— Stalk up with Pokeballs, Leppa Berries and Adrenaline Orbs -Find a Pokémon that has the hidden ability Harvest (for example, Exeggcute) -Teach it Bestow and teach it Skill Swap -you can also have a Hypno that knows Switcheroo that is similar to Bestow, you still give it the item the Pokémon is holding (in this case a Leppa Berry) but the only difference is that it trades items so if the wild Pokémon is holding an item this will be best for you. -let it hold a Leppa Berry Once this is done, you are able to Bestow the Leppa Berry to the wild Pokémon. And Skill Swap will Switch abilities so the wild Pokémon you are Shiny Hunting for will now have the ability harvest and a Leppa Berry, it will be able to stay in battle forever so make sure not to kill it. -Have a Pokémon that knows False Swipe -Use False Swipe on the Pokémon with Harvest and Leppa Berry (This will get it to 1 hp but be aware that some Pokémon can have damaging moves such as Take Down) -the Pokémon will start calling for help Note: Not all Pokémon are able to call for help such as Minior -if the Pokémon doesn’t get any help, Don’t Attack! Use Adrenaline Orb which won’t have any effect because it can only be used once during a battle so you will not waste it. That’ll waste your turn which isn’t bad. Keep doing this until the Caller calls for help again and it gets an answer -Then Attack the Pokémon that is called in (not the caller!) -Soon you will encounter a Shiny so watch for those Stars because some Pokémon are hard to tell such as Igglybuff. I could have failed mine if I didn’t watch for the stars. Sos Chaining Chances Perfect IV’s Chain length 0 to 4: No guaranteed perfect IVs
Chain length of 5 to 9: 1 guaranteed perfect IV
Chain length of 10 to 19: 2 guaranteed perfect IVs
Chain length of 20 to 29: 3 guaranteed perfect IVs
Chain length of 30 to 255*: 4 guaranteed perfect IVs Hidden Abilities Chain length of 0 to 9: 0% chance of Hidden Ability
Chain length of 10 to 19: 5% chance of Hidden Ability
Chain length of 20 to 29: 10% chance of Hidden Ability
Chain length of 30 to 255*: 15% chance of Hidden Ability Shiny Chance Chain length of 0 to 69: ???
Chain length of 70 to 255: Three extra rolls for a shiny spawn. The game has the maximum chain length of 255. This means that it is possible to chain up to 280, and only catch a Pokemon with 3 perfect IVs. This is the method I use to Shiny Hunt in Sos so it works. You may be able to bestow a Leppa Berry and use Skill Swap to give a legendary the ability Harvest to make it easier to catch and keep it in forever without it struggling and fainting itself, but I sadly never done that because I only have my Harvest Alolan Exeggutor in Pokémon Moon at the moment but I’ve seen it on Youtube. Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Shiny rate without the charm- 1 in 4096 (I don’t have the charm yet in Ultra Moon so this would be the shiny rate for me in that game) With the Charm- 1 in 1365 (I have the shiny charm in Moon so this would be the rate for me in that game. I have a higher chance to get shinies in that game) The video will explain it and show it better from Adrive on Youtube. He actually got me into shiny hunting honestly. Good luck on getting shinies. I hope this helped make Sos hunting easier. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Traversing the Ultra Wormholes
    • Types of Wormhole Rarity
    • Colors of Wormholes
  • Non-legendary Shiny Pokémon
  • Legendary Shiny Pokémon
  • Strategies for Soft Resetting
    • How to Save Before Encountering
    • Using Rubber Bands and Paper Clips
  • Strategies for Weakening Pokémon
    • Beast Balls
    • The Trevenant Leppa Berry Method
  • Pokémon by Wormhole Color
    • White Wormholes
    • Red Wormholes
    • Yellow Wormholes
    • Blue Wormholes
    • Green Wormholes

One of the greatest features added to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the Ultra Wormhole. When you use the Ultra Wormhole, you can travel to distant dimensions (called Ultra Space) on top of Solgaleo or Lunala. Within these wormholes, you have the ability to encounter Legendary Pokémon, and none of them are shiny locked! This means you can soft reset as many times as necessary to get shiny legendary Pokémon. There are also non-legendary Pokémon that can appear and they can also be shiny. Their mechanics are different than wild encounters, but will also be discussed. This guide is designed to help you take advantage of this features and how to do so efficiently. We will go over good team compositions, strategies to properly weaken the Pokémon so that you can catch it as well as a strategy for catching them in the coveted Beast Balls. Please note that pictures and other companion guides are in the works.

