s simple to download a version of the app and install it manually.

Step One: Allow Third-Party Apps

Before installing an Android app from outside the Play Store, you’ll need to enable the installation process in the Settings menu. (If you’ve already done this, proceed to step two.) Note that this process might be slightly different on different devices, but you should be able to find the “Unknown sources” option on just about any Android device by following similar instructions to these. Open the main Settings menu, then tap “Security.” Tap the option labelled “Unknown Sources.” Tap “OK” on the warning that pops up. Now you’re ready to download the APK. If keeping the unknown sources option open bothers you, you can disable it again when you’re finished—Facebook Lite will still work after it’s installed.

Step Two: Download the Facebook Lite APK

Open your phone’s web browser and head to this link. Messenger Lite is at this link–just follow the instructions for Facebook Lite below in the same manner. APK Mirror is a repository of verified Android APK files—everything on the site is checked for authenticity and safety. Select the latest version of Facebook Lite from the list beneath the description. Select the “arm” version if you have a standard Android phone, or “noarch” if your phone uses an Intel chip. If you’re not sure, select “arm.” Now scroll down and tap the “download” button, then tap “OK” as the browser warns you about the APK file.

Step Three: Install the APK

Swipe down from the notification bar. You should see the APK file you just downloaded. Tap it to begin the process. In the next screen, tap “Install.” That’s it, you’re ready to go. Open the app from your home screen—it’s labelled “Lite” in the app drawer and has a white icon rather than Facebook’s normal blue. Log in with your account and you’ll see your standard timeline. The interface is pretty straightforward: the icons at the top go directly to the Timeline, Contacts, Messages (this is the internal messenger you’re looking for), notifications, and Search pages. The icon with three horizontal bars is the main menu, wherein you’ll find links to less-used parts of the app and the Settings menu. If everything looks good, feel free to uninstall the larger Facebook app and Messenger. But be aware, since you’ve downloaded Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite as a non-Play Store app, it won’t be updated automatically. You may want to check APK Mirror periodically for an updated version. READ NEXT

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Messenger Lite icon 60.6 M

An official Facebook messaging client that’s a whole lot lighter

Older versions Messenger Lite is an official client developed by Facebook for its well-known instant messaging service. The biggest draw is that this client takes up much less space than the standard version, occupying a little less than 10 megabytes. This makes it lighter, which means it can run without any problems on older devices with previous versions of Android. The application is an official one, so it has practically all the same functions as the original chat service, enabling you to talk with your friends individually or in groups by sending and receiving text, images, videos, and stickers. The difference between this client and unofficial ones that you can find online is that Messenger Lite can work in the background and send notifications for messages from your friends, like triggering vibrations or lighting up the device’s screen when there is any activity. In practical terms, it has the same features as the original client without taking up as much space and consuming as many resources, which is what Facebook applications are generally known for. Messenger Lite is a fantastic alternative to the official Facebook client. It’s especially useful in countries where wireless connections struggle with the huge amount of data needed to run the official client. It’s also compatible with a large number of devices and older versions of Android (as far back as 2.3 Gingerbread), though of course you can use it no matter what your situation is. Reviewed by Andrés López


  • Requires Android 2.3 or higher

Frequent questions

Which is better: Messenger or Messenger Lite?

Messenger Lite is the best choice for anyone who wants to use the app just to chat. You can only use Messenger Lite to chat and send emoji, whereas with Messenger, you can send audio files and more.

How can I download Messenger Lite?

You can download Messenger Lite by searching for the APK file on the Uptodown website, where you’ll find the latest version of the app. There, you can also find various previous versions.

How do I update Messenger Lite?

To update Messenger Lite, go to the Uptodown website and download the latest APK file for the most up-to-date version. You can also update it automatically from the Uptodown App Store.

How do I deactivate Messenger Lite?

To deactivate Messenger Lite, tap the «My profile» button, then go to the «Conditions and policies» section and select «Deactivate Messenger.» After you tap «Deactivate,» you’ll be all set.

More information

Package Name com.facebook.mlite
License Free
On. system Android
Category Messaging
Language English28 more
Author Facebook
Downloads 60,627,592
Date Nov 2nd, 2022
Content Rating +3
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