Fake lashes can be an intimidating thing. Whether you are wearing false lashes for the first time or buying your first pair of falsies, it’s a whole new world of makeup. To make the journey easier for you, we have some tips to keep in mind before going on to purchase your first pair of fake lashes. Table of Contents

  • Try to buy demi lashes or wispy, single lashes instead of a whole lashline
  • Dont go for very heavy falsies if you arent used to false lashes
  • Look for a transparent lash band instead of black
  • Buy black eyelash glue instead of transparent
  • Usually, higher-end brands have good lashes for beginners
  • Ardell
  • MAC
  • Huda Beauty

Try to buy demi lashes or wispy, single lashes instead of a whole lashline

It’s very hard to find lashes which fit your eye perfectly. Instead of getting into the complicated business of cutting your falsies to fit your lid’s size, just buy shorter sets. One option is to get “demi” sets which you can fit at the outer corner of your lashline for a winged-out effect. Another option, which is ideal for those with long but sparse lashes, is to buy singles. These contain three or four lash hairs grouped together, and can be placed wherever you need to fill gaps between lashes.

Don’t go for very heavy falsies if you aren’t used to false lashes

Go big or go home is the wrong approach when it comes to false lashes. Not only can heavy falsies look strange on first-time wearers, but they can also weigh your eyes down and make you uncomfortable. Plus, if you intend to do heavy eye makeup, thick falsies can hide the shadows and waste all the effort. Our advice would be to choose wispy lashes, as these have gaps between each group of lashes, and allow one to peek at the shadows. They also aren’t as minimalistic as natural lashes, so you still get a fluttery and slightly more fun lash look than usual, making it worth the extra effort.

Look for a transparent lash band instead of black

While there are definitely good false lashes with black lash bands on the market, it is usually easier to manoeuvre and work with transparent bands. These do tend to be a tad more pricey, but they make life a lot easier, because the band is usually more pliable.

Buy black eyelash glue instead of transparent

Transparent lash glue can have a white-ish sheen to it which can look unnatural, and create a blank space between the lash and the skin. Using black eyelash glue helps the lash blend in to the natural lashline more seamlessly.

Usually, higher-end brands have good lashes for beginners

While a seasoned makeup artist or professional beauty guru can make the worst falsies work, be it with the help of their experienced application technique, or by expertly trimming the lashes, beginners should stick to using lashes which don’t need such special handling. So, lashes are one of the few elements of makeup where you have to spend more as a beginner. The following lash brands make great sets for beginners which are easy to use and comfortable for first-time wearers.


Ardell is an international brand exclusively known for their lashes. Their demi wispies are a beauty guru favourite, and compared to other high-end brands, much cheaper. You can get a good pair for around 500 to 800 rupees.


MAC makes great natural-looking falsies, especially if you’re looking for lashes with a transparent band. The brand’s Art Library collection also has some edgy-looking, unique lash styles perfect for those who feel that most lash shapes don’t suit them.

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty’s lashes are perfect for a movie-star look. Usually heavy, thick, and dramatic, these are your classic, traditional lashes. Minimalism is not what these falsies are about, and you get a glamorous look from these lashes. Read iDiva for the latest in Bollywood, fashion looks, beauty and lifestyle news. We’ve enlisted the help of lash pro Gabriella Elio, founder of Sweed Lashes, to reveal her A-List application tips All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. They say eyes are the mirrors to the soul so what better way to make a feature of them than with false lashes? False lashes are not unlike fringes – the wrong length, shape and style can throw your facial features out of balance. But done well, they can lift, correct and add a dash of fluttery drama to the occasion. The words ‘false lashes’ might conjure up visions of heavy, caterpillar thick strip lashes that inconveniently curl up at the ends after a few hours wear, but thankfully those days are long gone. Taking their inspiration from the new raft of false lash-effect mascaras, modern falsies are wispy, lightweight and next-to-natural. For those who want zero detection lash work, there are even those that mimic gossamer fine hairs for a ‘no lash’ feel. Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Iris Law and Olivia Rodrigo have all been spotted wearing Swedish brand Sweed Lashes in recent weeks. (Specifically the Sweed x Nikki Makeup No Lash-Lash, from the brands collaboration with world renown make up artist Nikki Wolff.) Knowing how to apply false lashes, however, is the key to a customised, complexion-enhancing look, so we turned to Gabriella Elio, founder of Sweed Lashes for the ultimate guide to applying false eyelashes… Makeup artist Gabriella Elio is the Swedish founder of Sweed Lashes and started the brand in 2015.

How to apply false eyelashes:

“Mastering the application of false lashes takes practice but the results are worth it,” says Elio, “False lashes should always be applied after eyeshadow and eyeliner otherwise you risk getting product on them, which can make them look grey and dirty.” Elio recommends you start by curling the natural lashes as this makes a big difference to the overall effect. “Use tweezers to hold the lash before dipping the base into the eyelash glue,” she advises. “Apply them as close to the roots of your own lashes as possible and once dry, finish with a single coat of mascara, brushing from the base of your lashes upwards so your natural lashes blend into the false ones.” Sweed Lashes Gabriella Elio likes to finish her false lashes with a single coat of mascara. Photo: Sweed Lashes As for which lashes to choose, Elio prefers individual lashes to give a subtle boost to the length and volume of your natural lashes. Or cluster lashes, which – as the name implies – are tiny clusters of false lashes that can be strategically applied along the lash line to add definition.

How to find the right false lash for your face shape:

Pinpointing your personal eye shape, as well as the effect you would like to create, is key to knowing where to apply false lashes correctly.

The best false lashes for…almond-shaped or close set eyes

Almond eyes are wide in the middle and curve into pointed ends. “This is the most versatile eye shape to play with,” says Elio. “I love to create a sultry cat-eye look by adding extra length to the corners and pairing it with winged eyeliner. This technique can also give the illusion of distance between close set eyes.”

The best false lashes for…ageing, hooded or wide set eyes

With age, the skin covering the brow bone and eyelid loses elasticity, causing it to sag. Similarly, hooded eyes are characterised by a fold of skin over the eyelid, which makes it less visible. “Focus on adding individual lashes above the centre of the pupil to open up the eye, making it look bigger and brighter,” says Elio, noting it’s a trick that also balances out wide set eyes.

The best false lashes for…downturned or protruding eyes

Downturned eyes dip down at the outer corners, making the upper lid appear larger. Likewise protruding eyes, also dubbed ‘doll eyes’, can accentuate the look of the eyelid. “Apply false eyelashes to the outer corner of the eyes to add volume and create a lift,”
recommends Elio.

Our favourite false lashes

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