Traversing the Ultra Wormhole

You can travel through the Ultra Wormhole at the Altar of Sunne/Moone on Poni Island depending on the version of the game you have. This becomes available once you’ve gone to Ultra Megalololis for the first time. You will fly initially on Lunala in Ultra Sun or Solgaleo in Ultra Moon, but you can change this to the one of your choice in Ultra Megalopolis. The game will also use pure motion controls (which are incredibly difficult to use efficiently) unless you change them. It is highly recommended that you head to GAME FREAK’s building in Heahea City and talk to one of the developer characters in their office to switch to the Circle Pad. These are the different types of orbs you’ll find in the wormhole. The orange orbs increase your energy and speed while the blue ones decrease your energy and speed. As you travel, you will encounter three things inside the minigame. The first are orange orbs this increases the speed that you travel at which allows you to travel further through the worm hole. The second are blue orbs that spark with electricity which will slow you down! The third are exit wormholes that are in many different colors. The farther you travel, the less common the orange orbs will appear, so you need to be sure to collect as many. As you slow down and lose energy, you will be unable to escape the pull of the wormholes that you approach rendering you unable to travel farther. A good strategy is to gather as many orange orbs as you can at the earliest parts of your travel to build up speed. Then, stay near the center using smaller movements to avoid the blue orbs. It will take some practice, but you’ll soon be able to travel long distances to the rare exit wormholes.

Types of Wormhole Rarity

As you travel through the wormhole, you should notice four different appearances of wormholes. These increase in fanciness with their rarity. Basic wormholes have no “halos,” the next rarest will have a single “halo,” the third will have two “halos,” and the rarest will have two “halos” with a type of spiraling energy. The rarest wormholes are guaranteed to have legendary Pokémon (until you have caught all of them with that color), though technically all wormholes can contain them. The rarer the wormhole, the higher the chance of rare Pokémon. What follows is a table detailing the odds of finding these various types after certain distances.

Distance Traveled
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
0 100% 0% 0% 0%
1000 78% 20% 2% 0%
1500 66% 30% 4% 0%
2000 52% 40% 8% 0%
2500 33% 50% 16% 1%
3000 32% 50% 16% 2%
3500 31% 50% 16% 3%
4000 30% 50% 16% 4%
4500 29% 50% 16% 5%

Table data retrieved from Serebii.net

Colors of Wormholes

Which Pokémon you get is entirely dependent on the color of wormhole. In all, there are 5 different colors of wormholes: white, red, yellow, blue, and green. The white wormholes will always have Ultra Beasts (or send you to Ultra Megalopolis). The other four colors, which are more common, lead to different worlds. Red leads to a large cliff area that’s typically infested with Pokémon that can fly. Yellow leads to a cave system underground that typically has cave-dwellers. Blue leads to a beautiful waterfall where typically you’ll find water types. Green leads to what appears to be a subterranean cavern with different types of Pokémon. A later section details which legendaries you can find in these different wormholes.

Non-legendary Shiny Pokémon

Regular Pokémon have a chance of being shiny when you enter a wormhole. The further you go, the higher the chance the Pokémon is shiny. There is a nifty little formula that determines the odds of a shiny encounter based on distance and wormhole rarity: mod + rarity_mod * min(9, (light_year / 500) - 1) Though, for Wormhole Type 1, the odds are always 1% regardless of distance. Here are the values for the other types of wormholes:

Wormhole Type mod rarity_mod
Type 2 0 1
Type 3 1 2
Type 4 1 4

Due to that min function, there is a cap to the shiny rate for these wormholes. For type 1, the maximum odds are 1%. For type 2, the maximum odds are 10%. For type 3, the maximum odds are 19%. And for type 4, the maximum odds are 36%. This is a great way to get some shiny Pokémon (though the encounter tables are very limited). When you enter a wormhole, it is highly recommended that you save. If Pokémon that you encounter is shiny, then it is always shiny. This means that you can soft-reset for better natures and/or IVs with these shiny Pokémon, if you wish.

Legendary Shiny Pokémon

When you enter a wormhole with a Legendary Pokémon, the screen will flash light and you will get a note about some kind of “powerful presence.” This means it is a good time to save. Unlike the non-legendary shiny Pokémon detailed above, the legendaries are not guaranteed to be shiny. They become standard encounters with the standard rates. Each time it is encountered (approaching it), the game will determine if it is shiny or not. These odds are 1/4096 if you don’t have the shiny charm and ~1/1365 if you do have the shiny charm. This makes it ideal to walk up close to the encounter and then save. You can then soft reset after encountering the Pokémon to see if it is shiny.

Strategies for Soft Resetting

Here are a few useful techniques to optimize your time while soft resetting for the Pokémon you desire.

How to Save Before Encountering

When soft resetting for shinies (whether it be for the legendary Pokémon or to reroll stats on the already-found non-legendary shinies), it is highly recommended that you save several times upon approach. Save right outside the wormhole when you enter the area. Then, get close to the Pokémon encounter. Save before getting close, then continue edging closer saving every step or two. You will then be right at the point where you take a single step and encounter the Pokémon (or a single A-press in the case of Ultra Beasts). This will help you get very close to the encounter zone when you reload your save. Extra steps take up more time upon each encounter. Every extra second or few frames each encounter adds up very quickly! If it takes an extra second to approach the encounter zone, that quickly becomes 1,000 wasted seconds during 1,000 encounters! That’s over 16 wasted minutes that could have gone into more encounters!

The Soft Reset Button Combination

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have a built in button combination that resets the game. Instead of pressing the home button, closing the game, and then relaunching the game, you can press L + R + Start/Select (you can do either Start or Select). This will immediately throw you back to the title screen and you can relaunch your save file.

Using Rubber Bands and Paper Clips

Here is an example of a rubber band wrapped around the 3DS to hold down the L and R buttons. When using the soft reset button combination, you can use rubber bands and paper clips to make it easier to soft reset while watching TV or doing some other activity. Before starting, make sure you’ve entered the game ready to encounter the Pokémon. Take a large rubber band (which you can find in the office supply section of most stores) and wrap it around your 3DS so that it is holding the L and R buttons down. Then, you can bend a paper clip to keep the Circle Pad holding up. Here is how the bent paper clip can hold the circle pad up. Bend it to a shape like shown. With that set up, you just need to press A twice when you see the title screen to enter the game. Once you encounter the Pokémon and need to reset the game, you can just press the Start button. It is recommended that for this method you do not have the L = A option set. It seems to interfere with the button combination for soft resetting.

Strategies for Weakening Pokémon

Once you have found the Shiny Pokémon, you need to weaken it before capture (unless you want to lob Poké Balls at it until capture, though that is not recommended). Some basic tricks to keep in mind are having certain “roles” fulfilled by Pokémon on your team. At the most basic level, you should have a “False Swiper” and a “Sleeper” or “Paralyzer.” False Swipe (or Hold Back) is a move that deals damage but never lets the opposing Pokémon’s HP fall below 1 HP. This means that you can guarantee hitting the Pokémon to weaken it while never knocking it out. Since capture mechanics work based on current HP values, this is incredibly useful. All status conditions also make it easier to capture a Pokémon. However, you don’t want to use poison or burn because it could knock the Pokémon out. Freezing could also work, but it’s much harder to find a good freezer. With this in mind, paralyze and sleep are much more consistent and recommended. Paralyze increase your odds of capture, but not as much as sleep. So, if you are okay with constantly making the opposing Pokémon sleep, that’s the route you should go. A great Pokémon to use for this purpose is Gallade, as it can learn Hypnosis and False Swipe, filling both of these roles at once. However, there are more consistent, though also more advanced and difficult to produce, team compositions. A more in-depth guide will be published soon with this information.

Beast Balls

At this point, it is also important to mention Beast Balls. These new Poké Balls were introduced in Alola and are coveted by collectors everywhere. They look cool and they are difficult to use. In fact, Beast Balls are approximately 1/10th as effective as a standard Poké Ball. That means that you need a lot of them because it can take dozens or hundreds of throws for successful capture. You can purchase Beast Balls at the Aether Foundation in either singles or batches of ten. They’re fairly expensive, but you can store up to 999 at a time. It is highly recommended that you have at least 200 Beast Balls in your inventory at a time if you’re going to use them to catch legendaries. The next section will detail a basic version of the “Trevenant Leppa Berry” Method for how to keep a Pokémon from struggling itself to death while you throw an immense amount of Beast Balls.

The Trevenant Leppa Berry Method

This basic trick is to get a Trevenant with it’s hidden ability: Harvest. Harvest is a really nifty ability because it has a 50% chance (100% in harsh sunlight) of restoring a berry that was consumed as a held item. This means that if you can get an opposing Pokémon a Leppa Berry (which restores 10PP to a depleted move) and give it the Harvest Ability, it will never struggle. To accomplish this, we teach Trevenant Trick and Skill Swap. Skill Swap changes a Pokémon’s ability with it’s opponents and vice versa, which transfers Harvest. Trick swaps a Pokémon’s held item with it’s opponent, which transfers the Leppa Berry. Now, you can swap to your False Swiper and Sleeper/Paralyzer to get the Pokémon down to a low HP value. Whenever the opposing Pokémon runs out of PP in a move, it should restore it automatically. Thus, it should never struggle itself to death and you can throw as many Poké Balls as you need.

Legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts In Each Wormhole Type

This section details what Pokémon are available in each of the colored wormholes. Please note that for all colors but White, some Pokémon require having certain party members. Those are listed in the “Requirements” column of each table.

White Wormhole

The White Wormholes will always have an Ultra Beast within. The first time you encounter them, there is a rather long cutscene that plays, so it is recommended that you encounter it, catch it, then find the hole again for shiny hunting. Ultra Beasts can be found an unlimited number of times.

Red Wormholes

Yellow Wormholes

Blue Wormholes

Green Wormholes


To many people, shiny hunting is an integral part of Pokémon games, and a very rewarding time investment. Shiny Pokémon are highly-valued and often become very beloved members of teams, and it makes the recent trend of unobtainable shinies all the more sad. Indeed, many legendary Pokémon (particularly those involved in the main storyline of the games) are specifically programmed to never be shiny. The same was true for the Ultra Beasts… until Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were released! US/UM removed the shiny locks from every single Ultra Beast (disregarding Cosmog, its evolutions, and Necrozma, who may or may not count as UBs), making it possible to soft reset for any and all of them like the overworld legendaries of previous generations. Even the new members of the UB family can be shiny, and you can easily soft reset for Poipole thanks to it being a gift Pokémon. There’s a lot of confusion regarding the other two newbies, however, due to the non-standard way you encounter them.

When, How, and Why

[Pictured: Soliera of the Ultra Recon Squad informing the player that wild Stakataka are lost in Poni Grove.] Upon defeating the Elite Four and completing the game for the first time, US/UM quickly involve you in some post-game plot. Hau informs you that the Ultra Recon Squad needs your assistance, and when you make your way to Poni Grove, your blue friends tell you some Ultra Beasts are on the loose. In Ultra Sun it’s Blacephalon (UB Burst), and in Ultra Moon you’ll find Stakataka (UB Assembly). [Pictured: Poni Grove, with Hau and two Ultra Recon Squad members present.] The game insists that you deal with this situation before the plot can further progress (by catching or defeating two Ultra Beasts), which is a little troublesome. Both Hau and the URS members will remain in Poni Grove until you progress, and will prevent you from moving on to the postgame areas of Poni Island, which is immensely troubling if you’re trying to complete your Pokédex and get the Shiny Charm. With the way it’s set up, it’s easy to feel like you have to catch both of your UBs straight away and that for any shiny hunting you need to do it right there, right then. Don’t panic, however! Here are some base facts about this section of the game:

  • You do not need to catch either of the Ultra Beasts you encounter in this part.
  • If you run away from both Ultra Beasts, they will respawn after this section.
  • If you defeat both Ultra Beasts, they will respawn after this section.
  • It is both possible to get a shiny within this part of the story and after it progresses.
  • They will endlessly respawn, no matter how many times you defeat them or run away.

Essentially, what you can do at this point is defeat/run away from both of the Ultra Beasts you encounter here, and the plot will progress as normal. It will force you to do a small section with Sophocles before you can get back to the game as normal, but then you’re free to shiny hunt the Beasts as much as you want. With that out of the way, you’re able to proceed to Poni Wilds and further, and you can even complete your Pokédex for that Shiny Charm without needing to catch your Ultra Beasts yet, if you have the GTS skills and know-how.

Further info, and additional proof

As briefly mentioned above, you do not even need to soft-reset for your Ultra Beasts — you can simply run away from them or defeat them and they will return. In fact, if your 3DS system is an older model and not a New Nintendo 3DS, it is actually faster to run away from the UBs each time — soft resets on an old model are much slower in comparison. Upon running away from Stakataka or Blacephalon the game itself will tell you that their presence still lingers, and some very tense music will play in the Poni Grove area until both of the Ultra Beasts in your game are captured. They will only ever stop appearing once you have caught two (2) Stakataka or Blacephalon, respectively. It is definitely still possible to encounter other wild Pokémon in Poni Grove, and also possible to encounter a shiny of a Pokémon that isn’t the Ultra Beast you want. You can avoid this by leading your party with a Pokémon that’s at least Lv56 and using Repels, as the wild Pokémon will only ever reach Lv55. The Ultra Beasts you encounter will be Lv60, however, so be sure not to level your lead past 60 if you want to see them. [Pictured: Poni Grove, after the plot there is done and the player is alone.] I’ve personally seen many people confused about whether it’s even possible to encounter shiny Stakataka or Blacephalon past the initial section, once Hau and the Ultra Recon Squad are gone from Poni Grove. Thankfully, video footage exists of a shiny Stakataka encounter after the initial plot, thanks to Casual Totoro: As long as you have the patience to keep trying and trying, those UBs will shine for you eventually! Don’t give up! [Pictured: Encountering a regular, grey Stakataka.]

  • Special thanks to Danny/Scyther-No-Scything for providing the screenshots used in this article. Check out his blog for some excellent Pokémon gifs and content!
  • Additional special thanks to Casual Totoro for letting me use his video on this page, and for providing extra tips about shiny hunting these Ultra Beasts.

Page last updated on 4th Feburary 2021 at 12:12 GMT. I’ve never really cared that much about shiny hunting before since the odds for finding them are so ridiculously tiny and the I had heard of before sounded sort of tedious but now with US and UM I’m thinking I might actually give this a legitimate try. I’ll be using the SOS method and, of course, Ultra Wormholes. I’m not sure exactly how the Matsuda Method works other then it involves breeding with a Ditto from another region. I still have quite a bit of the dex to fill and I don’t see the point in starting the hunt until I’ve gotten the charm, but I think I’m pretty well prepared. — Absol with Pressure and False Swipe
— 200 Adrenaline Orbs
— Well over 100 Leppa Berries and counting Is there a better Pokemon to use for hunting then Absol? I’ve heard that Pressure and Intimidate increase the odds of a Pokemon calling for help. What moves do you guys recommend other then False Swipe? right now Absol has Thunder Wave, Psycho Cutter and X scissor. I know status ailments are a no no for SOS hunting so I’ll be swapping T Wave out for some other knock out move once the dex is full. Forgot to ask, is soft resetting for legendary Pokemon actually viable? Should I expect it to take like a full day for a shiny Latias? Steam: I_Sell_ProPain PSN: We_Lead_The_Lost Switch: SW-8410-7822-2038
Self proclaimed «Hank Hill» of the Switch board. nd9k 4 years ago#2 PsychoWolfX posted…

Should I expect it to take like a full day for a shiny Latias?

It’s the nature of statistics. You could get it on the first try, it could take you 25,000 soft resets. nd9k: everything i post is terrible Patience,
I’m on my 5th day of resetting for shiny Zelrom
(Not solid , just when I watch tv or other things that don’t require full attention) Merlin: Remember to believe in magic… or I’ll kill you. Like many others I’m sure, I’d recommend the Shiny Charm if possible. If you care about the nature of the shiny then maybe use a Synchroniser as your main in battle — although this means missing out using a Pressure/Intimidate Pokémon. This might not be a problem depending on the call rate of what you’re hunting. A method I’ve used recently is having a low-level Synchroniser with the nature I’d like the shiny to have as my lead, holding a Smoke Ball (so I can run more easily if it’s not the species I want. The lead may not need Synchronise, but i have it just in case).
When the species I want appears, I let my lead faint and send in my high level Trevenant.
Trevenant has the Harvest ability, Trick, Skill Swap, and a Leppa Berry. I skill swap and trick meaning the opposing Pokémon will never run out of PP.
I switch in a false swiper (which in my case is a Smeargle that also has Spore and Soak — Soak is to allow ghost, rock and steel types to be hit better, and to negate STAB), and use an adrenaline orb.
When a successful SOS call is made, I switch back the Trevenant and Skill Swap Harvest to the new Pokemon.
I then switch to my high level Alakazam (which is my real Synchroniser), which is also holding a Leppa Berry, has Skill Swap, Trick, Recover, and a useful attack.
I Skill Swap Harvest, and start taking out the call ins, ready for battle for as long as I need. N0tQuiteN0rmal posted…

Like many others I’m sure, I’d recommend the Shiny Charm if possible. If you care about the nature of the shiny then maybe use a Synchroniser as your main in battle — although this means missing out using a Pressure/Intimidate Pokémon. This might not be a problem depending on the call rate of what you’re hunting. A method I’ve used recently is having a low-level Synchroniser with the nature I’d like the shiny to have as my lead, holding a Smoke Ball (so I can run more easily if it’s not the species I want. The lead may not need Synchronise, but i have it just in case).
When the species I want appears, I let my lead faint and send in my high level Trevenant.
Trevenant has the Harvest ability, Trick, Skill Swap, and a Leppa Berry. I skill swap and trick meaning the opposing Pokémon will never run out of PP.
I switch in a false swiper (which in my case is a Smeargle that also has Spore and Soak — Soak is to allow ghost, rock and steel types to be hit better, and to negate STAB), and use an adrenaline orb.
When a successful SOS call is made, I switch back the Trevenant and Skill Swap Harvest to the new Pokemon.
I then switch to my high level Alakazam (which is my real Synchroniser), which is also holding a Leppa Berry, has Skill Swap, Trick, Recover, and a useful attack.
I Skill Swap Harvest, and start taking out the call ins, ready for battle for as long as I need.

great advice I would also give smeargle heal block though for legends like mewtwo tp prevent recover it helped me quite a bit to catch my shiny one today in a beast ball even:) Former world’s biggest vita fan
Also the nightmare of the terrible mods here. i would not use a pressure mon for shinies you get via SRing, as it effectively halves the amount of turns you get to catch it before it starts struggling. with a false swiper, 1 struggle is often all it takes to lose the shiny. I personally use a false swipe scizor and a thunder wave jirachi, though i’ve heard parasect is great since it gets false swipe and spore. N3DS XL FC: 1848-1683-7118 I’ve hunted 2 shiny legendaries/UB without shiny charm (Shiny azelf, Shiny Nihilego) and although both took a long time, I had the patience, I’ve also hunted a full box of non-legendary Pokemon from wormholes, it just requires patience. You can hung withou SC, but be prepared to have patience. My niheligo to almost 30 hours. I wish you good luck, pm me if you need advice, or @ me here! Fc: 0404-9892-6864, Username Louis.
I’d like to see if their OHKO Clause prevents me from knocking them the f*** out with one punch. -@Etemon Don’t forget about Roto Catch. I rarely see people actually use it. I’m here! I’m furry! I’ll try not to shed! =^_^=
i7 5820K|Rampage V Extreme|32GB DDR4 Ripjaws 4|EVGA 2080 Ti XC Ultra|HAF 932| https://i.imgur.com/ALDEB01.jpg Be mindful that even with the shiny charm, you might be going over the number of Pokemon encountered with the chance percentage given. If you plan to soft reset, train your finger to wait for a certain point. Heaven knows I lost many shinies because I hit the reset too quickly. PSN: Omagiri_Dragon
3DS: 2578-4075-9903 Here’s a tip that might make the tedium of chaining/soft resetting slightly more bearable: turn off the game’s audio and listen to other music instead… or open up youtube and play videos in the background that are more about what’s being said rather than shown. For example, when I EV grinded in Sun and Moon (right at beginning of the game, so I had no power bracers etc.) I listened through a whole bunch of extra credits videos about stuff like how to make good level design, how to handle power creeps in MMOs etc. Occasionally I switched to totalbiscuit and just let him rant about stuff like micro transactions or the hype that once surrounded No man’s sky. Pick whatever content might interest you and where the video content isn’t the main point, so that the video won’t end up distracting you from your true goal. And finally, a rather obvious hint but I’ll say it anyway: remember to turn off battle animations from the options menu if you start SOS-chaining. It’ll save you whole lot of time in the long run. Happy hunting! «The red carpet has teeth.» ~ Auron (Final Fantasy X)

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